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Weekly Roundup, April 4-10, 2011 (And an exciting week it was…)

by Blueberry Tart

Monday, April 4, 2010

A Slice of America

We began the week with Leadfoot’s FB exchange with her aunt and cousin, who – how to say it – are on a different wavelength (planet?) politically. Leadfoot tried to have a (FB) discussion but all of her points were ignored, with lots of unfounded anti-Obama rhetoric in response. What to do? The comments were full of sincere efforts to find a solution to this problem, ranging from the “don’t talk politics” that ruled my own dinner table growing up, to asking “why do you think that” or “where did you hear that”? (H/T TurtleTears), to providing some information to gently divert or counter their arguments. There were not too many of us who do not have similar family members or friends…lots of experience talking.

Thursday, April 7, 2010

A Palin-Bachmann Ticket

Next up was Patrick, who jumped back into the fray with a post on a Palin-Bachmann ticket (satire), and more seriously, the likelihood of Sarah Palin’s candidacy. Palin’s name recognition is way above all the other potential Republican candidates, and that in itself is significant, especially when combined with such a highly committed (albeit rapid and fanatical) base. While her unfavorables are also very high, the consequences of a Palin presidency are so dire that her potential in the primaries cannot be ignored. For a little relief from that depressing thought, check out the video on the Palin-Bachmann ticket – priceless!

Christopher Hitchens on Babygate!

Babygate is back in the news, thanks in part to a source close to Bristol – hahahaha, they can’t let this pass! The subject came up because Palingates revealed that Bristol was paid $262,500 by the Candies Foundation in 2009 ($332,500 including 2010), for being an unwed teen mom who preached abstinence even though she is not abstinent and publicly admitted it was “not realistic at all.” [The Palin family motto: “do as I say, not as I do.”] Patrick then pointed out a crack in the code of public silence about Babygate, highlighting a comment by British writer Christopher Hitchens, who wrote, “An astonishing number of well-informed people tell me that Sarah Palin is not in fact the mother of baby Trig, but that she is ‘covering up’ for another family member whose child he really is.” Patrick included some photos and links to prior posts on this intriguing subject. Ooh, la-la, Babygate revisited!

Friday, April 8, 2011

En Garde! McAllister Threatens a Duel!

Kathleen has been hinting about “more to come” about Babygate, and here is a big one: Professor Brad Scharlott has written an outstanding research paper on why the media ignored the story of Sarah’s faked pregnancy. This post highlights the email sent to Professor Scharlott by Palin’s former spokesperson, Bill McAllister, who threatened to “slap” or “duel” the professor. (I can’t get the image suggested by one reader of McAllister, in tights, out of my head – and it is NOT a pretty sight!) He also called Scharlott “despicable...reprehensible...a the service of evil.” Hmm, remember how Bailey talked about Palin's team going on the offense to deflect attention from the truth? McAllister denies having ever heard anything about the faked pregnancy rumors prior to the RNC – a claim taken up by Patrick in the next post…

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Scharlott’s Paper, And (Surprise!) Bill McAllister is a LIAR

Next, Patrick focuses on Scharlott’s work – his paper is a must read! But before I delve into the paper itself, this post also follows up on McAllister’s attack on Scharlott. Patrick shows that, based on information previously published about what McAllister knew and when he knew it, it appears the man is a LIAR, and a nasty one at that. Surprised? (H/T to SondraT for letting us see comments she received from McAllister on FB, showing that Nasty is his middle name and MO.)

The research paper presents an overview of the evidence showing that Sarah Palin’s story about the pregnancy and birth of Trig is not credible. Scharlott’s key point is that, based on the glaring inconsistencies in the story, the media should have investigated, in accordance with the first principle of the media’s code of ethics: seek truth and report it. Instead, he shows that a “spiral of silence” was self-imposed by the media (with lots of reinforcement in the form of attacks by the Palins/supporters of anyone who dared to question the story), leading the media to fail to report this story. Per Wikipedia, aspiral of silence is a political science and mass communication theory… that asserts that a person is less likely to voice an opinion on a topic if one feels that one is in the minority for fear of reprisal or isolation from the majority.” Scharlott’s paper rings true in light of what we at PoliticalGates and other blogs have observed about this subject since Palin’s announcement as the VP candidate. MAJOR H/T to Professor Scharlott!

