Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Palin's Rogue Selection For Vice President, Allen West, Claims That As Many As 81 House Democratic Members Are Communist Party Members

By Kathleen

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Sarah Palin's "top of my list" as VP for the GOP 2012 ticket, Allen West, is no stranger to making strong and unsubstantiated claims. Nor is he shy in suggesting that those who do not agree with his restricted views should get the hell out of the US. His loudmouth allegations are what Palin regards as "passionate and strong" and thus he is the man who can lead "government back to the side of the people." 

What's a man like West to do when he is given such a mandate by Sarah Palin? It would seem that he has no choice but to prove himself as even nuttier by playing the "communist" card. So that's what West did yesterday. He set himself out to prove himself worthy of the Palin praise.

To a small group of supporters in Palm City West proclaimed that he believes that between 78 and 81 House Democratic members are communist party members. Oh the horror! Cue 50's B movie music and big red spiders. It's an invasion unlike any that you have ever encountered before. Run for the hills. Lock up your mothers and daughters. (West then offers a sneering aside -- don't worry we have GOP party members who are taking care of that for you.)

The only problem is that he offers no proof for this allegation. West does not name names nor does he provide any other facts that back up his claim other than the fact that "he believes". 

You can hear West make his claim at the 16 second mark: Check out his huge "I Lie" grin. 

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