Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What was Sarah Palin’s motivation to create and continue the hoax of who gave birth to Trig Palin?

Guest Post By Kilob

Much has been written about the repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States and therefore cannot be President. Speculation continues to grow over the inconsistent stories told by Sarah Palin regarding the birth of her son Trig in 2008. Many blogs have devoted great amounts of time and energy trying to prove that in fact Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig. While opposing persons, partisan reporters and blogs have gone to great lengths to create after the fact proof she did. This post is not to figure out who is really Trig’s birth mother, but rather what would be the motivations of Sarah Palin to fabricate such a tale and continue it to this day.

After rising through the ranks from a small town city council member, to two term mayor and then to a short term seat on a government board that oversees oil and gas issues, Sarah Palin decided to take a shot at administrative level government to become the Alaskan Lieutenant Governor. After losing that race, Palin sat back and waited for her next opportunity, which was unseating Republican Governor Frank Murkowski. In a hard fought race, Sarah took the helm of the State of Alaska in December 2006. While she enjoyed high poll numbers, her accomplishments as Governor were few. As Palin enjoyed her newfound popularity, it was clear she was looking for a much larger audience that she could have by going into national politics.

At many lower 48 Republican political gatherings in 2007 and early 2008 Sarah Palin made it clear that she was interested in broadening her grip beyond the state line of the great North. When John McCain locked up the Republican nomination on Super Tuesday March 4, 2008, Sarah Palin stunned her Alaskan constituents by announcing she was seven months pregnant the following day. Palins staff were the first ones to question their bosses honesty, then reporters took on the task of investigating the well timed tale. On the morning of April 18, 2008 after attending a conference in Texas the previous three days, Sarah Palin first leaked information to an Alaskan news reporter that she had given birth. Soon the news hit the news wires that the forty something Governor in Alaska had given birth and he had the disability Trisomy G, otherwise known as Down syndrome. One would think a newly arrived baby, a husband and four other children and a full time job as Alaskan Governor would quell the urges of national politics. Sarah Palin wasn’t going to be denied her calling for a national political leadership role. Once announced by the McCain campaign that she was his choice put forward for the Vice Presidents position, Republican operatives took on the job of rehabilitating her lack luster time as Alaskan leader, while left leaning people led by Jon Stewart raised the hypocrisy in comments by Karl Rove, Dick Morris and strategist Nancy Pfotenhauer.

While it is now well known that the choice of Sarah Palin of VP was solely for political gain, we must now ask was the whole Trig Palin birth tale also for political gain, and was it orchestrated by Sarah Palin or to a higher level by the Republican Party?

As the story sits right now, it’s the word of Sarah Palin and a now growing group of partisan reporters that are coming to her aid with newly written stories of eyewitness sightings of a pregnant Sarah Palin in early 2008. The fact is only a few photos of a questionable pregnant Sarah Palin exist, while bloggers have uncovered a treasure trove of photos depicting a miracle pregnancy that lasted only 5 weeks with the photo of a bulging belly that grew large within 8 days.

The ongoing tales of the fateful trip to Dallas days before Trigs supposed birth and continuing to this day that do not make sense what so ever. The tale also gets more descriptive each time Sarah Palin recites her reckless ride story. With what we now know of Sarah Palin and her no holds bar attitude to achieve the highest office in American politics, the national media not only should ask the following questions of Sarah Palin, they should demand answers much like they demanded of President Obama.

Will you provide a certified copy of Trig Paxson Van Palin’s long form
birth certificate?

Will you provide certified documented proof of attending medical
appointments during your pregnancy of Trig Palin from your medical
insurance provider?

Will you provide the name of the Physician who delivered Trig Palin?

Was Cathy Baldwin-Johnson the true author of your medical
information release in the final hours of the campaign, and was any
pertinent information regarding your medical past withheld from the
release for political reasons?

Please add your own suggestions to the comments or send them to Kathleenpoliticalgates@gmail.com

Sarah Palin advertises herself as champion of the “real people" and their causes, while being an enemy of the so called educated elites she fights on a daily basis, One thing is clear, Sarah Palin possesses a narrow mind when it comes to politics and her leadership qualities are suspect at best towards those who serve her and are required to swear allegiance or face certain dismissal. It all comes down to her real motivations to undertake the largest hoax unseen in American politics.

Will the real story ever be told? Not if the curtain of silence continues from the national media we put our trust in. Come on reporters, ask the questions and wait for the silence from Sarah Palin, because she cannot in any way provide the true answers.

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