Monday, April 4, 2011

A Slice of America

By Leadfoot LA

It’s no secret that I have relatives in Ohio that subscribe to right-wing ideologies. I usually just ignore them and remain thankful that we are separated by geography so I don’t smack the stupid out of them.

But a recent exchange on Facebook with a pair of these relatives made me think about what we can do to overcome the misinformation that has become so pervasive and accepted as reality. Until we are able to combat the stupidity somehow, the left doesn’t stand a chance.

We are just a community of a few hundred people who meet on the Web to educate each other and vent, but we are smart and motivated. Maybe we can have a virtual brainstorm to figure out a way to shine the light on the truth. Even if we just change one mind on Facebook at a time, and then they change one mind….maybe we could make an impact. I don't want to complain anymore, I want to change things. I just don’t know where to start. So, I give you, an example of what we are up against.

I think you will be able to tell which one is me (click on pictures to enlarge):

That is where I threw up in my mouth and almost gave up. But I gathered my strength and decided that I had to do what I can to educate them. So I pressed on:

Oh lord, it is like debating with Willow and Bristol. The racism, it burns. It should be noted that my great grandfather emigrated here from Italy, and somehow THAT was okay. I was getting awfully tired of having my questions and valid points ignored while they threw Fox News talking points at me. But I’m not one to give up…

My aunt did not go to college, and my cousin Amanda dropped out of high school. So to them, I am the “elitist” West-Coast relative who is just a heathen bound for hell. I’ve also been called “spoiled” (because I have worked hard to improve my life?). I’m sure you all have similar tales. Those of us who educate ourselves somehow become the bad guys who want to “ruin this country.” How do we even begin to bridge the divide between us?! I don’t mean on a personal level – I don’t care that much and have written off any racist and religious fundamentalist relatives long ago. I mean on a national level. There is a humongous gaping divide. I wish I could see a way to close it.

UPDATE:Just as I predicted, I am a "know it all" because I went to college. And with that, I am done. I have read all your comments and sadly, I agree. You just can't fight stupid.

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