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Sarah Palin on Fox News: I would not say "No" if I was to be considered for the VP-slot - "Game Change - Reloaded" - UDPATE: Wonderful review of "Game Change" in Rolling Stone

By Patrick

Sarah Palin for VP? Are you all ready for "Game Change - Reloaded?"

Uma Pemmaraju from Fox News conducted a rather fascinating interview with Sarah Palin today.

Sarah managed to include many of her current talking points as well as lots of Obama bashing and also offered some "new" insights:

Newt Gingrich shouldn't "bow out of the race at this point", Mitt Romney isn't really that bad ("He has proven himself as a businessman and a Governor") and Rick Santorum doesn't use dirty tricks (he was just trying to "solicit good union brothers and sisters", according to Palin).

She also got the chance again to rant about the "Game Change" movie for minutes, without offering an "alternative version" of events, as usual (deny, deny, deny - probably one of those Alinsky-rules that the Palin-fans are obsessed with).

The first "highlight" came when Uma Pemmaraju asked Sarah (from 1:50) whether she would "go for it" when people at a brokered convention asked for a "star GOP-player" to step in. Sarah replied that she is "not gonna be asked."

It's lucky day for Sarah: First, she gets called a "star GOP-player", and then she is allowed to keep her job at Fox News - because running for President is just not for her. 

What, does this mean the teasing game is over?

No way. That's just not the way Sarah rolls.

At the end of the interview, Uma Pemmaraju (from about 7:10) asks Sarah a reader's question:

"Would you consider the VP position on the Republican ticket if you are asked?"

Sarah than goes on to explain that Rep. Allen West, the right-wing extremist from Florida ("he has intimate knowledge about how the military should work"), should be the candidate for VP. Uma Pemmaraju quickly concludes: "So it's a 'No' from you at this point."

Not so fast, girl! It's the Queen you are talking to here, didn't you know?

Sarah Palin swiftly corrects her:
 "'It is not a 'No.'"

Sarah Palin - wherever God shows her a crack in the ceiling, she ploughs through it, boldly, you betcha.

Call Hollywood, quick - Sarah is up for the sequel!

What's she going to do with her life after all these glass ceilings have been cracked?



Rolling Stone published a wonderful review of "Game Change" - excerpt:

As long as the camera is on her, she's on – as they say, "She's a red-light performer." But as the campaign wears on, and her intellectual flaws are exposed, she falls into a catatonic daze. It turns out the day-to-day strain of a campaign is not the right kind of gig for a red-light performer, since politicians have to be on even when the camera goes off. Moore's performance becomes riveting as Palin unravels into phone-throwing fits and silent stupors. The meltdown scenes are harrowing: When she falls apart trying to prepare for her debates, and she just sits there twitching helplessly, it's like watching Moore in the Boogie Nights cocaine-binge scene where Rollergirl asks her to be her mother.

Having seemingly learned nothing from the Palin fiasco, the Republicans have turned the 2012 campaign into the same loser reality-TV show. Donald Trump, Herman Cain and all those debates became an extended goof of Survivor starring a wacky bunch of contestants who keep pissing one another off. And even if they realize they're crippling themselves with these TV gaffes, they keep showing up, because they can't walk away from a camera.

Palin has dismissed Game Change, and said she isn't going to watch. That's not how politicians talk. That's not how reality-TV stars talk, either. That's the grumbling of an amateur, somebody like Kim Kardashian's ex-husband's mom. Reality TV has gotten a lot more sophisticated in the past four years – but as this crop of Republican candidates keep showing us, politicians haven't. They didn't learn a thing by watching Palin bomb. You can see why people mean it as an insult when they refer to Palin as a reality-TV star. But calling her a reality star is giving her a compliment she hasn't earned.

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