Sunday, April 3, 2011

Open Post - Michelle Bachmann at the Tea Party D.C. Rally and Sarah Palin Endorses Judge Prosser

By Kathleen

Cartoon published at South Florida, Sun Sentinel

Patrick and I thought that this cartoon would be appreciated by the Politicalgates community. Later this evening I will post news of an upcoming event that I hope as many of you as possible will want to participate in. I'll announce the details then.

Meanwhile here are a few links that you may have missed. But please use this as an open post.

The Hill reveals that Michele Bachmann, who has confirmed that she is seriously considering a run for the 2012 Presidential race, has raised more money than any other GOP person pondering a bid of their own. Her personal PAC and her congressional campaign account have drawn in $2.2 million in the first quarter of 2011 placing her marginally ahead of Mitt Romney who raised $1.9 million through his own PAC.

A few days ago Michele Bachmann spoke to the Tea Party rally in D.C.

Bachmann told the rally attendees that Democrats (sic) were determined to blame the Tea Party if Government is shut down -- she knew exactly which buttons to push. Bachmann is a much more confident orator than Palin is. She responds well to her audience and can ad lib in a more natural, humorous way than Palin can. Bachmann appears to have a stronger sense of politics than Palin does and she has proven that she can raise money and support easily.

Suzy Khimm at Mother Jones had this to say

But though Palin and Bachmann may seem like GOP doppelgangers, there's a lot separating them as well. And the differences have led a growing chorus of Beltway watchers to conclude that Bachmann would actually be the more credible candidate of the two. Having watched the Minnesota congresswoman on the trail for years, Minnesota political operatives on both sides of the aisle warn against simply laughing off Bachmann. "You underestimate Michele Bachmann at your own peril," says Zach Rodvold, the campaign manager for her Democratic opponent in 2010.

We ignore Michele Bachmann at our peril.

In other news, Sarah Palin endorsed Justice David Prosser as her choice candidate for a place on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Prosser has been accused of running an uncivil and bipartisan campaign and mentioned that he had not sought Palin's endorsement. I guess he has enough troubles without Palin adding to them. Read more at

Hat tip to Nomadic Joe for the cartoon graphic.



We have had a busy but very productive day and will unfortunately have to put off our announcement for a few more days.

The winner of our competition is yknott who was the first person to say that Palin would not show up and that the radio personalities (!) were pulling an April Fool stunt by suggesting that she was. Please contact me by email with your address and I will get back to you soon.

In the meantime Leadfoot has written a great post which I will put up in a few hours. You do not want to miss it.

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