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Life’s a F---in’ Tripp – Episodes 9 & 10 recap - Highlight: Three-year-old Tripp calls Willow a "faggot", and Bristol and Willow giggle about it - but Tripp just follows their example

By Leadfoot_LA and Bella, Age 9

Bella is back!  We popped popcorn and are ready to go…

Cabin Fever
Willow tells Bristol she wants to do hair for the rest of her life.  She wants to check out a hair school in Arizona.  Bristol says that she is proud of her for taking initiative, and is “actually a little jealous.” Bristol asks if she can manage Willow’s salon, or be an investor.  Willow says no, that she would never want to work with Bristol because they don’t get along.

Willow goes to Andy’s house to tell him she is going to Arizona to check out a school and she would be gone for 12 months.  He asks if she wants him to go, and she laughs and says no.  Andy looks sad and says he isn’t excited for her.  Willow calls him a “jackass” and leaves.  In her cut-away interview she says this change will be much harder for Andy than it is for her, but “life moves on.” Apparently so.  She is now in a relationship with a different beau, Christopher Wyckoff.

Willow and Andy go out to eat with friends.  Andy says he “can’t read the menu.” This doesn’t mean he is illiterate (remember, he wrote love notes to Willow for Valentine’s Day), it just means that he doesn’t understand the fancy verbiage on the menu.  He doesn’t know what marinara sauce is – he just wants “spaghetti with sauce, with meat in it.”  Willow gets mad at him and tells him to stop being so stupid and he calls her a bitch.  He apologizes, but Willow gets up and leaves the restaurant.  Bella says, “Willow is so mean!”

Bristol and Gino are driving to Fairbanks to stay in a cabin before driving to the finish of the Iron Dog.  Gino says he misses Tripp. Bristol says “I love him so freakin’ much.”  She says that having Tripp at such a young age made her “instantly 45 years old.”  I say out loud, “no, all that plastic surgery made you instantly 45 years old!”  Bella laughs.  Bristol asks Gino “Do you think we are going to get married?”  He tries to avoid the question, but she pushes him, so he says he can’t imagine being without her and Tripp.  She immediately starts talking about a summer wedding.  In a cut-away interview, Bristol says that “it would be nice to have him as Tripp’s dad.”  OH. MY. GOD.  Now I know she remembers that Tripp HAS a biological father, because Levi occupies her thoughts about 85% of the time.  But how does she think it benefits her, or Tripp, in any way to keep acting like he doesn’t have one?!

Willow visits Trendsetters, a hair school in Anchorage.  The interviewer tells her that she would have to go 9-5:30, Tuesday through Saturday.  She says she can’t imagine her Friday nights “being gone.”  He tells her that success often comes disguised as hard work.  They make her practice on a mannequin head and she says, among other things, “parting is kind of tricky” and “this is so confusing already” and “this is harder than I thought it was going to be.”  She wonders what she is getting herself into.  Bella laughs throughout this entire scene.  She could do better on a Barbie doll.

Somehow Tripp is now with Gino and Bristol at the cabin.  She says this is the first time she has been away with “her little family.”  They say grace and eat dinner.  At midnight (!!), they tell Tripp it is bedtime.  He says no, so they tell him that midnight is when the wolves come out to eat them.   He believes them, and goes to bed.  Bristol says that she and Gino never spend any “adult time together.”  Ewwww.  She tells him to “get his squishy face over here,” and we cut to a commercial.  Thank God!

Bristol, Gino and Tripp play in the snow.  Gino grabs Bristol in a playful way (they are both laughing), when Tripp starts crying and says, “I don’t like you, you dumb…”  Bristol thinks it is cute because he is so protective of mommy.

At the finish of the Iron Dog, Sarah tells them all that Todd is being towed by his partner because of clutch problems.  Sarah is wearing a dead rabbit’s foot on her zipper pull.  Gross!

Willow, who is now driving Bristol’s old truck, goes to Andy’s house.  Andy tries to talk about their relationship and says he is sorry, but that she has to realize she was treating him poorly too.  She refuses to apologize to him because “he was being childish.”  He says she never thinks she does anything wrong, but she always does.  Willow says he isn’t being sincere, so she leaves and says she is “over it” and it is time for them to “go their separate ways.”

Bristol has a voice over about always setting goals and working hard to reach them.  God will guide her steps, blah blah blah.  Bella and I both look at each other and roll our eyes.

New Beginnings
Bristol and Gino go to look at a piece of property as a potential investment. Gino says they could build a house as partners, and for every $100 she puts in, he will put in $1.  He says the disparity is because he will be doing all the work.  She says that she is “not his sugar mama” and she “doesn’t want be his business partner.”  In what might possibly be the very first smart thing I have ever heard her say, she says, “I’m not going in on anything with you unless it is 50-50.”  But then she reverts right back to Bristol-ing him, and uses this conversation to prod him about getting married.  He tells her that he loves her and he wants to do this with her, and that she should have some faith.  She says, “this is a big huge chance-y thing” and refuses.

Willow does Bristol’s hair while she whines because she it hurts. Willow says “I am going to punch you in the face” for like the millionth time since this series started.  Sarah comes in and says she needs her roots touched up.   They talk about which school she should go to and Sarah tells her that first she has to learn to be “polite and social and gracious.”  Ha!  Good luck!

Gino and Andy go bowling.  Andy says he will miss Willow when she goes.  Andy reminds me of Keanu Reeves, but much sadder.  Gino tells Andy about the potential investment with Bristol and Andy teases him about having to get married.  Bella actually pays attention when these two are on screen.


