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Weekly Roundup, February 28-March 4, 2012

By Blueberry T
Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunnyjane points out that despite all the hoopla and the endless debates, the Republicans already have their leader, even though he has no intention of running for President. Grover Norquist is the puppeteer who pulls the strings and yanks the chains of Republican politicians. He is apparently comfortable enough in his role that he no longer even feels the need to pretend that a President would actually think for himself. No, all that is needed is someone to sign the legislation that a GOP-controlled Congress, in the pocket of Norquist and corporatist masters, will enact. Norquist’s “no new taxes” pledge is more sacrosanct to Repubicans in Congress than their oath to uphold the Constitution.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kathleen reminds us that Geoffrey Dunn is someone who does his homework and sticks to the facts. As the release of the movie version of Game Change is bringing renewed attention to Palin’s behavior during the 2008 campaign, and she is already trying to do damage control, Dunn reminds us of these undisputed facts from the 2008 campaign:
1) Palin botched all her major MSM interviews, highlighting her ignorant word salad responses.
2) Palin lied about Todd’s involvement with the Alaska Independence Party, a secessionist organization. Not only did she lie, but she tried to force the campaign to lie for her too, which, to his credit, Steve Schmidt emphatically refused to do.
3) She was totally taken in, and suckered, by the Masked Avengers, highlighting her unpreparedness for national office and inviting even more late-night comedian jokes.
4) She went rogue in New Hampshire, screwing up event plans and alienating local organizers; her high-handed manner and dysfunction were very disruptive to the campaign.
5) She betrayed John McCain by openly criticizing his campaign strategy and refusing to abide by McCain’s decision not to stir up racism and not to bring up the Reverend Wright controversy.
In short: she was ignorant, unprepared, naïve, disloyal and not a team-player.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sarah Palin is taking being a tease to a whole new level that even Donald Trump would envy. Perhaps its just that her bank account is dwinding or SarahPAC needs a cash infusion. Whatever the reason, in an interview with Uma Pemmaraju of Fox News, Palin refused to rule out a possible VP candidacy on the GOP ticket this fall. As some of our readers have said for months, her strategy may be to avoid the rigors of the campaign – and all the scrutiny and those pesky debates – so she can simply parachute in at the last minute at the convention, as she did in 2008. Fortunately, with the movie Game Change coming out later this week, it won’t be long before reminders of her campaign-08 meltdown, her ignorance, lying and mental instability are in the MSM once again. Presumably none of the GOP candidates are stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. Then again, they are pretty stupid! Rolling Stone does a great take-down of Palin and the Republican Party with its cast of whacked out candidates, in its review of Game Change – enjoy! Here’s another interesting, more sobering take on the movie, from David Frum.

