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"Babygate", Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy - Finally, the floodgates have opened, the fraudster Sarah Palin is about to be unmasked

By Patrick

Tim Mihalsky from "The Block" and regular on "The Young Turks" just tweeted:

Do you remember the days when the faked pregnancy was a taboo subject...?

They are gone.

Taboo subjects are sooooo last week.

Salon started today with an incoherent, badly researched article about Prof. Brad Scharlott's paper, but I was still very happy that they picked up the subject in the first place, and I am grateful that Salon linked to Prof. Scharlott's paper. For anyone who wants to push Sarah Palin's pregnancy fraud into the mainstream, there is no such thing as "bad publicity." The obvious reason for this is that there are many people who are just waiting for the right opportunity, for the moment when the "ice will be broken", in order to "go on the record" and report about Sarah Palin's pregnancy - just like Tim Mihalsky. And there will be others as well, this is only the beginning.

Andrew Sullivan and the bloggers will be "victorious" in the end. Finally, after more than two long years, the media has woken up.

Andrew Sullivan slammed the "Salon" article and wrote:

From the very get-go, I have wanted simply to get this out of the way and have deliberately kept my inquiry narrowly focused on the obligation of a public figure to provide evidence to back up politically loaded biographical claims. The birth of Trig was critical to appealing to a pro-life base, and was used as a political argument and weapon in the 2008 campaign and since. It cannot surely be "embarrassing" for the media to ask for evidentiary proof - any more than it was inappropriate for Obama to produce proof of his birth in Hawaii. It may be awkward, but it isn't illegitimate. If someone asked for evidence of a candidate's, say, war record, no one would bat an eyelid. And when the claims are made by someone obviously delusional and deceptive about a whole number of matters, the press should feel no qualms at all. And yet they uniformly took Elliott's position that this kind of inquiry is beneath them. Look: you're the press. Nothing is beneath you.

Elliott does not criticize the paper; he offers no thoughts on the specifics; he has no opinion on the media's role. He just asserts that this is an absurd request, even though Palin is actually on record saying she has already released a birth certificate for Trig (which she hasn't).

And so Elliott, far from rebutting the theory of press laziness and incuriosity in the paper, actually adds one more tidbit of confirmation.

Very true! Still, as I said, I am very happy that they picked up the subject of the pregnancy and Brad Scharlott's paper in the first place.

Some liberal journalists already understand that the Trig issue has nothing to do at all with the "Obama birthers", and that it's not an issue to be ridiculed, but one of huge importance. Sarah Palin is arguably the biggest political fraudster in America in living memory, and this fact served as a huge obstacle for us investigative anti-Palin bloggers right from the start, because Sarah Palin's actions apparently were simply too outrageous to be believed by many.

Many people certainly had a very hard time with the question: Is it possible that a female Governor faked a pregnancy in order to avoid public embarassment, and then used the baby as a political prop in order to drum up support?

That's exactly what Sarah Palin did. Liberals, independents and right-wingers should get used to it - and fast.


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On the whole this was a flat and rather lack lustre event. It is clear that not one of the three reporters had a good handle on the evidence either for or against the suggestion that Palin faked her pregnancy.

However, one thing is clear, the question that Palin did so is being discussed behind the scenes. Tina Dupuy says at the beginning of part 2 " There's a lot of people who I find to be credible and intelligent people who are interested in this case...and the people who are interested in (it) I almost find more compelling than the evidence or lack there of."

Perhaps those "credible and intelligent people" should discuss the issue less behind the scenes and more in public.

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