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Weekly Roundup, August 15th-21st, 2011

By BlueberryT

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

“Bye-bye Sarah, Sarah bye-bye”

Dusty takes us on a walk down Sarah Palin’s path to obscurity. First, McCain and she lost in 2008. Repeat: they LOST. Second, Palin ignored advice and QUIT her day job. Repeat: she QUIT. Third, she picked a bunch of losers in 2010 (even the ones who won), and people are starting to see what a mess they are making. Fourth, following Tucson she doubled down on her violent imagery and rhetoric by claiming she was the victim of a BLOOD LIBEL. Add in her bus tour, Paul Revere gaffe and her Unpresidential appearances in Iowa. Dusty sums it up: “Main stream Americans will accept a person’s unconventional approach as long as they have…credibility and professionalism… Sarah does not or cannot understand that she has taken her unconventional attitude too far and she is now fading ever so slowly in the background and into the abyss that is obscurity.”

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Part 1: Bachmann, Perry, Palin Overdrive

Kathleen begins a multi-part series on Dominionism and its inroads into the halls of power in the United States. Bachmann, Palin and Perry – all darlings of the über-Christian right wing – have many things in common, not the least of which is their desire to create a (so-called, oxymoronic) secular theocracy. Kathleen exposes one of the architects of Dominionism’s political gains, Rick Perry’s “prayer partner” James Robison, who has helped orchestrate the union of the GOP and extreme Christian fundamentalism.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Promo for Levi’s Book

Simon & Schuster, Levi’s publisher, is putting together a solid promotional campaign for the book release; that’s a good sign! I’m glad they included the footage of Levi’s use of bow and arrow for target shooting. It’s pretty easy to see that this kid is a real hunter who knows what he is doing. Contrast that with Palin, who claimed to be a hunter and then proved how incompetent she was. I think it helps give Levi some credibility.

Bachmann, Palin, Perry and Dominionism

Part 2 of Kathleen’s series exposes the deep roots of Bachmann, Palin and Perry in religious extremism. This is all about trying to convert our democracy into a theocracy akin to that which took over Iran – with the mere exception that its roots would be their distorted version of Christianity. When you hear a politician saying he/she was chosen by God, run as fast as you can the other way! The idea that Dominionism has gained such power in this country is really shocking and as scary as hell. Frank Schaeffer’s words again serve as a warning that should not be ignored. The tape of Bachmann’s prayer will send chills up your spine. She’s crazy, but she speaks all the extremist code fluently, unlike Palin’s word salad.

The results of our poll about whether Sarah Palin will run for President: The “No” votes had the plurality at 44%, followed by 30% “Yes” , 21% “Don’t care” and about 5% who weren’t sure.

Some Comments and Links:

JCos: McCain tried to get Palin to play second fiddle, but she kept sneaking into the wind section.

Psalm023: Listened to President Obama in Iowa. Every time I hear him speak, I hear a caring man. No matter his faults, he is one of the most honorable respectful gentlemanly presidents the country has ever had. When comparing his delivery to people from those of Bachmann, Perry, theirs just do not come across as sincere. The differences are striking.

TurtleTears: While I am not nearly as worried about the prospect of a "President Palin" as I was a year ago, she has been a terrifically damaging force on our political system. May she always be known as "McCain's Folly" and may she continue to be exposed for what she really is. Most egregious for me is how far she has lowered the bar for a politician on the national stage. Her lack of experience, lack of education, lack of accomplishments, and lack of professionalism did not deter McCain from selecting her, and now we will continue to see these kinds of very marginal candidates, in addition to the guano crazy ones, pursue the house, the senate and the presidency.

SCmommy (from an excellent longer comment): this whole thing just smacks of good ole boy southern white supremacy to me.

SLQ: Ha ha. The first comment at that link is my new motto: "Read my lips: No new Texans."

NJfan: Hats off to Wisconsinites. They didn't sit back and do nothing. They got organized and did the best they could to fight those dirty tricks Rethugs. The voters of Wisconsin are truly inspirational.

Daisydem (re jobs bill): I hope he does and God I pray that Congress will approve it ... we need it but not just because people need jobs ... there is work that we need done: infrastructure for one ... our roads, our bridges, trains, etc. need attention. If we want to keep claiming that we live in the best country in the world, then we need to give it some much needed attention and take pride in it.

Sunnyjane: You know, this crap about the president taking ten days to vacation with his family is getting old. The entire congress went home for five weeks -- 35 days of tax-payer-paid-for vacation. In addition, they've been on vacation since January 2011 -- what the hell did they accomplish in all time time? Not one damn thing.

Older_Wiser2: they're just turning into "prophets" for profits, all of them. Religiosity and ignorance in one package is just too much bullshit from a psychotic mind. They all belong in the psych ward, not on the national stage.

Nomadic View: Personally, I think any politician that subscribes to the biblical rapture or who believes that the end days are near or will happen in their life time… should automatically be disqualified to run for office of presidency. It's just common sense that nobody who believes in such things as the Armageddon and the prophecies of the Revelations (as an event that is destined to occur) should be in a position to make it come true.

Cheeriogirl: If Michele Bachmann truly believes "the Lord chooses us", then WHY is she and the GOP going after Barack Obama with such a vengence? After all, President Obama is one of God's children also too. And isn't it obvious HE is the one the Lord chose to lead our country- during "such a time as this", right?

H/T to our readers who are doing great research on the Tea Party of America. Hopefully this will be pulled into a post sometime soon!

(Via Malia Litman/Twitter) Here is Jon Stewart’s take on the idiocy of the Ames straw poll.

TruGal posted this link to frumforum on “Why I’m Done With Sarah Palin.” Let’s hope.

Cheeriogirl linked to this article on what unions have done for us all. [Later she commented] Hold on just a minute. So we CAN'T mandate health care insurance for all Americans, but Texas can mandate HPV vaccinations for all females, 12 and up? KatieAnnieOakley found the story behind that story.

Sallyngarlandtx provided us with this source on Perry.

GinaM, ella and yknott pointed out this great post by Meghan McCain, borrowing Vinnie F’s “Sarah Palin is a Tease” theme. Meghan does not mince words here!

Marieke02 linked to this from David Frum, “Lessons learned from the Palin debacle.”

Emily Peacock and others found this on DailyKos – Sarah’s non-campaign ad for Iowa.

Nomadic View posted a link to this excellent list of what conservatives should not do

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