Thursday, July 19, 2012

It’s All About The Context Folks! Going Rogue Palin Style.

By Dusty

Okay, Okay jeez I finally broke down to watch & listen to the clip of Tripp dropping the f-bomb with Willow and Bristol. I’ve read the comments posted here and other places, read Lead Foot and Bella’s reviews, Sleuth’s live blogging of the event and wanted to add my 2 cents for whatever it is worth.

First let’s take a trip down memory lane back to 2008 when Palin was first forced upon us by an elderly and completely self-centered and spoiled individual. We’ve all seen the pictures of Palin dressed ‘inappropriately’ for a given event. The only time she has dressed in an appropriate manner for a given event was when the RNC spent $250,000.00 on clothing for the entire Palin clan. Checking out Palin to see how she has dressed herself for a given event is quite entertaining and yes I admit it is also quite shallow of me. Palin to fashion is the same as gawking at a traffic accident. The only difference is via the miracle of the internet there is no danger to others, the only danger is to my monitor, my keyboard or my forehead.

Palin appears to believe that dressing inappropriately for any given event…who can forget her too big shoes, seriously the woman who claims to be a runner would surely know exactly her shoe size, appearing at a dress up event in Washington DC wearing food soiled clothing. The Jewish cross jewelry, the huge belt buckles, the McCain\Palin visor in Hawaii, the Castro hat at a book signing event, the gaudy flag pins, oh and the curly curl wig on Oprah, need I go on…is actually a good thing. Dressing ‘inappropriately’ is a badge of Rogueness and independence to Palin. But in the real world where most of us live, work and play the hostess, organizer, employer or friends would be insulted (rightly so) or more importantly hurt and disappointed that we didn’t respect that person enough to properly dress the event. Keep in mind everyone and I do mean every single person has made a mistake with their clothing choices and has spilled food on their clothes at one time or another. However, most people learn from their mistakes and do not repeat that same mistake over and over and over again.

Big Cross..check...
How does this applied to Tripp dropping the f-bomb on national TV you ask? Give me a few more minutes we need to set the context. Keep in mind this is the same woman who claimed her children and close friends and co-workers had no clue she was 7 months pregnant. Gotta love those tight abs! Now think back to other things that we know for a fact. Palin herself has said that she was never the ‘parent’ to her children, she was more just there to ‘guide’ the way and she allowed them to make their own mistakes as that is the only way to learn. Ah, bet you are now seeing where I am going.

Now think back to the endless media coverage who apparently thought we just need to hear about every single word Palin uttered or had ghost written on Facebook. Who will ever forget her use of the word “Cojones” on national TV, or”Pallin' around with terrorists”? When a national media star uses the phrase “The woman is an idiot” over and over again to describe Palin you would have thought that would have been the first clue for Palin to finally understand she had crossed the line that separated a socially acceptable faux paus and are now standing firmly on the side of willful ignorance.

So now we have Bristol and Willow, 2 women children and a real child Tripp who is approximately 3 years old who were and still are members of a household where it is perfectly acceptable to go ‘rogue’. They were raised in a household where the mother chose not to be the parent, where the father was absent most of the time and they were left to raise themselves. Sometimes I wonder if the reason Palin hates wolves so much is because even she realizes that her children would have been raised better if they had actually been raised by wolves. None of the Palins have learned any usable coping skills or have the level of maturity to even realize they are lacking the basic coping skills to deal with the hardships in life. Children learn coping skills from their parents, other siblings and family members, class mates and friends.

The Palins reaction to perceive slight or perceived negative is to respond with threats of violence, lashing out, shouting and swearing and throwing things and playing the ultimate victim. Seriously, who can forget Bristol’s -“Giving the middle finger to the haters”, or in the video Willow’s false claims “people hate my last name” and “the East Coast and West Coast is filled with Liberals” So knowing all of this the video isn’t all the bad. Tripp is upset and not getting what he wants. So what does he do - he lashes out. We’ve all done it; we’ve all seen it and we’ve all lived through it. Given the level of immaturity in the Palin household “Life is a Tripp” is truly a ‘Reality’ Show. What you have is a show about a 3 year old who is more mature than most of his immediate adult counterparts lashing out to get attention by dropping an f-bomb. His mother and Aunt are immature for their physical ages that have chosen to model their own mother’s willful ignorance of what is socially acceptable behavior. The only bright note in the whole scene is Bristol does realize she doesn’t have a clue how to discipline Tripp. But what she doesn’t understand yet is she will have to stop playing the victim before she will learn which coping skills work for her and Trip. Single woman and men have successfully raised many children. Being single is not a good excuse for poor parenting skills.

You don't like me?
Bristol, Willow and/or Sarah, if any of you are reading this: No one HATES you or your last name. We just don’t like you very much. It is as simple as that. We don’t like you. This isn’t Jr. High School we aren't required to like you. This is the real adult world where people make life changing decisions every day and quite frankly the Palin name isn’t a BFD to 99.99% of the world. We just aren’t that into you. Not everyone is going to like you and you can’t make everyone happy. However, what you can do is to stop playing the victim and blaming others for your own willful ignorance and take responsibility for your own actions.

You talking about me?
It is so easy now to understand why the Palins and her followers hate President Obama and his family so much. President Obama and Michele have always advocated personal responsibility and helping others. It is impossible to take full responsibility for your own actions while playing the ultimate victim. 

H/T Photo from The Obama Diary
Bonus Pic: What a little cutie!

H/T Photo from The Obama Diary

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