Sunday, April 15, 2012

It’s Time For Americans To Stop Being So Reactive and Start to be Proactive

Enough already with Mitt and his wife trying to portray them as your everyday, average American!  Enough with this War on Woman crap in relation to Ann Romney! Seriously folks, the media really needs to stop with all the drama and the Romney’s need to stop trying to portray themselves as something they never were and never will be. The bloggers also need to stop mocking the Romneys when they are actually telling the truth about themselves; they need to embrace it. Blog about how the Romney’s are different, but stop with the rhetoric and stick to the facts.

The reason people are looking for anyone but Mitt is because the man doesn’t know who he is or what he stands for. The man could not publicly tell the truth to save his life for two reasons: the media will attack him, and he is trying his damnest to be someone he’s not. When Mitt said he has friends who are NASCAR team owners, that was the truth! Why should he be ashamed of it? He is freaking rich after all. Would you really expect him to be friends with his gardener? No you would not! However, the media went directly on the attack, calling it a gaffe. It wasn’t a gaffe - it was another moment when Mitt told the truth in public.

He likes firing people who work for him. Again the media called it a gaffe. It wasn’t a gaffe - once again, it was the truth. Most people in positions of power do not like firing people, but his business was Bain Capital, which was responsible to buying distressed companies and turned them around or dismantling them.  Part of that process involved people losing their jobs so the companies could become profitable again. Why is anyone surprised he would say this? Ann has a couple Cadillacs. Really, again what is so shocking about that? Our favorite Tundra Twit bought a Cadillac Escalade very soon after coming off the 2008 campaign trail. Was anyone surprised? If yes, why were you surprised?

This is what some of newly rich or the mega rich people do. They buy expensive cars, expensive homes and live a lavish lifestyles. Does anyone remember the TV show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” hosted by Robin Leach? Ann has dressage horses. Again so what! She is rich, always has been, always will be. More power to her. Enjoy your horses Ann, keep spending your money. I don’t envy your lifestyle one bit.

Here’s a thought for the Romneys: if you really want to be President and First Lady of the United States of America, how about just being yourselves. Pick a position and stick to it! How about doing some research or paying someone to actually do some real research on the issues facing Americans? Don’t rely on conservative think tanks, the Tea Party, the Koch Bros & Fox News to define your positions. Mitt & Ann, I don’t really care about your wealth or your religion. Your wealth and religious beliefs should not be the main talking point, however it is part of the whole picture. What I do care about is whether or not you have the basic qualifications to be President. I want to know which direction your moral compass is pointed. I want you to show me in what ways you think you’d do a better job than our current President. I want to know where you stand on basic ethics and what your positions are on the issues which affect all Americans not just the ultra-rich, and not just Republicans.  Because, you see, Mitt there is a reason why the picture below resonates with people: We all want to ride inside; not just you, Ann, your children and your friends and relations. Not just the GOP, the Koch Brothers, the Heritage Foundation, and the Tea Partyers; All Americans, including Democrats, we all should ride inside – because we’re all Americans. The President is everyone’s President, not just the privileged few! 

AND while I’m on my soapbox… (it's okay I made sure to ask KAO for permission first)

Is anyone else appalled at the media coverage regarding Travon Martin and George Zimmerman? Forgive me, but justice cannot and should not be decided in the media. We have a judicial system for a reason; is our Justice system broken? No. I don’t think it is. Does the Justice system fail? Yes, from time-to-time it does.  After all, it is humans who make the decisions. However, the coverage by MSNBC the past two week was over the top in my opinion; frankly, I finally turned it off.  Before anyone calls me out in the comment section, yes - I felt the same way about the Casey Anthony coverage too.  There is a difference between presenting the facts and sensationalizing the facts in a matter to promote ratings.

Which leads us to the latest Bristol vs. Levi media circus.

If for one minute anyone other than LeadFoot (just kidding) thought the media would actually show something negative against the Palins I have a bridge in AZ to sell you for a great price, brand spanking new and never used. Call Me! The media is constantly going to the Palins to get their rebuttal statements before airing anything that could be possibly or remotely cast them in a negative light. However, the media has no problem what so ever in providing the Palin free publicity. Case in point: Bristol’s “Trial Marriage” announcement, showcasing her and Gino kissing while she is holding Tripp. Did anyone see a statement from Levi published on his thoughts regarding this development? No? Me Neither!

Lastly, OMG: people need to just stop with the fake outrage!  Just Stop it – right now! Not everything said in the media is about You, Your Cause or Your Choices. Seriously. It isn’t. Lady Gaga tweeted this last week:

When I read this my first and only thought was “Yep - know that feeling.”  I’m not a Pop Singer, but yeah - I’ve eaten salad wishing it was something better. As a matter of fact as I am writing this I am also eating salad, and also wishing I was eating something besides a salad AGAIN today for lunch.  But, apparently I’m not normal, because according to all the negative media coverage of Gaga’s tweet I should have been outraged. I should have taken to my keyboard to pound-out my outrage immediately!  Oh, puhleeze! Stop and re-read the first sentence in this paragraph: when hasn’t anyone ever ate something wishing it was something else? Examples are found all over in the media: the woman munching a bread stick, wishing she could have dessert; the child that must eat his vege’s before having something he really wants. 

Ask yourself, before you fire-off a tweet or write a comment or even blog about it, whatever it may be: in what way did this tweet impact your life or your decision making skills right here, right now? Not at all did it? Next, in what way did this tweet, blog post or comment impact your life for the next 24 hours? Still didn’t, did it? Good! Finally, in what way did this tweet, comment or blog post impact your life at ANY point? Still nothing?? GOOD! That is how it should be.  We do not need to respond to every single thing that may pique us, or may not necessarily agree with. Because responding to anything happening anywhere is NOT always our business. Responding is not always in our or societies best interest. Sometimes, its best not to take the bait, but let it silently slide by…

In the end  there will be many days when you just need to say....

and let it all go. Have an adult beverage or two! Take a long walk, watch a movie or just hang with your real friends or your internet friends. It will get better it always does. 

It is time for Americans to stop be so reactive and start to be proactive. People need to take a deep breath in and hold it…. hold it… now, release it and go about your daily lives. Be proactive in your community. Be proactive on social networks but stop with the personal assaults on people who in no way have any impact on your daily lives and decision making. Point out the differences between what a politicians says and what that politician does. Same with companies and government, but stop with the hateful and hurtful rhetoric that has engulfed our country. Lady Gaga is an entertainer but she is not responsible for the choices each and every one of us chooses to make on a daily basis. Bristol and Levi are not news and not even entertaining to anyone but a select few. They are also not solely responsible for any choices anyone anywhere makes. We all have the right to make choices and decisions for ourselves. In the end it is our responsibility to make or not to make the right choices. The right choices being your right choices. My choices may not be your choices and your choices may not be right for me. However the key is we all make mistakes and we all do some things right. 

Whew. Remember it is called a SoapBox for a reason

To wrap up the first edition of Dusty’s Soapbox how about some absolutely adorable pictures I found over at The Obama Diary? Just gotta love that smile! 

Many Thanks to KAO for her wonderful graphic and editing! The opinions posted here is solely mine. 

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