Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Roundup, May 9-16, 2011 +++ UPDATE: "Business Insider" published complete "babygate" post by Politicalgates!


I am very happy to report that "Business Insider" published my complete post regarding the investigative book about Sarah Palin's pregnancy which is to be published soon, according to our reliable information.

I congratulate the editor Henry Blodget for his courage to give the "doubters" of Sarah Palin's pregnancy a voice - the people that the Palin-fans started to call "Trig Truthers." Which is us.

Funnily, the right-wingers at "Free Republic" just a few moments ago published my complete post as well, which I am also very happy about. ;-)

This is now the second time that Politicalgates managed to place an article in a major mainstream publication - first my partner Kathleen Baker at "The Guardian", now myself at "Business Insider."

Sarah Palin, it's already "Game Over", and I think you know it.


By Blueberry T

Deep bow to MrsTBB! I have had an insane few weeks, so the break was much needed and much appreciated.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sarah Palin and Demi Moore – Two Pictures are Worth 1000 Words

Professor Brad Scharlott follows up on his breakthrough research paper on the “spiral of silence” about Sarah Palin’s faked pregnancy. In this guest post, he reminds us of the progress made in bringing Babygate to light, with the series of conversations between him and Laura Novak, along with the posts in Business Insider and a link by the WSJ, among other leaks in the dike (obviously not built by the Dutch or Norwegians). Then, Professor Sharlott compares the photo of Mrs. Palin at (purportedly) 7 months pregnant with the famous photo of Demi Moore at that stage. Suffice it to say that these pictures are proof positive of Palin’s lie. Well done!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review of Geoffrey Dunn’s Book

We are starting to see reviews of Geoffrey Dunn’s excellent account of Sarah Palin’s true history, from her dysfunctional childhood to her dysfunctional stint as mayor of Wasilla to her dysfunctional term as Governor and her extremely dysfunctional candidacy for VP and her growing insanity since. The book weaves together many first person accounts to create a detailed portrait of Palin’s fascinating but destructive pathology. While many of our readers are well-versed in all things Palin, the book provides additional details about her personal history. Dunn did not adequately address Babygate or several other controversies, but his book nevertheless provides a very solid, in-depth portrait that is not in the least flattering. It will be eye-opening and damning to many who do not follow her as closely as we do.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Babygate Breakthrough, Coming Soon!

The list of so-called journalists who are content to stake their reputations on Sarah Palin’s word continues to grow. But at the same time, Patrick gives us reason to be even more hopeful, as he reveals that a book on Babygate is being written by a major journalist. Oh, happy day! Readers had lots of guesses about WHO this journalist might be, but there is no final word, as yet.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Patrick, Kathleen and Julia O’Malley on Twitter

Maybe Julia O’Malley uses Twitter because she thinks it’s for twits? And that she is. O’Malley was completely out of her league going up against Patrick and Kathleen on Twitter. She displayed her ignorance, lack of curiosity and critical thinking, indifference to her readers’ “comprehension” of what she writes, snide dismissiveness of her readers, bad judgment, illogic, self-righteousness, and lack of professionalism (I could go on). It’s hard to believe that ADN cannot find a more competent and professional writer than O’Malley.

A funny phenomenon took place on PoliticalGates this past week – many of our readers went silent for days at a time, apparently simultaneously engrossed in a new book. Hehehe. Many, many thanks to P&K and the PoliticalGates readers who donated copies of Geoffrey Dunn’s book – what a terrific and generous gesture! I’m way behind the rest of you as I only got the book yesterday – hope to catch up soon!

SLQ provided some insights (early Friday Dunn review thread) into the peculiarities of Sarah’s official calendar entries for April 17-18, 2008. [Question from BBT: Does this not say that she stayed for an event in the afternoon, at 2:30? And that the social event was the night before (which makes sense), not the same night as her speech? This calendar was obviously revised after the events, so changes in her schedule would have been accounted for.]

Kim Chatman expressed the prevailing view: Geoffrey Dunn's book is great, a must read. His extensive research truly exposes the "Real Sarah Palin." He validates what those of us that have been working to expose her have been saying all along.

