Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sarah Palin Guide to Obscurity - Buh-Bye Sarah, Don’t let the door hit your ass on your way out

Guest Post by Dusty

To the relief of an entire nation it appears Sarah Palin is finally well on her way down the path to obscurity that ends back at her $1Million Wasilla compound complete with a view of the dead lake. In case you are wondering just how Sarah ended up on this path let’s take a little walk back in history and you may be shocked to learn this one way path that Sarah cannot quit until she reaches the end.

It all began when the 2008 Election results were final and the McCain/Palin ticket was declared the clear and undisputed losers. The RNC and GOP leaders explained to Palin that she must go back to Alaska, finish her term, educate herself on national and international policies and they would be there to support her in another election cycle once she had gained some political credibility and professionalism. Doesn’t sound that hard does it? Seriously, all she had to do was what millions of hard working Americans does every single day, go to work, educate themselves and learn from the past mistakes and move forward.

For the second step down the path to obscurity Sarah chose to ignore the advice from the GOP and RNC leaders and she Quit! That’s right folks, she Quit her job as Governor of Alaska a job she declares is a much more powerful position that that of Governor of Texas. She Quit on the voters of Alaska and she Quits on the GOP party and she Quit on her supporters and friends. That’s right folks, she QUIT! I cannot say this too many times. No one likes a Quitter and in America a Quitter will never win the office of President of the United States.

Those two dates in history will forever be linked together to the downfall of Sarah Palin by her very own hand. The date she lost the election for Vice President of the United States and the day she Quit her only credible job as Governor of Alaska. She has no one to blame but herself but as we all know it is President Obama and the Lower 48 aka the Outsiders as we are so fondly called by those in Alaska, fault not hers.

Sarah is unconventional and she thrives in an unconventional environment and atmosphere but even those who love to be unconventional still need to be able to communicate with those in the conventional world or there will just be chaos and miscommunication. Main stream Americans will accept a person’s unconventional approach as long as they have the credibility and professionalism to back up their unconventional approaches. Sarah does not or cannot understand that she has taken her unconventional attitude too far and she is now fading ever so slowly in the background and into the abyss that is obscurity.

The 2010 election cycle was another step down the path for Palin. She did pick some winners but you know a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day. What she did do was influence the media to the point that we are now dealing with a Congress full of freshman who have no freaking clue how to lead or what the Constitution means. The media gave her more credit than she rightfully deserved.

Another step down her path to obscurity was the day of the Blood Libel video release that will go down into history as the stupidest Palin idea ever! On that day she crossed that thin line that exists between popular but harmless (think her 2 book tours & SPAK) into unpopular and dangerous to the American public. The media’s love affair with Sarah Palin was over that day. Sarah had taken her unconventional attitude too far without taking the time to educate herself and gain the required credibility and professionalism needed to run for political offices while not being just another political joke for late night television. The irony of this step is she released the video in an attempt to minimize the President’s response and actions and she tried to do the same thing to Romney where she actually succeeded.

During the private family vacation slash bus tour across America paid for by Sarah Pac and the gaffe heard around the world. Sarah proved once again that she cannot think fast on her feet or recite with any sort of logical or reasonable comprehension a basic understanding of what she has just heard. Neither are desirable traits in a national leader or even a leader of the local PTA. What she did prove was that the Media is the strongest voice in her dwindling base while chasing around after her like a dog chases its tail or a cat chases a light beam.

Finally we have the weekend of August 13th 2011 the weekend that shows the final curve on Palin’s path to obscurity and Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry is standing right there waving Buh-Bye Sarah.

Palin in her typical attention seeking and childish it’s all about me behavior shows up in Iowa to attend the State Fair in a thin V-neck white cotton T-Shirt with a printed graphic on the front, side and back. Black low rider jeans and ill-fitting open toe sandals, no wedding ring, mismatched jewelry and toenails painted black with white polka dots and with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Seriously what is Palin appearance without a little tongue hanging out?

