Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bristol Palin - Life's A Tripp Episodes 11 and 12 Live Blogging

By Kathleen

What will Bristol whine about this week?

Politicalgates reader Sleuth did such a great job last week of live blogging episodes nine and ten of Life's A Tripp that I have persuaded her to live blog the show again this week. Thankfully and bravely Sleuth agreed.

Sleuth will make her observations in the comments of this post and readers are welcome and indeed encouraged to respond to them. I would kindly request that this post should be on topic and that only comments relating to the show should be made here. This can include comments about previous episodes. 

If you wish to make observations about any other topics etc please click this link to BBT's wonderful new weekly round-up post where you can leave your comment and links both during and after the live blogging session.

KAO has suggested that we should play the word association/drink game. Therefore if you hear the following words or phrases you should have yourself a good long shot of your favourite tipple:


"I hate you"



anything that includes a *bleep* sound

For those of you who have work tomorrow hopeforamerica has requested 2 phrases which if heard are equal to 1/4 of a shot:

"Single parent"

"Hard worker"

The comments section is now open to Sleuth who has no doubt fortified herself with a good drink or two or three. Let the games commence. Take it away Sleuth!

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