SondraT: Just like you can't hold in leaking amniotic fluid you can't hold in the truth, SARAH. I've doubted your story since the moment YOUR father told KTUU reporters on the evening news that your water broke in Texas and you flew back to Alaska. My BS meter went off the charts! Lucky for you folks in Alaska were too busy fawning over you to notice the tiny inconsequential details of Trig's birth. They called you "Superwoman." I called you crazy. They are no longer calling you Superwoman....I'm still calling you crazy.

Mrsgunka: Thank you Patrick. Because of you and the other anti-Palin blogs, the truth will come out. Our goal to keep her out of office will come true. There will still be doubters (Palinbots) but they won't be able to get her into office. I think the puppet-masters have put her limp body back into the trunk with the other dummies…

Linda1961: A rational person would be happy, or at least be content, with making millions as a 5th rate reality star and pretending to be a "king maker" within the GOP… Quitter isn't rational - she really expects all obstacles to miraculously disappear when she runs - obstacles like releasing financial statements, her sinking poll numbers, questions about Trig's birth, questions about Dairygate, Housegate, Troopergate, and any of the other Gates she's involved in. A rational person would understand that running for POTUS would bring all of these things to the public's attention, not to mention her children's bad behavior. Quitter doesn't understand that - she thinks that "God will make it all go away" since he wants her to be POTUS.

Peacepax: …Actually, Sarah… Everybody knows you didn't have a baby in 2008. (Yep, even Julia O Malley knows) I think your supporters are all infested with Kochroaches. They run from the light, and now I'm told they even delete their own twitter. I really hate Kochroaches. They are so sneaky and dirty… [BBT: Kochroaches: brilliant!]

Lilybart: An honest journalist would say, you know there are some weird things around this pregnancy, some odd photos, but I can't believe that it could still be a secret so I am not going to pursue this.......but to just pretend that YOUR photo is proof and MY photo is not proof, is just childish and illogical.

EatWildFish: O'Malley says: "I already thought she was savvy. She had never been extra sophisticated when it came to talking about policy, but in Alaska we never expect that of our politicians."

Julia, you do not speak for Alaskans. I and many other Alaskans expect our politicians to be articulate and "sophisticated' when it comes to 'talking about policy." …Your comment is an insult to all Alaskans… She can no longer be trusted as a reliable journalist and I agree that her silly Twitter responses reflect very poorly on the ADN.

Maelewis: Julia…is no more a serious journalist than Rebecca Mansour is a major screen writer or Sarah is a real political leader.

BanditBasheert: [Re O’Malley] One should be a bit pickier about who one chooses to WORSHIP. What a dope…

JCos: If O'Malley didn't mean to imply that there was anything inappropriate done to the pictures by being photo-shopped, why did she mention it in the first place? O' are as bad a liar as Palin!

IWantTheTruth: Julia seems so immature. Why is her word on this controversy supposed to have so much weight? I bet she likes Sarah because they share this snarky need to zap people with their insulting words instead of dealing with content and issues.

Just ask linked to Sarah Jones in politicususa on Palin attracting the poor and uneducated [and white].

Former Republican pointed out this quote from LA Times article on how/when the MSM chooses to cover stories of celebrity indiscretions. The justification for the media to dive in is usually not hard to discern — when the public has been lied to; when government employees have been drawn into the mess; when a cover-up has been constructed; or when hypocrisy has been exposed.

Politicians' affairs follow a fairly predictable cycle: the rumor, followed by the first credible news report, followed by the subject's denial and indignation, followed by a tacit admission and attack on the accuser's motives.”

This may just be the best Jon Stewart EVER.

Patrick linked to this RationalWiki entry.

Azure Ghost picked up on Kilob’s great idea: @Common Any chance you could take the text of one of @sarahpalinusa's speeches and use your artistic gifts to put it on YouTube? (h/t Kilob)

H/T to Azure Ghost, silver_desert and others for more excellent photo comparisons with (real) pregnant women.

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