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Levi Johnston's 21st birthday party - Exclusive report and interview with Levi, part 2 - Plus: Levi's ghostwriters James and Lois Cowan revealed!

Part 2: Levi Johnston is shorter than me! (Read part 1)

By Leadfoot_LA

What a night! We hit Chateau nightclub at about 10:30 and found our spot on the red carpet. A variety of b-list celebrities (ok, D-list) came out before Levi. Some kid from Harry Potter (NOT one of the main people), a Disney Channel actress I had never heard of, someone from Dexter. Levi and Tank took the red carpet promptly at 11:00 -- as the main and final attraction. As soon as he walked out, the girls and I kind of gasped. He is REALLY a hunk. My first thought was that he is short. He is about 5'9" - maybe 5'10". I am 5'9 without heels, and was about 6'2" last night. If it wasn't enough that I'm too old for Levi, now I am also too tall. (Pout) Racheal kept saying "he is cute!" and Heather kept repeating, "what a baby face!"

Levi looked a bit uncomfortable and embarrassed on the red carpet. He was definitely blushing. He didn't have that snotty sense of entitlement that *some people* have (ahem, Bristol). He looked grateful to be there and bashful at all the attention.

He did 3 only three interviews, and the one of them was with us. I had been warned by the PR team that I was NOT to ask questions about Sarah Palin. So I had to be crafty. The video is a bit hard to hear, since we were right outside the club with booming music. Here is what happened:

Before we left for the club, I had written Levi a 2-page hand-written letter and slipped it inside a birthday card. I explained to him in the letter that we have all been working hard for 2 years to expose Palin for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to our concerns that Trig isn't properly cared for, our distaste for her making huge amounts of money off of a giant lie, and our quest for truth. I asked him to please to the right thing and tell the whole truth in the book, and that I hope that's what he meant when he said the book is for the good of the country. I said that I believe he is our last hope for the truth to ever be revealed, as he is most likely to know the truth, and the person with the least to lose and most to gain. I asked him to reveal the whole story for Trig and Tripp's sake. I asked him to please contact me when the book comes out, to do a full interview, and provided contact information.

When Levi and Tank approached on the red carpet, I said Happy Birthday and handed him the card. I said it was from Politicalgates and asked if he was familiar with us. He said no, he wasn't, and looked confused. But when Tank heard the word Political, he ripped the card from Levi's hands. I said, "No, it's ok. I promise I won't ask any political questions. It's just a nice card from everyone who has followed your story for the past few years." They seemed to relax a bit, and Tank held onto the card. I hope Levi reads it.

Next I asked if we could buy him shots inside the club to celebrate his birthday. He blushed and looked at Tank for help. This kid is definitely a rookie. I laughed it off and said, it's ok, we were just trying to help him celebrate. I asked if he is still running for mayor. He smiled and said yes, he is working hard on it, and has been getting ready. The election is in October. Every time Levi answered a question, Tank repeated what he had just said. "Yep, October."

I asked if he had been able to see Tripp lately and his face lit up. He was literally beaming. He said yes, he saw him recently. I said he is "SO CUTE!" and Levi smiled and said, "Thanks."

I asked if the book is completed and he said no, almost, but it still needs a little work. I said, well, you know that the people who read my blog are NOT fans of Sarah Palin. We are one of the big Palin watchdog blogs. So when your book comes out, will we like it, or will we love it? He smiled again, looked me right in the eye, and said slowly, "you will LOVE it." Tank echoed him. "YOU WILL LOVE IT." Everything about Tank is large, especially his voice. Levi said, "I promise you, it will be a best seller." I thanked him, and took 2 pictures with him. (Which I can't show you because I am embarrassingly taller than him).

Unfortunately this picture is quite blurry,
but at least it proves that our gal was there with Levi! ;-)

We have another wonderful picture
with Leadfoot_LA's friend Rachael and Levi!

I also listened in to some of the questions the other interviewers asked. They wanted to know if he had an interest in politics. He enthusiastically said yes, and that it is what he plans to pursue for a career. Probably not on a national level, but he is serious about Alaskan politics.

With that, Levi and Tank left the red carpet and went to eat dinner. They wouldn't reappear in the club until 2am, but by then, Tank had figured me out and kept Levi segregated in a private VIP booth.

My impression is that Levi will tell the 100% truth in this book. He was a sweet, genuine kid. "Deer in the headlights" is a perfect book title and is exactly how I would describe him. He is not "Ricky Hollywood." He is a proud father, who smiled, but almost seemed a tiny bit sad behind his eyes when I mentioned Tripp. He didn't come off as dumb at all. He was quick-witted. He's just out of his element a bit. But remember -- the clearest, loudest and most emphatic thing he said to me was that the readers of Politicalgates will not just like, they will LOVE his book. That said all I need to know. Before last night I was hopeful, but not sure. Now I am sure.

I can't wait until September!!


Note by Patrick:

Many, many thanks to our brilliant Leadfoot_LA and her two friends for flying to Las Vegas, interviewing Levi Johnston and having a party night, all for Politicalgates! As you certainly realized while reading part 1 and part 2, this trip was carefully organized, and Leadfoot_LA simply did a wonderful job. We were one of only three media outlets to be granted an interview with Levi in advance. We will upload the video recording of the interview after Leadfoot_LA has returned home tomorrow.

Through these birthday events, we also received a piece of information which up until know has not been revealed: The ghostwriters for Levi's upcoming book "Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs" are the writers James and Lois Cowan. Many thanks to our reader Katie Annie Oakley for the additional research!

Firedoglake Book Salon: Geoffrey Dunn

The book will be released on Tuesday, May 10, 2011. As we have received an advance copy from the publishers, we already have done a lot of reading, and I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. Geoffrey Dunn had access to a huge number of excellent sources, many of whom went on the record, as well as access to a large amount of additional previously unpublished material. Geoffrey wrote what I consider the ultimate biography of Sarah Palin's political career - starting with her days at Wasilla High School. The book is fact-checked up to the smallest details, and clearly sets a benchmark for all other books about Sarah Palin which are about to follow this year.

The Firedoglake Book Salon with Geoffrey Dunn will start today at 02:00 pm Pacific time - in about one hour.

In order to take part, you need to register at firedoglake to comment. It is an easy process - non-intrusive & they don't spam you.

Scroll down the right-hand side to where it says "Toolbox" and register. Takes a couple of minutes.

(many thanks to Phil Munger)



New video - Levi Johnston presents his two new tattoos before the party started:




Here is now finally the clip with the video of Leadfoot_LA's interview with Levi Johnston:

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