On a related note, I find it fascinating that Scharlott, Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan are now among a very, very small group of people in the journalistic profession who have spoken openly about their doubts about Palin’s stories about the Trig pregnancy and birth. What strikes me is that these are all highly educated journalistic professionals, the latter two widely respected (and disrespected) for their brilliant commentary. Need I point out the stark contrast with Mrs. Palin's own purported journalistic credentials?

Finally, as some readers rightly noted, Patrick, Kathleen and many of our team and those of a few other blogs have done most of the research and hard work to reveal the birth hoax – so, a tip of my favorite blueberry-picking hat to all of US for our contributions to bringing this story to light!

(As usual, I had finished the roundup early Sunday -- but can't resist updating it with some of the juicy material posted on Sunday. What a week!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sarah Goes Birther!

Sarah Palin is now a
bona fide birther, supporting Donald Trump’s idiotic claims that President Obama was not born in the United States and is thus ineligible to be President. She now claims that President Obama has spent $2 million to NOT show his birth certificate. This is absurd, but Sarah Palin never lets facts get in the way of a good lie. The post includes a Mother Jones report on the legal effort that has gone into refuting the birther challenges. My own interpretation is that the Queen of Projection must have spent AT LEAST $2 million to NOT show Trig’s birth certificate; she is always projecting onto someone else what she has done. Joe McGinniss’ tweets, included in the post, are excellent!

Sarah’s faked pregnancy goes mainstream

Wow, Patrick is in the midst of an amazingly productive week – he’s BAAACK! This post delves further into the emerging battle of words between Professor Brad Scharlott and Bill McAllister, whose failed career as a dramatist is in full display – the guy is a diva, just like Sarah!
Alaska Dispatch is covering the controversy, including Brad’s rational explanation of the basis of his research paper, and McAllister’s bizarre statements in response. Taking a page from the Palin playbook, he is in full-scale assault mode against Scharlott’s character, but fails to address ANY of the substantive issues that were raised about the hoax. Patrick shows that the record of communications between Palin and McAllister, as well as the fact that the faked pregnancy rumor was “common knowledge” at the ADN and elsewhere in Alaska for months before McAllister claimed he learned of it, prove that he is as good as his former boss when it comes to dishing out the lies. Popcorn, anyone?

Some Comments and Links:

Actcrabby: What bothers me is that what we're all dealing with here is not really a political divide. It's a moral divide, a time to make choices that are going to count for the future, as the choices of the civil rights era did, or the choices of 1930's Germany…It's time to stand up and be counted. I'm horrified to think that my sister, who would give the clothes off her back to anyone she understood to be in need, is being sucked in by this great evil monster of fascist thought. The best thing I can say is that she did look surprised and a little embarrassed when I told her how I felt about her statements…

Ivyfree had an interesting point that I hadn’t thought of: Critical thinking skills scares the righties. They don't understand the word "critical" in this context. They assume it means criticizing, and they don't want their kids taught to criticize them…It should be called, "Judgment and decision-making skills." "Critical" is too scary for them.

Several commenters pointed out the importance of education if we are to ever address the problems that Leadfoot’s post pointed out; here is one:

High Peaks: The ultra-conservative movement has repeatedly demonstrated its hostility towards education in general as being somehow elitist and therefore contrary to fundamental American values, as well as its hostility towards the teachers who practice such a subversive and thoroughly un-American profession. There is without question an obvious and serious STRATEGIC reason why these ideas have been so enthusiastically embraced by the right. Education shines the light of truth into the darkness they embrace. I beg all teachers who may be reading this, from college level right on down to kindergarten: Never miss an opportunity to teach your students to think critically for themselves, ever! Please do this before it’s too late. Tell all your friends and colleagues. I believe that quite literally, the fate of our society rests in your hands.

Maelewis pointed this out: In looking into foster care in Minnesota…There is also a program run through Bachmann's Lutheran Church, where one of the advantages of being a foster parent was spelled in bold type, "tax free income." That's some nice incentive. Four kids a year sound as if they were hiring farm labor to work their government subsidized farm in addition to household duties. Four foster kids plus 6 Bachmann kids, that's a houseful!

