Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lies And Deception -- A Night Out For A Palinbot At A "Game Change" Screening

By Kathleen

A special screening of Game Change was held on Thursday evening in Washington DC. Several Sarah Palin supporters turned up outside the event and handed out a six page showbill, paid for by SarahPac, which purported to give accurate information about the film.

Just how did Palin's supporters get film attendees to accept the showbill? Any one who reads here will not be surprised to learn that they lied. That's right. They didn't say here is Sarah Palin's version of what happened during the election, would you like to read it? Her supporters told the people about to view the film that they were handing out a showbill for the film. That it was free. No mention about Sarah Palin and the fact that the showbill was paid for by SarahPac funds. They wanted to give the impression that the showbill was part of the programme. It was a lie of omission. Important facts were not given in order to foster a misconception about what it was that the Palinbots were handing out. It's the sneeky lie. The silent lie. A Palin type of lie.

Should we be surprised that Sarah Palin's supporters have stooped to employ deceptive tactics in order to get people to read her point of view? No. We should not. That is the Palin mode of operation. Why tell the truth and be honest about something when you can lie and mislead people via a lack of information?

Watch the video and listen to the Palinbot lie over and over and over again:


 And if you can stomach it go to the C4P blog and read as they brag about their underhand approach to "cover....Palin's back."  The Palinbots may have handed out all of their "showbills" but this event was a major fail if the agenda was about getting out a supposedly truthful message by lying over and over and over again to the very people that they wanted to reach. People do not like being manipulated into altering their behaviour.

At C4P readers can also find the full copy of the showbills that were handed out. I don't want to provide a copy of it here for obvious reasons. 

Hat tip for this post goes to @krystalwolfgrl on twitter.

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