Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Emily's List Presents Gabby Giffords With The "We Are Emily" Award - BONUS: Watch the first episode of the excellent HBO-comedy "Veep" online!

By Kathleen

Photo from Kristen Gillibrand (Twitter). Gabby shopping with Kristen before tonight's dinner.
This evening Emily's List will honour Congresswoman Gabby Giffords for her leadership and service in Congress with the coveted "We Are Emily" award. 

Since the devastating and unforgettable incident in January 2011, during which she was shot in the head, Gabby has courageously, step by step, pushed forward in her recovery and continues to do so. In an emotional ceremony this past January Gabby resigned her seat in Congress and vowed that she would fight her way back. This is the determination of a person who is a real fighter -- quitting is not a word in this brave woman's vocabulary.

Here is the beautiful video which Emily's List will premier at the award ceremony this evening:


Gabrielle Giffords is a woman who inspires and is a wonderful example of decency and civility. Unlike Sarah Palin who could not wait to overshadow the discourse with her claims of "blood libel". A term she clearly did not understand. 

All of us here at Politicalgates wish Gabby a great evening and a future full recovery and we look forward to her return to politics.

Emily's List is a political action committee whose aim is to elect and support pro-choice Democratic women into political office.

https://twitter.com/#!/emilyslist will be live tweeting the event this evening with pictures and updates.


BONUS (by Patrick):

Thanks to our reader KatieAnnieOakley, we discovered that the first episode of the new HBO-comedy "Veep" has been posted on youtube by HBO for free viewing! So even if you cannot access HBO, you can at least watch the first episode for free - and it's well worth it! Why? Because "Veep" is a very clever and hilarious parody of a female Vice-President who is not terribly bright, amongst other things. Where did they get this idea from, I wonder...? :-)

It seems that the "VP" in "Veep", brilliantly played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is a mixture of, let's say, Nikki Haley, Sarah Palin and...well...probably several other "not so bright" female politicians.

I cannot embed the youtube clip of "Veep", but you can access the clip HERE. You need a youtube or gmail account for viewing, as you have to confirm that you are more than 18 years old. This youtube clip is only accessible from the USA - and if you live elsewhere, you need to be clever and get yourself a perfectly legal, fast and cheap VPN in order to access this clip (as well as tons of other clips from many websites which are blocked outside the USA, for example from the popular website www.hulu.com).

Watching the first episode of "Veep", I realized that the style of "Veep" is heavily influenced by one of my favourite movies of the last years, a political comedy called "In The Loop" (from 2009). This is not a great surprise, however, as they share the same director, Armando Iannucci, who also created great comedy in the past with famous UK-comedian Steve Coogan.

At some point I thought about writing a review of the terrific movie "In The Loop", but in the end never got round to it. The story of "In The Loop" plays in the UK and the USA, and the movie is an absolute "must-see" for everyone who loves political satire (cheaply available on Amazon). "In The Loop" apparently influenced "Veep" to such an extent that they even "grabbed" one of the actors (the excellent Anna Chlumsky) who had a major role as an US-administration aide in "In The Loop" and now in a quite similar role plays the Chief of Staff of the "VP" Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).

A few excerpts from "In The Loop" can be found on youtube, for example HERE and HERE (but the movie really should be watched in full, as the story is very good). Here is a trailer:

Lots of laughs, good luck and good night!





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