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Sunny Oglesby, Levi Johnston's outspoken pregnant girl-friend: The new face in the ongoing "Palin-Johnston feud" could prove to be a real "game-changer"

By Patrick

Sunny Oglesby, 20-year-old from Alaska: 
If you "meet the Palins", things can quickly turn "topsy-turvy"

There was a time when 20-year-old girls from Alaska were in general not considered to be newsworthy. Well, that was until Sarah Palin turned her 17-year-old daughter Bristol into the most famous pregnant teenager of America, and through relentless propaganda first turned the kind-hearted Alaskan teenager Levi Johnston, a man who, as far as we know, has never ever hurt a living soul, first into the most famous teenage father in America and afterwards into the most famous American "deadbeat dad."

The latter happened of course only after after Levi Johnston had lost his usefulness to Sarah Palin - and those people who are no longer useful to Sarah Palin, find their reputation trashed on a regular basis. Trashing Levi's reputation now appears to be one of the main activities of the Palin-clan, evidenced through Bristol Palin's new "reality" show which quickly turned into one big "Levi-hate-fest" - and Bristol Palin's book, which virtually bursts with hate against Levi from page 2 onwards.

20-year-old girls who grow up in a middle-class environments usually don't have too much to worry about. Their life lies ahead of them, they start to plan their careers, and for many it is also the time to have some fun before the seriousness of life really kicks in.

For Sunny Oglesby however, the young pre-school teacher from Alaska, things are a little bit different. She is expecting a child with Levi Johnston, and the fact that the Palin-family viciously tries to destroy the reputation of Levi Johnston is therefore her business as well. Standing up against what is most likely the most vindictive family in the USA is no laughing matter. It's a serious business - and maybe people who hunt bears during their weekends are needed to do the job.

Sunny Oglesby decided to take up the fight in order to save, restore and protect the reputation of Levi Johnston, the father of her future daughter - who will be called "Breeze Beretta", but hey, we already know that the Alaskans are a little bit different when it comes to naming their children. Also, for Alaskans, it is probably a good survival tactic to be a "sharp shooter!" ;-)

What drives Sunny Oglesby? We do not have to guess - yesterday Sunny left a moving statement on her facebook page which speaks for itself:

It is so easy to get sucked in and stress out over someone who has nothing better to do than try and ruin your happy life and relationship because that's how they make their money and get satisfaction out of their day. I would think that lying to your family, friends, fans and most importantly your precious 3 year old and seeing him upset would not be worth all the money and revenge in the world.. I need to stay strong and keep my eyes on the prize. My prize is NOT money and revenge.. It's simply, seeing my family complete, with big smiles and seeing the man I love finally with his boy he's been fighting for since he was born, and that boy holding his happy healthy baby sister Breeze. And us having things we want being successful with an honest hard days work.. Not faking and playing the victim on camera. It's easy to let it irritate me but were working everyday towards our prize and that's all that matters.

One of the most refreshing and important statements in this ungodly Palin-saga ever:

"My prize is NOT money and revenge"

That's how normal people actually think. But with the Palin-clan, there is no "normal", as Trooper Mike Wooten also had to learn the hard way, when over the course of several years the Palin-clan used a broad variety of dirty tricks and lies in order to destroy his life.

Sunny certainly knows how important a stable family-life is for a child - she herself was raised by a single-mother. More comments by Sunny:

Sunny and Levi have already started to speak out. They gave for example interviews to the "National Enquirer" and "Star", and Sunny commented about them on her facebook-page as well:

Levi has already taken the first steps to make a fresh start, in order to correct the mistakes which he made in the past. In a bold move, he fired his atrocious lawyer Rex Butler and his shady companion Tank Jones. What happens next regarding his legal representation remains to be seen.

However, it is a little known fact that Levi already has a new manager, David Weintraub, who is a serious player in LA. At Weintraub's website, Levi is officially listed:

Sunny also left a comment on her facebook page which was picked up by the website "Rumorfix" as an "exclusive" and subsequently for example also by "Huffington Post." Her comment won't make the Palin-clan very happy, as it exposes the dirty tricks that Bristol Palin (and the people behind her) used to trash Levi and Sunny in Bristol's reality-show "Life's a Tripp."

Sunny commented on June 27, 2012:

3 important Things that were cut out of "Life's a Tripp" last nights episode...
1) Levi got a call from his manager that day saying "when Bristol calls don't answer your phone. She just wants to argue and fight on camera for her reality show."
2) Levi was trying to get Tripp all that week and Bristol only said yes the day that she needed Levi for the cameras (bouncing bears) and Levi refuses to help her show out even though there was lots of money offered. A week later she changed her number without telling Levi.
3) The 15 missed calls I had from Willow earlier that day because I was at WORK! I called her back when i got off of work. And nasty texts from Bristol and Willow all day that day. I was obviously set up. That is not how our conversation went. She was talking over me the entire time. -Taking care of some business today.

Sunny is referring to the scenes which were broadcast in the episode 4 of Bristol's show, a show which supposedly depicts "reality" (the relevant scenes start from around the 8:30 mark). By the way, from 5:25 onwards in this episode Sarah and Bristol "joke" about the "Trig Truthers." HAHA! Anyway, the Palins are hard at work to portray Levi Johnston as a "deadbeat dad", which he is not, and obviously want to push him and Levi's family out of Tripp's life completely. This is a move that could badly affect Tripp, but my impression is that the Palins hope that Tripp could become "just like them" (hateful, jealous and vindictive) - which is probably because they already seem to be keen to teach him bad manners.

So what will happen next? I can't be sure - but something WILL happen, and we will keep a close eye on any new developments. We wish Sunny and Levi lots of success in their efforts to restore Levi's reputation and to establish normal relations with Tripp and the Palins. But if you know the Palins, you know that this will be a wild ride, and Sunny and Levi will need our full support. May the mighty North Star be with them.


From Levi Johnston's official facebook page:

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