Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dusty's Corner - The Republican's Very Own Liars Club

Well it seems Michele Bachmann has re-surfaced once again to offer her warped opinion on all things republican. Too bad she refuses take a few minutes to actually think for herself and look around to see that it is HER party that is dividing our country and she is just a pawn in their game by spewing her own special brand of misinformation. Michele will never realize that she actually has the right tools to do some good in this country and reverse the attacks for the woman’s rights. 

In other Bachmann news that just isn’t getting the attention it deserves is Michele’s campaign for President is over $1 million dollars in debt. Yes folks the woman who repeated incessantly that if elected SHE would go to Washington and rein in the out of control spending and balance the budget has left her campaign $1 Million dollars in debt. Sorry republicans but if you can't manage your own spending how in the hell do you expect to manage the nation's budget? 

Ah so Ricky Santorum won the LA primary. What a surprise- NOT.  In case anyone missed it here is a great link to his 1994 Campaign The Opposition File  Huffington Post also has a searchable database of the memos here.

I read a few of the memos, what got my attention is Ricky’s views and world opinion hasn’t changed much since 1994 the man is living in the past and believes he can change the United States of America to be a utopia of peace and love, rainbows and sunshine 24/7 if people would just anoint him President. His utopia is a place where men will be men aka make all the decisions for the household, sleep with whomever they choose and make all the money while woman will be woman you remember, barefoot and pregnant, silent until spoken too, long hair, skirts down to the floor, will never speak above a whisper and god forbid there would any enjoyment in the act of making love. Women will be responsible for hearth and home, bouncing the 10th baby on her knee while preparing the household meals and then attending to her husband’s evening bath. Oh gag me!  

I have one thing to say to every man or woman whom supports Rick Santorum: Are you out of your freaking mind? Seriously, what in your life is so bad that you would to give up the most basic human right that of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to support a man who is openly stating as fact he will take away the most fundamental right if elected President? If President Obama's skin color bothers you that much then maybe you all need to pick a new church and come up out of the basement and join those of us out here in the sunlight where skin color, sexual preference and social status don't mean a thing. We won't bite but we also won't tolerate your narrow minded and outdated prejudices.

Mitt Romney is the man who hasn’t met a lie he'll not only retell but will gleefully retell as if it is the god’s honest truth until the next lie comes along that grabs his attention. You just have to wonder if every time the “Oh Woe is Me Perpetual Victim” aka Sarah Palin goes on Fox News and climbs up on the her rhinestone bedazzled cross to endlessly retell how everyone was and still is so mean to her and her family that Mitt isn’t screaming at the top of his lungs “WTF lady, Every single pundit uses the phrase or a variation of the phrase “Anyone but Mitt’ when referring to me on every single political show every single day all day long!!!!!”

Gotta love that "Frontier Lady" Mitt. Not only in her mind can she swear like a man, she can plow alongside her man, hunt like a man and fish like a man but by goodness in reality she climbs up on her cross every time she feels threaten to pseudo hang like a man also and too [sic], bless her heart. Got to admit it Mitt, that "Frontier Lady" can out lie you any day of the week and still get more media attention than you while retelling the same lie you've been retelling over and over again while both of you claim to be 'Christian'. Funny in my bible one of the 10 Commandments is Thou Shalt Not Lie. What does yours say? Thou shalt lie if for the betterment of one's pocket?  

Umm, Sarah one tiny thought regarding your latest ghostwritten FaceBook Frontier Lady Fable- Me thinks thou doth protest too much! Darlin, you can't play the victim day after day after day whining that people are mean to you and then claim to be a tough old bird who is single handily taming the last frontier that is Alaska. Yes we've all seen your show, the endless news clips, the movie Game Change all of which proved you aren't, never were and never will be a Frontier Lady. You are either a victim or you are a tough old bird! Your choice either continue playing the victim or climb down off your cross and toughen up you can't be both at the same time not even in the Republican's Liars Club of which you have earn a lifetime free membership alongside Michele, Mitt and Ricky. 

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