Monday, April 18, 2011

Why Has The Pro Palin Website Conservatives 4 Palin Banned Discussion regarding President Obama’s Birth Certificate?

Guest Post by Kilob

In the thirty months since Barack Obama was elected President, countless right leaning websites and other persons now referred to as Birthers have spotlighted a manufactured rumor that President Obama is not a US citizen, and therefore cannot be the legitimate President of the United States of America. Sarah Palin, the former Alaskan governor and now exiled Fox News contributor has cautiously tiptoed around the subject early on by saying “it should be part of the national discussion”. Mrs. Palin has recently taken on a more aggressive stance by backing public comments made by businessman / perpetual bankruptcy filer and television celebrity Donald Trump. Trump has stated “a great fraud has been perpetrated on the American people”. The Donald continues to ratchet up his comments on a daily basis with no proof that any fraud or cover up has existed.

In the blogosphere a website honoring the remarkable daily achievements of Sarah Palin called, Conservatives 4 Palin have put their foot down on the Obama birth saga and discussion surrounding it. The blogs owner has recently published house rules when it comes to the Obama birth certificate.

Regarding the Birther Issue

Posted on April 14 2011 - 4:22 PM - Posted by: Sheya

Our readers are aware that this site has a zero tolerance when it comes to the birther issue. We do not discuss it, advocate it, promote it, and we do not allow this issue to be discussed in the comments section. It’s silly and, frankly, beneath this site.

As I’ve noted in a recent post, Governor Palin made it clear that she believes the President was born in Hawaii and does not question his faith. She believes this issue is a distraction. However, if others want to pursue it on their own dime, that’s their priviledge and it’s not the Governor’s place to stop them. It’s a free country. She has stated numerous times that she doesn’t consider the birther conspiracy theory to be a valid issue, and we agree. It’s as distracting as it is annoying, and it’s not qualitatively different than 9/11 trutherism.

In recent weeks, since Donald Trump brought the issue to the forefront and Governor Palin was asked about it, we gave the issue some leeway. But now it’s time to move on. Debating this non-issue reflects poorly on this site and what we stand for. It distracts from the important issues facing the nation.

We are now reinstating our zero tolerance policy on this topic. We ask our readers to refrain from debating it on this site. Birther comments will be summarily deleted, and repeat offenders will be permanently banned without warning.

Let’s not forget what’s really important.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: I am aware that this post may invite discussion on the issue, so here is a news item you can talk about.

So the site thinks something Sarah believes in is silly, whilst they offer a smorgasbord of topics that quite frankly makes you shake your head in disbelief. For a pro Palin website to limit discussion on a topic that demands closure needs to be explained beyond what the blogs owner wants to portray in her closed door policy and penalty if you abuse the privilege by posting a comment on a topic that she is in fear of and cannot contain once the discussion commences.

Questions still persist regarding that truthfulness of Sarah Palin’s birth of her fifth child, Trig, on April 18, 2008. Prior to her being chosen as running mate to John McCain in August of 2008, rumors and speculation made the rounds in tiny city of Wasilla Alaska and even the larger cities of Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks that she faked her pregnancy and continues to lie and fabricate new tales to ward off the inconsistencies of her previous historical recollections that seem to come up each time she openly speaks about it and wants to add more drama and intrigue based on the group she’s being paid to woo money from their own pockets.

Recently Northern Kentucky University’s Associate Professor of Journalism, Brad Scharllott, undertook his own research as to why the national media refused to look into the Trig birth rumors after Palin was chosen by John McCain for his VP in the 2008 election. Professor Brad Scharlott has pulled no punches in his paper and has finally asked the taboo question many have failed to ask. In the time since the election, Sarah Palin has never put the lingering rumors to rest even though she’s had countless chances to do so after Trig Palin was delivered like a Dominos pizza.

Why is Conservatives for Palin so fearful to allow open and free discussion regarding the Obama birth when their blog entries entail everything positive of Sarah Palin and everything she stands for including now being an Obama birther? The only logical reason is the owner of C4P may herself question Palin’s honesty regarding Trig, and will go to great lengths to keep it out her blog and protect their vision of Saint Sarah. For a website like C4P to closet a topic now so close to Sarah’s heart clearly shows some of Sarah Palin’s closest followers and cheerleaders now question her honesty and integrity when it comes to Sarah Palin and the supposed birth of her son on April 18, 2008.

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