Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sarah Palin Lies On Hannity And Falsely Claims That President Obama Did Not Apologise For A Comment That He Made Three Years Ago Involving The Special Olympics - UPDATE

By Kathleen

Last night in an interview with Sean Hannity about the left's hateful rhetoric Sarah Palin called out President Obama for not apologising for a comment made on The Tonight Show back in March 2009 when he called his bowling skills "bad" and "like the Special Olympics or something". The rather inconvenient truth for Palin is that President Obama made a personal apology to the Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver for his comment and any reader with a few limited internet search skills can find hundreds of links to his apology. Palin flat out lied and she knew about it. 

After making her false claim, Sarah Palin went on to say in the interview with Hannity that President Obama has "very selective ways of showing compassion and feeling America's pain."

By neglecting the true fact that President Obama made a statement of apology directly to the Special Olympics Palin once again reveals that she is prepared to do and say anything in order to push her anti Obama agenda. She will lie and lie and lie until her lie becomes big enough that it is accepted as the truth. Her truth. Palin when she spouts such "truths" relies on the fact that her supporters will take her word for anything and have no interest in checking herclaims because they are blinded by their belief in her. Moreover, if she is caught out in a lie her fans will squirm and twist events in order to defend her.

Palin's indignant poutrage regarding the Special Olympics is also hypocritical. After all, didn't she veto an increase in funding to the Special Olympics in the SOA 2007/2008 budget? The Alaskan legislature allocated $650,000 and Palin slashed the amount to $275,000. Although this was a small increase over the previous years allocation the Special Olympics had requested a substantial increase in funds so it can be reasonably assumed that Palin's big stick veto harmed the organisation. How does that old saying go? Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never harm them. I know which actions I believe harmed the Special Olympics most and it was not President Obama's, even if his remarks were somewhat indelicate.

The rest of the interview is Palin once again whining about the attacks on her family and promoting Bristol's blog. It's a grudge fest. 


UPDATE (by Patrick):

I now created a clip with Sarah Palin's false and nasty remarks in the Hannity interview yesterday. This new clip contains the relevant excerpt from Hannity's interview with Palin and also contains footage of what really happened in March 2009.


Please help us to make this clip go viral! Do not let Sarah Palin get away with her false and nasty accusations.

Tweet the clip:!/politicalgates/status/183641715306020864


Here is the complete clip of the interview with Hannity -- you can catch her comments about President Obama and his supposedly missing apology from the 6:20 mark:

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