Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Will She or Won’t She? - Is Sarah Palin Going To Run For President? (POLL)

By BlueberryT

Last week we learned that Sarah Palin will headline a Tea Party event in Iowa on Labor Day. Will she announce her intentions to run for President of the United States on the 3rd anniversary of her RNC convention speech? She acknowledged that by "August, of course, you have to be laying out a plan if you're going to be one to throw your hat in the ring." Patrick is unequivocal: he says she will run. In fact, he and Kathleen have said this consistently for the past year or more.

Yet just this past week Palin said something positive about Michele Bachmann; would she have done so if she were planning to go head-to-head with Bachmann for the mantle of Tea Party Queen? We also heard from VinnieF, who sized her up as the Great American Tease and deduced that she wouldn’t run.

What are some of the arguments on each side of the Will She or Won’t She Debate?

She will run because:

  • She feels she is destined to be President; God has spoken to her
  • She is power-hungry
  • Her narcissism/mental pathology demands it
  • She needs the “fix” of adoring crowds
  • Her current life is really, really boring
  • She is fading fast and will go past her “last sale date” soon and then will be worthless
  • Her bank account and brand need her to run so she will keep a high profile
  • Bristol wants her to (so Bristol Palin™ will be worth something)
  • She and the family need a new wardrobe paid for with OPM

She won’t run because:

  • She has so many skeletons in the closet that will almost certainly be revealed (Babygate, Dairygate, Housegate, Dominionism, McGinniss book coming, etc.)
  • People won't forget her crosshairs map and other negative associations
  • Her mental imbalance would make it very difficult to cope with the daily demands of running
  • She is the definition of dysfunctional
  • She is incapable of putting together an effective team
  • She has not developed the infrastructure of a presidential campaign
  • She has not been doing adequate fundraising
  • She is still on Fox News
  • Her easy money might dry up
  • Her poll numbers are pitiful
  • She knows that too many people have the goods on her

I know there are MANY more reasons, on both sides of the ledger. What I propose now is that we set up a friendly challenge to see who is right. Please vote in the poll and then put down your “bet” and your top 3 reasons for thinking as you do in the comments. Those of you who wish to: if you are right, you win a gold cyber-star and bragging rights!! If you are wrong, consider making a modest donation in PoliticalGates’ honor to the charity of your choice…

Now, please CAST YOUR VOTE for whether Sarah Palin will run for President in the 2012 Campaign (see the new poll at the top of the sidebar).

--> Yes, she will run

--> No, she will not run

--> I’m not sure

--> I couldn’t give a rat’s a**

Bonus: Will she announce her intentions at the Tea Party of America event in Iowa on September 3rd? Yes or No?


Note by Kathleen:

Regarding the new Palin pregnancy pictures from March 26, 2008:

After much deliberation the Politicalgates team decided that it would be better for us to buy the extended publishing license as we are positive that we will need to use the photos in future blog posts. Especially if Sarah Palin does announce that she will run. Even if she doesn't run it is important that we have the rights to use these photos without having to pay over and over again.

So far we have bought the most important of the new pictures. We have now included it in our post about the new pregnancy pictures. The $450 fee that the team paid for this photo allows Politicalgates to use it as often as we like until the end of November 2012 and allows us in addition two years archival rights. If we can recover these costs then we will be able to purchase another or even more photos under the same conditions. Please help us if you can. You will find the paypal button in the sidebar.

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