Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sarah Palin Identifies August to September as the Timeframe by Which she Needs to Announce her Intentions Regarding the 2012 Presidential Race

By Kathleen

Sarah Palin appeared on Hannity last night. It was a predictable show. Hannity would throw insults at the President calling him a "crybaby" and Sarah got the chance to repeat her tired, and to be perfectly frank, despicable, phrase "we cannot retreat, we must reload" and call President Obama a "fearmonger" for pointing out that services may be at risk if the the debt ceiling crisis issue is not resolved.

After a long and drawn out discussion Palin accepts that the debt ceiling will be increased but "she does not trust him" although many members of Congress do and agree that the President "must have that allowance of increasing debt", leaving the option open for future GOP presidents to do so unfettered and free from hassle when necesssary. Such hypocrisy.

Palin's plan for fixing the economy would seem to consist of President Obama as the executive making "cuts in his departments all throughout the federal government...immediately." She then goes on to add her other tired caveat that Obama "doesn't know how to make cuts" and that he "only wants to spend other people's money." Hannity states that his head is "about to explode." Mine already has! I say that the first priority for President Obama should be to end the wasteful tax cuts for the rich first before cutting services that will affect vulnerable people. But it is your country, not mine. You have to fight for it.

Moving on Hannity gets to the point in the interview that people really want to hear about. The Newsweek article with Palin on the cover declaring that "I Can Win" and what her plans are regarding a 2012 Presidential run.

You can tell that Palin is ready for this part of the discussion as she becomes much more animated, especially when she claims that the article is a fair account of her "successful executive's record" and what "her team produced by reigning in the growth of government."

The fact that the acticle contains inaccurate claims and downright distortions, details of which Peter Boyer is surely now aware of, is not mentioned. Boyer would do well to pay attention to what is happening at News Corp. Palin is only concerned that it is not a "hit piece."

Hannity then asks what he regards is the million dollar question. What are her plans regarding a 2012 Presidential bid? A question which is also becoming quite old if you ask me, but Palin, as we well know, loves to toy with people and enjoys the speculation much more than a straightforward honest response. She cannot however wipe the smug look from off her face when she confirms that she does not think:

"that the field is set yet. That that one individual is in the field so I am still thinking about being one who will offer myself up in the name of service knowing confidently that I have those commonsense, fiscally conservative, pro-private sector policy experience and ideas that can be put to good work for this country."

Palin then indicates to Hannity that the timeframe for her having made a decision about whether she will run or not has to be made sometime in August or September as by then "you do have to start laying out a plan if you are to be one to throw your hat into the ring."

Does America really need a fact twisting, Rupert Murdoch, Fox news employee as President?

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