Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Game Change" - Open Post

By Patrick

Tonight is the big night! Will the hype surrounding HBO's "Game Change" movie (watch the trailers) be justified? Will it have been worth the wait? At least Sarah Palin and her bots got their panties in a wad about it. As you see, I always prefer to set expectations low. Then we can only be pleasantly surprised. Or not.

This movie certainly couldn't have come at a better time. After all, Sarah Palin still hopes that God or somebody else will call her at a brokered convention in order to lead America and the rest of the world (straight into Armageddon). It has almost gone unnoticed that Sarah Palin now has her own "SuperPAC", called "ShePAC", which was co-founded by her chief propagandist and all-time shady character Timothy Crawford. So it's the right time to remind America's voters who the "real" Sarah Palin is. Because we definitely haven't heard the last of Palin, that's for sure!

Will Julianne Moore's portrayal be accurate, of will it only be so-so?

We, meaning our bloggers, researchers and long-time readers, have a certain advantage of knowing many details of what I like to call the "grey areas" of Sarah Palin's life, and this should enable all of us to make a particularly well informed judgement. The "grey areas" are in my view her especially private scandals, her vindictive crusades and her many proven lies in general.

Many of these details have been previously reported, for example by Joe McGinniss, Geoffrey Dunn and Frank Bailey, but others details have not been reported yet - apparently mainly due to the lack of "hard evidence." In any case, we all have a pretty good idea about the madness which originated in Wasilla and then spread all over the country and beyond.

For all those people who are not really sure whether they want to watch this movie, John Cole at Balloon Juice today explains that he is still in recovery mode and he also sums up why Palin is a despicable person. However, even if you share his views, I think you should still watch it. ;-)

+++ Please go to this post from March 7, 2012 in case you are looking for interviews with Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace and authors Mark Halperin and John Heilemann! +++

The comedian Katie Halper announced that she will live-tweet "Game Change" - sounds good! Here is the link to her twitter:!/kthalps

Ana Marie Cox (founder of Wonkette) will live-tweet "Game Change" as well:!/anamariecox

For all the tweets about "Game Change", go to the #gamechange hashtag! That will be great fun!

So, let's enjoy and discuss "Game Change!"

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