Sunday, April 1, 2012

Open Post - Baby Nathan is Here - BONUS: Amazing video of dolphins getting saved on a beach by holidaymakers

By Kathleen

Please forgive the lack of political posts this weekend but we have been moving through a slow nightmare these last few days. Early evening on Friday Jenny was admitted and induced because she was showing signs of pre-eclampsia. Her labor progress was very slow and it became apparent last night that all was not as it should be. After a sleepless night by all the decision was taken at mid-day today that Jenny would have to deliver the baby by c - section as her blood pressure rose again for the umpteenth time and the baby was not moving. 

Now after two finger nail biting hours, we have good news to share.

Baby Nathan -- ten pounds and 2 ounces by c - section. Jenny is being monitored because her blood pressure is still high but baby is fine and they are recovering fast. She and her partner Myles are over the moon and P and I are relieved that both mum and baby are "doing well". Despite 40 hours of no sleep mummy now has baby on the breast and is encouraging the little sleepy head to feed. 

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes which helped keep me reasonably sane especially over the last two hours. P was a rock and made the much needed chamomile tea and dispensed much needed hugs, kisses and reassuring words. Those of you who have met him know how compassionate and reliable he is. 

I will post a photo as soon as I can but I have been told that Nathan has the most gorgeous eyes...........


Bonus (by Patrick):

We are incredibly happy that the baby and the mother are fine. So there is a new life in this world, with wonderful parents, which is one of the most beautiful things. In order to continue with uplifting messages this Sunday, I would like to post this amazing, unique video about a whole group of dolphins getting stranded on a beach - and then being saved immediately by holidaymakers. The clip was sent to us by a reader, it was posted on youtube a few weeks ago and quickly went viral, with more than 3 millions view.

This is a great image of the humanity which is deep inside all of us. Our natural instinct is to preserve life, to feel compassion - unless it's eradicated from our minds by sinister people who don't want human beings, but killing machines in order to enhance their power. Next to giving birth, this is also one of the "ancient" concepts which still exists in many places of the world and makes life miserable for many. Let's never forget who we really are.



  1. So happy and relieved for all involved...those ten pounders are worth every ounce. Enjoy!