Friday, May 27, 2011

Sarah Palin's Magical History Nationwide Bus Tour and Video: Lawrence O'Donnell Reasons Why Sarah Palin is Not Running for US President

By Kathleen

It has been quite a week. The "elected" were not raptured and it seems that they will have to suffer alongside "the sinners" until Judgement Day (which is definitely going to happen) takes place on October 21st, 2011. Elected and sinners, we now face the end of the world together.

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin has dominated the news this week. First the acquisition of what would appear to be the Palin Campaign HQs in Arizona, distastefully furnished with cheap plastic toys for the swimming hole. I can't wait for the inevitable shots of the interior. This was rapidly followed by The Mansour Confessions in which Rebecca concedes to Toki de la Vega that Bristyal is an embarrassment and that every family has one. (Or in the case of the Palin /Heath family a succession of dysfunctional characters.)

It would seem that someone forgot to include Toki or RAM in on the inside information that Bristyal was on a Mata Hari type mission to seduce Levi and get a public confession out of him insinuating that he is a liar and that Sarah is indeed the angel of the north. Subtext: Never underestimate the sexual power of a Palin woman. Toki valiantly continues to push against the unconscious stream of c4p Sarah adulation and advises that it would be unwise for Sarah to run. Still, we should consider the fact that Toki may just be afraid that Palin will pull a tendon or suffer some sort of running sport related injury. After all he does admit that he often posts for the sh*ts and giggles and that he does enjoy getting a rise out of taunting and misleading anti Palin bloggers.

Thanks but no thanks to the GI Film Festival Chairman and "film maker", Stephen K Brannon, a whole two hours of a reformed Palin is about to hit a cinema near you. The "Premier" showing will be in Iowa next month. Freedom isn't free, but the cinemas showing the Palin film would be wise to stock up on give away supplies of wheat grass pills as they are known for their digestive properties.

To round off this "horrible week" we have two further reports. And we finish on a high point.

I call it the Magical History Road Tour because it has been intimated by Palin aides that her trip is a history learning experience. Didn't she go to school? Perhaps she wasn't that exceptional a scholar or she just didn't pay attention? I wonder how many private luxury jets they will employ on the trip this time?

Anyway, the trip begins in Washington DC where Palin has the opportunity to ham it up yet again alongside angry motorcycle builder, Paul Teutal snr. whilst at the same time taking in the historical monuments that the capital has to offer. I just had a horrible thought. What if they decide to film the Magical History Road Tour?

Good news is that Henry Blodget, editor of Business Insider, has once again issued a challenge to Sarah Palin that she release absolute documented proof that Trig is her natural born son. Henry believes that such proof is simple. The article uses the graphic that Brad Scharlott recently posted in the comments here at Politicalgates, and Henry reveals that Brad has had a number of in depth interviews discussing his graphics with Laura Novak over at her blog.

Read Henry Blodget's full post at the Business Insider.

The winners of the five copies of Frank Bailey's, Blind Allegiance, have been pulled out of Patrick's cowboy hat.. Thank you to everyone who took part. Winners are Steve, Celine, Sheri, Maureen, and Cynthia. I hope you all enjoy your books and once again many thanks go to our very generous book donors.

I have 2 copies of Frank Schaeffer's new book, Sex, Mom and God to give away. I will pick names out of the hat again so email me Good luck to those who enter. Entries close end of day Saturday, 28th May, 2011.



In the following report at The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell outlines his reasons why he believes that Sarah Palin will not run for the Presidency.

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