Michele Bachmann has stolen Palin’s thunder because she has the appearance of political credibility and the professionalism to run for the highest office. The key words in the previous sentence are “has the appearance” given time I think we will find she lacks any credibility for her current office or any higher office. She has national office experience something Palin will never have and she knows that appearances are important and whether she or Marcus chooses her outfits she usually looks great and is dressed appropriately for the event. The other thing Michele has that Palin will never have is Michele can articulate her thoughts and talking points however misguided she might be. Michele can think fast on her feet, is not scared to talk to the MSM and can articulate a basic understanding of what she has just heard however she normally spins it (lies about it) to meet her values or current talking point. Michele won the Straw Poll in Ames this past weekend, be it that she bought her votes it is still telling that Palin lost big time even as a write it.

Then Rick Perry in a classic Palin move stole the remaining thunder right out from underneath Palin’s black and white polka dotted toes and sucked all the attention away from Palin and her lame bus tour. It also appears that Palin’s usefulness for Rick Perry has ceased and he has moved on to South Carolina’s Governor Haley. The GOP is desperate for a candidate that would even stand a chance against President Obama next year and Perry appears to be their only hope be it a misguided choice.

While Palin has spent the last 2 ½ years fiercely bashing President Obama and spitefully sniping at the First Lady while nastily insulting the Republican Party, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry have been working to establish their political credibility and professionalism needed to make a run for national office.

The Republican Party may be okay with her bashing of President Obama, but I seriously doubt they are too impressed with her spiteful digs at the First Lady and then nasty sniping of the Republican Party. She has failed to do one single thing that will give her any degree of credibility or professionalism that is required to run for any Local, State or National Office and that is with even allowing for the unconventionalism that is the Palin Brand.

The fact that she chose to appear before the voters and the media dressed like she just got out of bed and was in too big a hurry to shower, style her hair and dress in event appropriate clothing while refusing to declare her intentions goes a long way to underscore the fact that she lacks the credibility and professionalism to be anything other than Sarah Palin – The Amateur Celebrity and the latest ex-wife of the Republican Party.

I believe her failure to educate herself along with her complete inability to recite a logical or reasonable aka factual comprehension of basic understanding of what she had just heard coupled with the nasty little digs at the President and the First Lady are finally becoming an embarrassment to the GOP who is now working to render her impotent as we speak. Think of it as a divorce settlement of the rich and famous. The GOP has said to Palin you can have your little job at Faux News, the $1.7 Million dollar Mansion in AZ, the $1 Million dollar Compound in Wasilla but you will not run for National Office in this or the next election cycle.

Palin loves to play the victim and that is her brand however constantly playing the victim does not cut it with the American Voter. Just like the little boy who cried wolf too many times Palin has over played the victim card and the American public is losing interest in playing her games.

Will she or won’t she run. Who knows, this is Palin we are talking about. As long as she can get other people to pay for her mansions, her travel, expensive toys and trips she will continue to try and stay in the limelight. Will she have the power that she once had? No, I don’t believe she will. People do not respect those who grift for a living. Most Americans not just Alaskans believe in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. However the Palins are the exception to the rule as they believe the world owes them a living just because they are Palins. Money for nothing is the Palin Family Motto.




Aw Sarah is at it again pissing off the media one former ally at a time on her path to obscurity.

A piece written for the Daily Caller says that Palin, whatever she says in the primaries, would endorse Romney in the general election. A Fox News headline (now gone) made it seem as if the piece said that Palin would endorse Romney in the primaries. Palin pounces and invites another reporter to listen to her berate the original (innocent) reporter about his alleged sloppiness and liberal bias”

You can read more here http://andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com/2011/08/palin-loses-it-again.html and here


Dear Sarah must have been having a really bad day what other excuse could there be for another one of her petty little mean girl attacks? Seriously, in Sarah’s world, it’s not her fault that she is not mature enough to spot the difference between the petty little bullshit stuff that anyone else would have just smiled and walked away from and something that is worth fighting for. What upset her I wonder, could it be Rick Perry announced his bid for the presidency or could it be Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll or could it be there was an Alaskan who told Todd, Sarah was a sell out?

No, I don’t think it was anything that important I vote that she saw the picture of her toes on PoliticalGates and she totally lost it once again.

Quitters will never win a national election Sarah and neither will people who cannot even manage their own time, their message, their appearance and even their emotions while trying to pass themselves off as control freaks.

PS- A little birdie (Brad S) has sent Sarah his re-written magazine article regarding babygate. You all get the feeling her week isn’t going to get any better?

Thank you AzureGhost Love the poster!

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