Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! - Open post

By Patrick and Kathleen

We wish all our readers a wonderful, happy Easter! Religious or not, we thoroughly enjoy Easter every year again, as it gives us the opportunity to have some quiet, peaceful days - it's a time for reflection as well as relaxation. We both needed a little "time out", and therefore you didn't see us on the blog a lot during the last days. A little break from the dark world of right-wing American politics.

We do hope that all you are all having a very enjoyable Easter as well. By the way, Jenny's little boy is much better now, and Jenny finally left the hospital this morning - only to receive the details about a long list of friends and relatives who want to see the baby as soon as possible, with the visits starting...well, today, naturally. At least her little sister had the great idea to bring two cakes with her. Kathleen's daughters were always taught to think with their own heads...

Patrick bought himself a little Easter present, a Canon S95 camera, which he wanted to get since it came on the market in late 2010. It's not cheap, so he waited for a good deal to get a used model, and now, as it finally arrived, a little dream came true. We are not in the business of making advertisement for Canon, but you simply cannot go wrong with this camera in our opinion. It was even better than expected, and the expectations were already very high. From posts in previous years some of you will remember that Patrick is a keen photographer, but with film, and now he finally starts to catch up with the digital world.

Kathleen today got a beautiful Tibetan necklace, and although it was not nearly as pricey as Patrick's camera, she is just as happy, as it was exactly her style.

We would like to conclude this open post with some photos that Patrick took over Easter - with his little new toy, of course. Have a peaceful time, everyone!

Tibetan sand painting


Bonus (by Patrick):

As you wished: Kathleen's Easter present, an original Tibetian necklace - it's exactly her colour and feels like little a gift from God, Buddha or whoever it might be...we do believe in a higher power, but don't care too much about the exact identity.


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