Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Roundup, May 16-22, 2011

By BlueberryT

We began the week with Patrick’s surprise: His post on the expected publication of a new book on Sarah Palin's pregnancy hoax was printed in full by both Business Insider and (wait for it) Free Republic. Yep, the dike is really leaking now, Sarah – better get those Dutch and Norwegians on the case!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Book Deconstructs the Palin Myth

Patrick and Kathleen have hinted for some time about a series of books and publications coming out this year that take apart the false persona that Sarah Palin has tried to create, with the media’s complicity. This post highlights Sex, Mom and God, a new book by Frank Schaeffer, whose upbringing and early career as an evangelical proselytizer give him a unique perspective and insights into the perversely manipulative politics of the über-Christian movement. In this book, he takes on Palin, “the ultimate holier-than-thou Evangelical queen bee” and shows how she has conned, connived, contrived and manipulated the public to political advantage.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sarah Palin, Energy Czar

I confess that I didn’t know who David Bozeman was before I read Kathleen’s post, but now I do: he is former Libertarian Party Chairman, and he is an idiot. (I feel bad for Bozeman, MT.) He proposes that Sarah Palin may be too good to be President, but would make an exceptional Secretary of Energy. OMG. I cannot do justice to the level of inanity Bozeman expresses in this article – “the Palin example of public grace.” “Palin…knows energy.” Pul-EEZ! H/T to silver_desert and sunnyjane for their contributions to the post. The comparison of Palin to Dr. Chu is laughable on its face. These people who idolize Palin are nuts.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Palin Will Run, But She Can’t Hide

Patrick has known for months – maybe years – that Palin will run for President, because her delusional narcissistic psyche believes that she is destined to be President. Her recent interview with Greta Van Susteren (in which she uses “we” and “our” to refer to the field of presidential candidates), includes her wishful thinking that candidates’ private lives should be off limits. Of course, she neglects to mention that she is the first to cast judgment against those like Schwarzenegger and Gingrich – this is classic Palin, who always attacks others as a strategy to inoculate herself against similar criticisms. The post revisits one of the most important ethics complaints against Sarah, by PoliticalGates reader Kim Chatman who successfully challenged the legality of Sarah’s Alaska Fund Trust. The post also features a brilliant smackdown of Palin by Matt Taibbi from the 2008 campaign. He saw right through her, from the beginning, and minced no words in revealing her seriously flawed character as well as her ineptitude.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Palin’s New Arizona House!

The scuttlebutt is that Sarah Palin’s new address is 29005 North 82nd Street in Scottsdale, AZ. As several readers noticed, if you looked quickly at the pre-renovation aerial photos, you could easily confuse this walled property with that of Osama Bin Laden; they are oddly reminiscent of each other. The post includes lots of photos showing the interior of the house, the pool, etc. This new home appears hard and cold, but will undoubtedly allow Palin to live in the lap of luxury, while her supporters take money from the monthly food budget to feed her coffers. Many of us who live in or travel to Arizona are planning a little detour to North 82nd Street on our next visit to Scottsdale. Hehehe.

Some Comments and Links:

Annes_123 makes the excellent point that the ‘Bots attempt to refute the “nail in coffin” photo as being “photoshopped" implies that they recognize that it shows she was not pregnant. [BBT: this would apply to you, too, Ms. O’Malley, and your employer’s 3/14/08 photo.]

TruGal: Considering a 17-year-old HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT (Gaby Rodriguez) could pull off fooling everyone around her that she was pregnant, why is it so outrageous for the Palinbots to accept that a politically motivated mother of four could do the same thing??

Aussiegal77: As a member of the evangelical community, this gives me tingles. And not in a good way! Palin is a fraud - pure and simple. She doesn't practice AT ALL what she preaches to the masses. Not one. She is a liar, a grifter, an opportunist and she loves no one but herself. She doesn't work hard to be there for her kids, she doesn't work hard PERIOD and she is constantly using her husband to prop up her own manufactured mythologies. Not that he isn't doing all he can to help with the grifting!

Have you heard of Quiverfull? …The Quiverfull movement ensalves Christian women in the name of God - there, I said it. Get educated, get informed, then help the Christians who actually LOVE God fight back against the fake ones led by Palin…

JCos: Considering how well the MSM did on the Schwarzenegger story, is it hard to imagine they could overlook Babygate? I'll bet the Titanic could sink next to most MSM reporters and they would ask one another if they heard something? [And] Former family practitioner, Dr. Cathy B. Johnson, has confirmed former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, does not have "fire in the belly", as reported earlier, but is in fact experiencing hot flashes.

Marieke02: There needs to be another phrase appended to Brad Scharlott's Spiral of Silence; something to describe the insufferable arrogance and bitchiness of media folks who have sold out and are caught in the act. We've seen it a lot lately, to the point where it's going to be a real surprise if and when we DON'T.

Maelewis: What kind of fiscal conservative spends a half a million dollars at Tiffany's??

Nefer: I strongly believe that if that monster gets anywhere near actually running, that alone will cause great harm to our country, damage the integrity and safety of our election processes and vastly increase the danger to our president.

Sunnyjane: Concerning the ruptured Rapture, I think it was supposed to occur, but He took one look around and said, “I’ve got to see how 2012 turns out before I make my decision on THIS bunch. If they’re dumb enough to elect Sarah Palin, I’m going to flood the place again.”

Laprofesora: She can spend the rest of her life buying bigger and bigger houses, but she can't buy the White House. And even if she could, it still wouldn't make her happy. You can run, Scarah, but you cannot hide from the dark, pain-filled space where your soul should be.

Patrick linked to an excellent post on politicususa about the delusions behind the cult of Sarah.

Sleuth and others linked to Mudflats’ excellent piece on The Real Tragedy of Sarah Palin.

Brad Scharlott on Laura Novak’s blog, this time on the square pillow!

I don’t know how I missed this great Xtranormal video from ProChoiceGrandma – enjoy!

Ella posted a link to this interesting article on why Sarah will run.

Anon in MI linked to Andrew Sullivan, who points out that some conspiracies are real and are covered up successfully (for a while), thanks to an incurious MSM.

Andrew also had this great video on the Rapture, and if you’re reading this, you must not have been Raptured, so enjoy!

I think this Alternet article on how society is collectively conned is important, and it has an interesting checklist to score your favorite psychopath.

The Last Word: Laura Novak (from her blog): I simply do not want to believe that this woman – any woman – shoved a square pillow under her shirt. I do not want to believe anyone could so smugly mug for the camera and thump a pillow. It’s abnormal beyond reason. It would be insane.

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