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Breaking Sarah Palin Cancels Iowa Tea Party Talk. Sarah To Speak At New Hampshire Tea Party Express On Labor Day. Freedom Works To Protest Mitt Romney

By Kathleen

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UPDATE: hat tip to Adrian.

It seems according to Scott Conroy that Sarah Palin will no longer address the Tea Party of America rally on Saturday.

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Is Palin annoyed that Christine O'Donnell has been reinvited -- is there room for only one diva at a time? Did the revelations at Mudflats cause another meltdown? Has news been leaked regarding the contents of Joe McGinniss's book, The Rogue? Maybe Levi has the goods?

Scott says that there is more information to come and that Palin will still be in Indianola, Iowa whether she participates in the rally or not.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Palinbots: We keep telling you that she does not care one little bit about you. How many of you booked hotels and flights to see Palin at the event? It is quite clear that she just does not give a hoot about any of you.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me about this. A big hat tip to you all.



Now the suggestion is that Sarah will appear after all. What a mess. Not that we should be surprised when there are so many thin skins involved.

No doubt she will blame it all on the impulsive media. The wait until I say it myself excuse.....



This is delicious:

Tea Party of America pres. tells “I had to cancel O’Donnell” & am hopeful Palin will now be at the event; will know for sure soon

Someone please give that tea party guy a medal! Palin may well cancel now.


Sarah Palin will address a second Tea Party crowd in the major early primary state of New Hampshire on Labor Day.

The announcement that Palin will make "brief remarks" to the rally on Monday came hours after reports that Romney has rearranged his schedule to enable him to attend an event in South Carolina hosted by South Carolina's junior senator, Jim DeMint on Labor Day.

It would seem from his sudden change of heart that Romney may be a little concerned at the poll numbers that Rick Perry has recently produced. Especially those placing Perry in front of Romney.

The debate will give Romney and the other contenders the opportunity to answer questions in depth and at length from a three man panel which will consist of US Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), Representative Steve King (R-IA) and Dr. Robert P George Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University. All of whom have strong right wing views.

Anyone wondering whether Romney will shift even further right should catch a clue from his answers on Monday. The debate should also allow Romney the chance to pitch his views against Perry's, even if they are not up face to face.

In addition, Romney's appearance on Sunday at an event organised by the Tea Party Express in Rollins Park, Concord, New Hampshire is to be met by a protest from the group Freedom Works. Freedom Works is unhappy that Romney has been given a platform to speak by the Tea Party Express as it considers that it has to "defend our brand against poseurs." Freedom Works was previously affiliated with the Tea Party Express and will now end its participation of the present tour.

As for Palin's "brief hello" in New Hampshire, is this further proof that she really is considering a run? The results of the New Hampshire delegate selection primaries have often shaped the direction in which other State primaries follow, therefore New Hampshire is a state where Palin needs to make an impact if she does intend to run. The tentative date for the New Hampshire primary is Tuesday 24th January, 2012, though this may change.

The clock is ticking Sarah.

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