Friday, August 19, 2011

Levi Johnston Promo Shoot For Deer in the Headlights

By Kathleen

On September 20th Levi Johnston's book, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs, will be released. In the book Levi Johnston hopes to set the record straight about his relationship with Bristol Palin, the mother of his son Tripp and the daughter of Sarah Palin.

The state of affairs between himself and Sarah Palin will also be covered. Levi's relationship to Sarah Palin can easily be described as fractious and there are bound to be new revelations in the book.

You can advance purchase Deer in the Headlights at Amazon.

Here is the promo video of the shooting of the book's cover on site in Wasilla and the surrounding area. The music is by the brilliant Ben Folds and the lyrics by the just as brilliant Nick Hornby.

Rumour has it that the publishers Simon & Shuster plan a big publicity drive for the book.

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I am working on Part Two of Bachmann, Perry, Palin Overdrive. It should be up later on this evening.

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