Monday, July 30, 2012

Countdown to Election 2012: Week Fifteen in Review

by Sunnyjane

Wipe that daft grin off your face and take note:  London -- busy, active, bustling city.   Salt Lake City -- middle of nowhere.  Now  just bugger off, Yank.

We've been callously hoodwinked, dear readers.  This was supposed to be a period of lazy summer days and it has instead turned into crazy political days.   Enough of the preamble, however; we'd best get on with what happened during Week Fifteen, warts and all.

Yankee Dimwit Went to London -- And Failed to Mind the Gaffe

If there were a competition for Boorish Ignorance at this year's Summer Olympics, Mitt Romney has already won the Gold. The British press has gleefully used tons of ink to skewer the Republican candidate for president.  Rupert Murdoch, who has recently tweeted his displeasure with the Republican presidential candidate,    joined in the onslaught when The Sun published on the front page of its tabloid, Mitt the Twit.   Personally, I believe that is far too kind a description; Mitt the Git would be a more  appropriate description of the Republican candidate who stumbled his way onto British soil: Git -- British: a silly, incompetent, stupid, or annoying person.  

The Queen is laughing
at me, isn't she?
Romney's pathetic efforts to bolster his somewhat dubious international policy creds hit an all-time low for self-induced social and political blundering.  The Daily Mail effectively summed up for its UK readers what most Americans already know: Speaking anonymously behind the scenes, officials were even more scathing in their verdicts, describing Mr Romney's second day in London as a 'total car crash' and saying he was 'worse than Sarah Palin'. Another official who met with the former Governor of Massachusetts said he was 'apparently devoid of charm, warmth, humour or sincerity'.  

In an interview with  Hugh Robertson, a Conservative member of Parliament and minister for Sport and the Olympics, the BBC2 Newsnight interviewer asked Robertson if Mitt would perhaps participate in carrying the torch ahead of Friday night's ceremony.  Robertson burst into laughter and said, Certainly not after today!

Why did Michelle have to show up?
In a recent post, the Politicalgates blogspot asked,  Who is the better ambassador for the USA at the 2012 London Olympics, Michelle Obama or Mitt Romney?

The answer is a definite no-brainer when comparing the two. While Mitt Romney began this disastrous little trip by insulting his host country's ability to adequately stage the 2012 Summer Olympics, the First Lady of the United States schooled him on the art of diplomacy, saying:  The United Kingdom has had a phenomenal year.  They have pulled off a major wedding, a Diamond Jubilee, and now the Olympics.  They know what they’re doing.

To paraphrase the amusing British lament when the American Army was assigned to the UK during World War II, There's nothing wrong with Mitt Romney except that he's overpaid, overbearing, and over here.

Hey Mitt, how did that special Anglo Saxon heritage relationship go for you across the pond? Tagg will have to revise his prediction to Now The Whole World Thinks You're a Laughing Stock.

And from a Distant Galaxy Far, Far Away

As hard as it is to believe, there were actually other Republicans who continued to behave badly while Romney was making a fool of himself in the UK. 

*In a getting-desperate letter to supporters begging for money, Scott Brown (R-MA) wildly praised an ad from a conservative blog that claims President Obama is a Muslim, while Michelle Bachmann (R-Planet of Wacko) was being condemned by Catholic bishops and forty-one other other groups for her Muslim Brotherhood claims.  Good timing there, Scott.   

*Jon Kyl, the less-than-astute senator from Arizona, got his boxers in a bunch because President Obama is focusing on middle-income Americans.  How dare the President actually want to help the ninety-nine percent!

*Mike Huckabee (R-Nobody) is incensed at the vitriolic assaults on the Chick Fil-A company because the CEO, Dan Cathy, made comments recently in which he affirmed his view that the Biblical view of marriage should be upheld, and wants everyone to eat one of the franchise's awful chicken sandwiches on August 1 to show their support for Cathy's backward views.   Old Huck may be disappointed with the effort, since reports show that Chick Fil-A is loosing customers nationwide.  

*Before he flew off to insult the British, Mitt Romney made a horse's ass of himself here at home by erroneously saying that the shooter in Aurora, Colorado had obtained his weapons illegally.  Well, he said in an NBC interview, this person shouldn't have had any kind of weapons and bombs and other devices and it was illegal for him to have many of those things already. But he had them. And so we can sometimes hope that just changing the law will make all bad things go away. It won’t. Changing the heart of the American people may well be what’s essential, to improve the lots of the American people.  Um, Mitt?...oh, forget it.

*Karen Handle, the far-right-wing slug who singlehandedly ruined the Susan G. Komen Foundation by insisting that it cut all funding to Planned Parenthood, has been chosen to co-chair a GOP organization's new Right Women, Right Now effort.  Fine; I'm sure they'll benefit from her row backwards beliefs.

I love these outfits!  The hoods
are just the right height.
*Add one more chapter to the Romney's dishonest revisionist history campaign staff.  They have edited his speech to the NAACP to make it appear that the candidate was applauded instead of booed.

Romney fools no one, of course.  He's as bigoted as his right-wing followers, to whom, among other dog whistles, he assures that he wants to Keep America America.  Sound familiar?  Yes, the KKK wants to Keep America American.  

Come on, Mitt.  You might as well stand in front of your all-white audiences and declare, I am severely racist!  

*From the No Shit, Sherlock file, comes verification that Florida was passing new voter ID laws and purging voter files just  to suppress blacks citizens from voting.  Sounds like the scheme Mike Turzai and the GOP came up with in Pennsylvania, eh?

*Eric Cantor got caught out for trying to revise the STOCK Act exceptions to favor, well, Eric Cantor and his ilk.  After he was exposed, he announced that new information has come to light, or some such crap.

While Back on Planet Earth

*In a recent interview with CNN, Adm. Bill McRaven, head of the U.S. Special Operations command, gave glowing praise to President Obama for his handling of the Osama bin Laden raid:  The president of the United States is fantastic...This isn't about politics. This is about a Commander in Chief who I have the opportunity to engage with on a routine basis. 

*President Obama is teaming with health insurers to help eliminate fraud in the industry.

*General Motors and Walgreen have cut ties with ALEC.

*Florida Democrat Patrick Murphy, who is challenging Sarah Palin's pick for Republican vice presidential candidate Allen West, has put up a delicious website called WhatWestSaid.  The website will collect all the contemptible utterances and outrageous statements that West makes.  Of course, since Palin is even too stupid to know how to use a Smartphone, she most likely won't get the point.

*On the Show Us Your Tax Returns front, Forbes asks one-hundred-and-one questions Romney needs to answer before his PR horror goes away.  One of my particular favorites is Number 4: How many years of tax returns will you be asking for from your vice presidential nominee? 
*A Bloomberg Report calls out the Mormon church for its online gun sales business.  What kind of church actually does that sort of thing?  Now we know.

*John Boehner finds himself between a rock and a hard place because the GOP caucus wants to shut down the government over the Affordable Healthcare Act.  This will be interesting to watch!   

*President Obama put a kink in Mitt Romney's colon when he signed the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act the day before Romney escaped the United Kingdom disaster and flew off to Israel.  [Heh]

End Note

        But that's not all!  Then he said he could
        see the Olympic site out my arse!

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