Mae also had some words of wisdom: It's time for some advice. If you really like your relatives, and you share wonderful memories, then form a pact and agree that you will always care about them and you want to stay in touch. You'll always be glad to hear their news, as long as politics stay out of the conversation. When I am faced with a difficult person, I just pretend that I am dealing with my cousin with the limited ability, and I have to give up and let it go. Sometimes, winning the argument means just keeping your own sanity. In the end, you have to do what's right for you to stay healthy, mentally and physically. Come here and vent. There are always friends here.

A snippet from a longer comment by Older_Wiser2: This is the conundrum for most of us who disagree politically with our families: While we love them from a familial standpoint, it also hurts to see them become solidified over time in beliefs that make them fearful, insecure, and ready to accept validation from those who don't act in their interests.

Aussiegal77: People who live in fear, in doubt and drowning in lack of faith in the God they profess to love and serve will always act this hateful way. And I have no illusions that A LOT of the most vehement conservatives are fellow professing Christians too. It breaks my heart because we are supposed to overcome by the immense grace of God and instead aspire to unwavering faith, to love especially those we disagree with, to love without condition and to control our basest desires - but yet clearly these christians have been overcome by fear and doubt instead. Words can't express how sad I am each time I see yet another example of this. But God is GOOD and He WILL bring justice at the right time.

Jollyroger (with H/T to Marieke02): The MSM would absolutely go into orgasmic ecstasy over a Bachmann/Palin (or vice versa) ticket. The puff pieces would be enough to drive up the rate of diabetes in any of the population who are still stupid enough to watch or listen to MSM "news."

Karenw729 and others noted that Palin will be speaking for a new non-profit that looks like it could be another shell organization: Checked out their web site, which is very poorly done. They're a new organization and it seems to me very fishy that they are having such a high-dollar fundraiser with no history behind them. You can't check up on their credibility, fiscal responsibility, that the money will actually be spent to help those with special needs. Of course Palin should be supporting charities and groups for those with special needs, but there's plenty that are already well-established and respected. Not this fly-by-night start-up. Aren't there other instances of non-profit groups being set up specifically to pay Palin for a fundraiser and then they disappear?

Cackling Rad: Wow, just in case anyone had begun to doubt that Bristol was Trig's birth mother, she springs into action to once again deny what wasn't even being discussed. Out damned spot, indeed.

Bandit Basheert: This is a woman who should NOT be screaming about anyone's birth certificate.

Hope for America reminded us that despite Sarah’s claims: Sarah has NEVER produced Trig's birth certificate. She never will unless she is forced under discovery procedures, which is why she has not filed suit, or even threatened to file suit, against anyone who says she faked her pregnancy. Even if she and Toss have adopted Trig, his date and place of birth will PROVE she faked her pregnancy.

Peacepax: Classic Karl Rove Play book: Attack the messenger

ProChoiceGrandma: IMO, that is the whole point of proving that she faked her pregnancy, to show that her judgment is mentally unbalanced and she will go to extreme measures to hide anything she perceives as embarrassing.

Okay, there were so many good comments this week, but I have to stop!

Joey found a good link on what’s happening in the states.

Juicyfruityy and WesinOregon pointed out this excellent article on dealing with people who are closed-minded and JF also pointed out this article about how Conservatism, more and more, is the ideology of the economically left behind.”

HIG found this: @joemcginniss Joe McGinniss Bristol is her momma's daughter. Message to teens: hypocrisy sells.

Putting the cherry on the cake for a great week, Joe McGinniss’s new blog was up and running and included this WONDERFUL comment: Rest assured, the question of whether Sarah is really Trig’s mother, or whether she faked the pregnancy and lied about the birth is not an issue I ignore in The Rogue.”

Let’s end with a good laugh from Leadfoot:

Just saw this on Twitter and laughed out loud:
Dear Scissors,
I feel your one wants to run with me either.
Sincerely, Sarah Palin


Thank you BBT -- edifying as usual!

Just a note to say that if anyone wishes to contact Professor Scharlott please do so at the following email address and NOT through his University mail. Thank you.

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