Thursday, April 14, 2011

Henry Blodget from "Business Insider" writes about Prof. Scharlott's paper on Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy.

By Patrick

The mainstream has firmly arrived. After the Alaska Dispatch, Andrew Sullivan and Salon "broke the ice" and reported about Prof. Brad Scharlott's paper, and while we are all waiting for the video by "The Young Turks" with Tim Mihalsky and Tina Dupuy to be published on youtube, the source of the next mainstream story will be a surprise for many: "Business Insider" published a major piece about Trig pregnancy hoax and Prof. Brad Scharlott's paper. The article was written by none other than Henry Blodget, editor-in-chief and CEO of "Business Insider."

Because the mainstream media did not--and has not--pursued the story at all (let alone aggressively), Professor Scharlott has done some of the work himself. He has also attempted to explain why the media was so wimpy and gullible during the campaign.
One of Professor Scharlott's theories, interestingly, is that conservatives have been extraordinarily effective at shaming anyone who has even brought up the matter, let alone investigated it. He notes how different this is than the Democrats ability to quell the other conspiracy theory that has obsessed the nation in recent years--the theory that President Obama was born in Kenya.
In light of Scharlott's evidence that Palin staged a hoax, as well as the ongoing absence of any proof that Palin is actually Trig's mother, one wonders if the media will now, finally, seek to determine the truth--especially because Palin is considered a candidate for president.

Business Insider in addition published huge excerpts from Prof. Scharlott's paper, together with their own comments!

Does anyone here believe that "Business Insider" as a mainstream business website, would publish such an extensive piece and risk their reputation without believing that Sarah's pregnancy was faked?

The mainstream finally has realized that the questions about Sarah Palin's pregnancy fraud are credible.

Please make sure to read the comments by Henry Blodget below the article, who responds to critical readers and defends his piece.

Sarah is finished, and it took long enough!

Bring it on, Mama Grizzly! Where are you? You could now smash all these unruly progressives, liberals, moderates and top Wall-Street-analysts to pieces by proving beyond doubt that you were pregnant with Trig! Why don't you? What is stopping you, Sarah? Tell us, we are dying to know.


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Part 2
On the whole this was a flat and rather lack lustre event. It is clear that not one of the three reporters had a good handle on the evidence either for or against the suggestion that Palin faked her pregnancy.
However, one thing is evident, the question that Palin did so is being discussed behind the scenes. Tina Dupuy says at the beginning of part 2 " There's a lot of people who I find to be credible and intelligent people who are interested in this case...and the people who are interested in (it) I almost find more compelling than the evidence or lack there of."
Perhaps those "credible and intelligent people" should discuss the issue less behind the scenes
and more in public. We are waiting.
Yesterday, ProChoiceGrandma gave an interview to Tim Mihalsky of the Young Turks in which she outlined the case against Sarah Palin's claim that she was pregnant and gave birth to her son Trig. Listen to it here . Great Job ProChoiceGrandma.


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