Some comments and links:
Ivyfree: :::still mulling Babygate:::: You know, two reporters NOW claim that they saw Sarah's pregnant belly in 2008. They didn't write about it at the time. And yet, Sarah claimed that asking for a birth certificate was too intrusive. I can't be the only one who realizes how illogical this is. Why aren't people talking about how it was fine for male reporters to see her pregnant belly, but way too personal to show an editor a birth certificate?
Palinoia: That is what they *should* be talking about for sure.....but in SP's world, the more TMI-ish and outraged she sounds, the less the the other party will dig in. This is very much like how abusers make the victim feel like they themselves are being abusive by even asking a question. Literally dealing with someone like Sarah has to increase everyone else's once dormant pathology by tenfold - and I think it has been made very clear in these emails. The more outraged and outlandish her claims, the more the receiver starts feeling guilty for having asked, and they all shut up.
Cheeriogirl: Hey Julia O'Malley- it's now or never hon. We all know YOU could Make.It.Stop.- and IF you cared about Alaskans, journalism, and truth, you would!
Madam Deal: It's the Palin Administration's response to the ADN investigation combined with Sunday's more important post that Sarah and Todd carried NO insurance on Trig from 4/18 to 6/4 despite repeated requests for his birth certificate and enrollment form that tells the tale. They had two remaining days to enroll him.
I hope Sully will follow-up asking why a child born with Down Syndrome and two holes in his heart had no insurance when Sarah could easily have delegated that task to a staff member. Unless of course, they Had No Birth Certificate.
JCos: Isn't it weird that so many people who hate government chose politics as their career?
I couldn’t resist this, from Linda1961: Dead at 43, #Breitbart puts to rest the saying "Only the good die young." [and this, which said what several of us were thinking]: I tried to stay classy, but couldn't. Breitbart was scum, and just because he is dead is no reason to pretend otherwise. He wasn't scum because he claimed to be a conservative, but because he degraded our political discourse with his lies, smears and unfounded attacks.
DadT6787: According to the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the Taxpayer Protection Pledge solemnly binds those who sign it to oppose any and all tax increases. No exceptions are permitted regardless of circumstances. In the unfortunate event of a real crisis (war?) or natural disaster, the legislator should propose spending cuts in other areas to finance the emergency response rather than raise taxes. ( Lawmakers who sign this Pledge appear to be violating Rule 6 of the Code of Ethics for Government Service which states “Make no private promises of any kind binding upon the duties of office…” Read about the Code of Ethics for Government Service at Pages 20 and 436 of the Ethics Manuals for the House and Senate, respectively, at and Call on the 238 Representatives and 41 Senators to renounce this Pledge.
NJfan: Glad Levi turned her down but I thought she was done with reality shows and wanted a more normal life when she left Hollywood...oh yeah, right, she's a Palin and we all know you can't believe a word they say.
Older_Wiser made me LOL with this zinger (guess who): He might have optical rectosis: a nerve which runs from your eye to your asshole which gives you a shitty outlook on life. [Answer: no, not Limbaugh (but could have been); no, not Santorum (but could have been); no, not Gingrich (but could have been); this one was about Sherif Arpaio.]
Karen Collins: Romney on the Crucifixion....I wouldn't have used nails.
AzureGhost: Rush's apology is as genuine as the Palins' marriage...
Psalm023: She's begging anyone to 'ask' her to run. Narcissists can't volunteer. They want people to kneel and beg and crawl. They need to be needed by the masses. Sar-Ah Sar-Ah Sar-Ah!!! She has been calculating and scheming this all along. She's waiting to be dropped in a Sarah 2012 parachute right onto the RNC convention stage, waiting for the wild applause and coronation. But then I think of 'Lucy' being lowered from the helicopter onto the cruise ship, Ricky trying to grab hold, ............didn't Sarah's mother say once about her, "I wouldn't put it past her".

FormerRepublican and Irishgirl linked to this email, which provides the missing information to prove that Bristol Palin was pregnant in January 2008, far before Tripp was conceived. We know that she went to live with Aunt Heather when she was pregnant… now we know when that was.

FormerRepublican also pointed out this email chain, in which Palin acknowledges that the rumors that Trig was Bristol’s baby were spreading on April 22, 2008. This catagorically debunks Palin’s claims that Andrew Sullivan and/or “Trig Truthers” started this rumor during the VP campaign.
Mmboucher found this on Obama taking on the Koch Brothers.

You know I love Matt Taibbi – here he is explaining the corporate malfeasance that led to the financial system’s near-collapse. He really knows what he is talking about, and explains it so well. It certainly can’t fill anyone with confidence about Bank of America’s future, nor the fact that its risky portfolio is now FDIC insured, though more accounting sleight of hand, leaving the public to “socialize the risk.”
Juicyfruityy linked to Alternet on blue states being providers of federal revenue and red states being “parasites.” Juicyfruityy also found this on Tina Fey’s impact on Palin’s popularity among Republicans and Independents in 2008 (I will ALWAYS be grateful to Tina Fey!).
Older_Wiser linked to Malia Litman, who smacked down Rush Limbaugh, “the impotent chauvinist and vile excuse for a human being.”

Cheeriogirl, HonestyinGov and Molly_WI pointed out this excellent piece by Geoffrey Dunn: Beyond Game Change.

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