Bristol and Willow go to Phoenix and stay at the Valley Ho hotel.  HAHAHAHA.  How perfect for the two Valley Hos.   Bristol says, “look at that pool outside, Tripp.” Then when he wants to go swimming, Bristol says no, because “there are a bunch of drunk kids down there.”  So mean!!  She tells him he has to go to bed instead.  He says he “hates that.”  Bristol says, “that’s really nice Sunshine.  Just sit down and be a good boy.” He answers, “No!  I’m not!  I hate you guys!”  They laugh at him tell him that God is watching him, but Bristol literally cracks up halfway through saying it.  Now, admittedly, I laughed out loud when he said it too – his face was very cute and he was trying hard to act serious.  But I would have followed it up with a serious talk about how we don’t treat people that way and that now he has to lose a priviledge.  Bristol literally has ZERO follow-through.

They warn him he will be put into time out if he says it again, and tell him he is “not cute.”  “YOU’RE not cute!” he answers.  “I hate you!!”  Willow says she is going to put soap in his mouth and he says, according to the subtitles, “Go away, you f***.”  But to me, after watching it 25 times, it sounds like, “I don’t like you! F*** it!”  Bristol and Willow laugh.  Bristol says, “I am doing a terrible job of disciplining Tripp.”  Willow tells him to go sit in the chair for time out and he just says, “NO!”

Now I know you are wondering why Bristol would leave that scene in.  Easy – she wants her show to be like Keeping up with the Kardashians.  The Kardashians swear a lot on their reality show – so Bristol would want to mimic that, the same way she tries to mimic the way Kim talks. The difference is, the Kardashian sisters aren’t evil to the core, so when they swear it comes off as funny.  They usually do it as a stress relief or a way to laugh at themselves.  They would NEVER do it in front of small children, or as a way to hurt each other.  The Kardashians are obviously a loving family, so when they greet each other with “hey beyatch,” it is odd, but is clearly meant as a term of endearment.  Bristol and Willow – not so much.  The Palin sisters obviously hate each other.

They go to visit the beauty school in Arizona, Penrose Academy, where the interviewer tells them that communication skills are very important.  Bristol says, “Willow really needs to work on that.”  The lady says, “are you being funny?” (BURN!)  And Bristol says, “no, I am being serious!”  Who brings their sister and her bratty toddler son to an interview, anyway?!

The interviewer says that she expects women to treat each other well.  Willow says the only thing that she is worried about is “Liberals that hate her last name. Their views are idiotic.”  Bella says, “YOU are idiotic!” and I shoot her a surprised and disapproving glance.  She mouths the word, “sorry.”  She knows I’m not really mad about that one.

Bristol goes to finalize the sale of her Arizona house, which she says she “bought with her Dancing with the Stars money,” after she saw it on Craig’s List.  Gino calls, and Willow says she hates him, “because he is a douchebag.”  

Back in Alaska, she breaks the news to Andy that she is going to Arizona for hair school.  He says, “So you are choosing Arizona over me?  You really want to make a living doing hair the rest of your life?  What am I going to do?”  Willow says, “Go to school!”  He says, “why would I do that? Why would I waste money?”  She answers, “To get a better career dude!”  He says she is being selfish and she says HE is being selfish.  He says she has no heart.  No, Andy, she just isn’t that into you.

Bristol drives Willow to the airport and says, “Now I officially have zero friends.”  LOL!  They pray together in the truck and giggle their way through it.  Willow hugs Bristol and says she will kind of miss her.   Bristol drives off into the snow.

Bristol and Tripp move out of the apartment and into their new house across the lake.  They have movers, because all single moms can afford movers.  (Seriously, what does Todd DO?!)   Bristol tells Gino that any plans to invest in property together are going to have to wait until they have something more concrete together.  That girl REALLY wants to get married.  Unfortunately, it isn’t really Gino she wants.


By Patrick:

Leadfoot and Bella, thank you so much again for this brilliant review! We really appreciate it and know what you are going through! Watching Bristol's show is just another form of legal torture.

There was one scene in particular which our readers already hotly discussed in the comments of our last post - Tripp drops the "f"-word, or I should better say "a" not 100% clearly defined "f"-word. I am sure that the opinions will be divided here, but after listening very, very carefully, I came to the conclusion that Tripp actually says to Willow in this scene: "Go away, you faggot." This would also be entirely consistent with the language Willow used before in facebook comments, as TMZ reported in November 2010 (download the complete foul-mouthed facebook comments by Willow and Bristol HERE). After all, Tripp must have heard this language before somewhere!


It's of course no surprise at all that Tripp shows these shocking manners - after all, his mother Bristol already behaved in public like a foul-mouthed brat as well, and she clearly has no clue how to teach Tripp not to use these words. But then, this really seems to be the usual language which is being used in the Palin-home, judging by this reality show - and judging by what we already know, for example by Bristol's nasty facebook comments from 2010:

But judge for yourself - here is the clip:

Here is the same clip (click here if there is a problem with the embedded video below) without the country restriction that was imposed on youtube:


Kathleen has the following opinion:

"For what its worth having viewed the video we are quite sure that Tripp calls Willow a "faggot" which I believe is just as bad as his having dropped the F bomb. Maybe even a little more so because we know that Willow and Bristol are well acquainted with that particular word. It's perfectly clear then that he has heard that word used as a negative label by either his mom, Willow or perhaps even the both of them. And he must hear it on a fairly regular basis if he now uses it himself."

For Bristol and Willow Palin, life is not a "Tripp", but a series of swearwords which Tripp then picks up.

Very, very sad.

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