Saturday, April 2, 2011

Does Former Congressman Alan Grayson Believe That If Sarah Palin Decides To Run That She Can Win the GOP Nomination?

By Kathleen

Last Thursday Alan Grayson, former Congressman for Orlando, was interviewed on radio by the broadcaster Alan Colmes. They discussed many issues ranging from whether Grayson would run again to whether or not Sarah Palin could win the GOP selection to represent the Republican party in the 2012 Presidential election if she decided to run. Grayson's response was not the predictable one that we usually hear from progressives. More than likely it is not one that you want to hear yourself.

The unpalatable truth is that Grayson believes that Palin could win the nomination and he has good reasons for believing so. Grayson says history proves that

"in a contested republican primary the craziest candidate wins" and "at the top of the list of serious candidates is Sarah Palin."

When challenged by Colmes that Palin is not going to run Grayson replied

"I think that if she did run then she would win. Her voters are more committed and more determined to turn out and vote for her than anybody else on the other side."

Colmes countered that

"her negatives keep going up and up and up and her popularity rate keeps decreasing as does the Tea Party. the Tea Party according to recent polls is losing ground. They've got an approval rating somewhere near Rick Scott at this point."

Colmes has a good point. Recent polls show that Palin is losing ground and her popularity is at an all time low. How can she possibly consider running in the face of such obvious statistics? Grayson however thinks that those polls don't matter and points to the very sad and realistic fact that across the country roughly 4% of voters on either side of the aisle votes during the primaries. He adds

"In the case of the Democrats you have a mixed group of people who vote. In the case of the Republicans you simply have the 4% who represent the craziest elements in America and they're the ones who determine who their nominees are. Not just for President but basically all over the entire country. I had to sit with these people for two years and listen to them defend things like hate crimes, so I know who these people are, and Sarah Palin is the perfect representative for them. I mean, you know, er, she's ah, look, she's always happy. She's always smiling, uhmmm, because ignorance is bliss. So she's the happiest person you're ever going to see and that's the face of the right wing today. Happy people who know nothing and don't care about anything either."

Although I'm not convinced that Sarah Palin is such a happy, smiley individual, unfortunately the rest of Grayson's argument is a reasonable one. Palin, if she decides to run, can expect strong support from the majority of the GOP primary voters because those voters who bother to turn out for the GOP primaries are usually those of an extreme persuasion. They simply are the most determined to get out there and vote for their candidate. Palin can expect such voters to support her. It seems grim -- but it is not all doom and gloom. Palin still has not announced that she will enter the race.

At heart I am an optimist and with that in mind I keep repeating to myself my daily mantra "President Obama is still beating Palin in the polls, President Obama is still beating Palin in the polls, President Obama is still beating Palin in the polls." Can Palin risk defeat? Would she want to be beaten by President Obama a second time? I think not. I hope not. Moreover, a run for the Presidency would cost her more than just credibility it would cost her money, and money we all suspect is her true love.

Further good news from the interview is that Alan Grayson might run again. Here is the link to the audio of the interview. Enjoy.

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