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Weekly Roundup, March 12-18, 2012

By Blueberry T
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Sunnyjane continues her series on the GOP’s feckless fools, vintage 2012. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of material! This post introduces us to Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana, who whines about his struggles to feed himself and his wife on the meager after-tax millions. He is a rabid Christian fundamentalist (what a surprise) and apparently beyond stupid. Trent Franks of Arizona is a card-carrying member of the hateful and obstructionist pro-life, anti-human wing of the Republican Party, and “a strong advocate of a man's right to tell a woman what to do with her own body.” Patrick McHenry of North Carolina is a rude, insulting, misinformed Teabag tool of the Koch Brothers and puppet of Grover Norquist (aren’t they all?). Thank you, sunnyjane, for helping people see these people for who they are. Hopefully, by getting this information out more widely, we can help unseat a few of them, come November.
Thursday, March 15, 2012
Sunnyjane lifted our spirits with her post highlighting President Obama’s wonderful warmth and how he gives his attention and shares his spirit with people throughout America. Adding to the smiles all around is the last photo, showing Palin spurned as she tried to interact with the President shortly after he took office. In his most positive action of the past decade, Joe Lieberman "redirected" her and kept her away from our POTUS.
Friday, March 16, 2012
Bristol Palin’s ghostwriter has a new blog (yawn) and Sarah Palin is trying to coopt Andrew Breitbart’s identify (currently: dead man). The repulsive photo of Bristol notwithstanding, the post includes an antidote to the Palin negativity: The Road We’ve Traveled video from the Obama-Biden campaign – very positive and inspirational, and an important reminder of the huge challenges President Obama has faced, while the GOP has done everything in its power to thwart progress. The post also includes links to Geoffrey Dunn’s excellent article on Palin’s increasingly transparent attempt to capture the GOP nomination by swooping in to a brokered convention.
Some Comments and Links:
ProChoiceGrandma: One of the most shocking scenes from Game Change was Sarah hurling her beloved Blackberry against the wall, smashing it to smitherenes. She babied those Blackberries more than she ever cuddled Trig. I guess being on the road like that, no canned peas were available.
Comeonpeople agreed with lillibird and others: Yes yes yes yes yes. I think she definitely has dissociative personalities. Yes yes yes. been saying this for years now. among her many diagnoses, dissocative personalties ranks high.
JCos: What condemned Palin for me was when she first became McCain's running mate, and she pretended to be an awe-shucks, downhome gal and mom from a small town.
Then, when people expressed concern about her lack of general, common knowledge, she took offense that they thought she was an awe-shucks, downhome gal and mom from a small town.
Palin is equally conflicted when it comes to her sexuality. She flaunts her appearance while professing to be a devout christian. My mother is a devout church lady. Palin's the type of person she prays for.
BellPeppery: "Facebook tauntress with mental issues seeks to meet handsome, tall, black man. Free & willing," (could be Sarah's Craiglist post).
Yknott: Oh Sunnyjane, I LOVE this post. Thanks for making my day. We have a wonderful President who is genuine and truly connects with people. These pictures are great. That last one of Palin is hilarious. She looks like a demon. I was not aware President Obama snarked her out at that dinner. Ha! I bet that pissed her off as much as Steve Schmidt smacking her down on her concession speech. Thank you for a great post.
Older_Wiser: If libertarianism is so great, then why, since the dawn of humans, do we have, and always have had, laws? Certainly not all laws are fair, but all people are not perfect, either, and the fight for justice is always ongoing and part of the political process…
Peacepax: What is it with these people and the dead? Santorum took a dead aborted fetus home and he and his wife slept with it. Mitt Romney baptizes dead people, and Sarah Palin is dragging a dead body around as a political prop.
Indy_Girl: [Bristol and Sarah] are pretenders and parasites, living off the abilities of others.
HopeforAmerica got us started writing limericks:
There once was a teenager named Bristol
whose sex life not even Levi could fulfill
After three wine coolers she felt hot and frisky
so she climbed into a tent and did something risky
And that's how she earned the nickname "The Pistol"
Molly_WI joined in the limerick fun that Hope started; here is one: Her dad was a 'winner' named Todd, who in fact was naught but a clod, when his wife was away, oh Todd he did play, and then claimed that they both followed God.
Kathleen reminded us of this excellent Vanity Fair article, to which Barb_Dwyer responded: I was told by the Wasilla City Clerk Kristie Smithers, who worked with Sarah the entire time she was on Council and Mayor, who also attended High School with her, that the Vanity Fair article was the most accurate portrayal of Palin that she had ever read. [at least as of 10/2010]
She and HopeforAmerica linked again to another excellent Geoffrey Dunn article on Game Change (on HuffPo); well worth the read (or reread).
Need a laugh? Hope also posted this great Jimmy Kimmel piece on “Life’s a Tripp.”
HonestyinGov found this excellent website that allows people to figure out how the Affordable Care Act affects each of us individually.
Marionette gave us the link to this Morning Joe interview with Steve Schmidt.
Patrick pointed out Nicolle Wallace on Maddow.
Ennealogic found this excellent article on Game Change – what it hit and what it missed.
Older_Wiser linked to politicususa on gas prices.
Sunnyjane found this on Game Change in LA Times – the cartoon alone is worth the click.
NightEditor1 pointed out another great post on Game Change: Sarah Palin’s foolishness ruined U.S. politics.
Linda1961, Older_Wiser and juicyfruityy linked to this fine article on Palin's legacy, on Daily Kos.
Game Change in 43 seconds…(H/T juicyfruityy).

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