Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sarah Palin's speech in Madison today - Live Feed - Palin slams Obama and says it's "Game on"

By Patrick

Sarah Palin is going to speak in Madison today, the speech should start quite soon.

The live streams still seem to have connection problems, sometimes the sound drops.

(Live streams removed, event has finished - See Palin's full recorded speech below).

So, what will she say? Will she go for the "ultimate diversion" and announce that she is running for President?

Or will she just spout her usual attention-seeking appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the people who are in the audience?

We shall see.



Palin didn't formally announce her candidacy for the presidential race, but with her usual screeched demagogery, she slammed Obama over and over again and concluded saying that it's now "Game On!"

Well, that was pretty close to announcement, and I said it before and will say it again: Sarah will run.

As Kathleen just commented:

Big hints - more distractions.




Screech alert - here is Palin's full speech:



Look at the impressive crowd of protesters against Sarah Palin in Madison:

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