Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bristol Palin Engages Her Inner Semi - Demi. Keeping The Investigation Simple Part One

By Kathleen

Part One of Four

A little over a week ago I was sent an email by a reader which included a link to some very surprising and highly unusual photographs. .

The photos were of Bristol Palin engaging with her inner semi – Demi, not an altogether original portrayal by the professional photographer Michele Ireys who is a friend of the Palin family, but sweet and pleasingly charming nonetheless.

Bristol had included a photo of her pregnant self, which obviously came from this shoot, in her bitter denunciation of Levi Johnston otherwise known as the book titled Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far which she co-authored with Nancy French. Under the photo in the book Bristol included the following information “I was thirty-two weeks pregnant when I posed for this photo. Whilst it is difficult to truly estimate a woman’s stage of pregnancy by mere observation the photos from this session should be included into the body of evidence when discussing Bristol’s pregnancy and Tripp’s subsequent arrival nine days overdue on December 27th, 2008. A date that I have had little doubt in accepting and still believe to be the most likely. I will reveal my reasons and evidence for this belief in another post.

The photos from the shoot that I would like you to look at more closely are placed 3 and 12 in the gallery which you can access here. In both photos Bristol’s bare–bellied pregnancy is exposed to the world and there can be absolutely no doubt that Bristol was indeed pregnant at some point and our new task behind the scenes was to try and determine a period of time during which the photos were taken.

My first starting point was to go directly to the source and ask the photographer when exactly was the photo shoot taken? A simple enough question, I thought. Michele, the photographer, responded to my initial question very quickly asking why I needed the information. I honestly responded to her that I believed that confirmation of the date that the session took place would help establish a timeline for Bristol’s pregnancy with Tripp. No response. I waited for three days and then wrote to Michele once again asking if she could help establish the date that the photo shoot took place. Still no response and it soon became apparent that there would be none because Michele Ireys is a close friend of the Palin/Heath families. In particular she is a close friend to Molly Heath and has included photos of Molly’s daughter at her website. Readers with questions of their own can contact Michele over the following contact form:

As for me and those working behind the scenes it was back to the drawing board as we once again scoured through the known photos of a pregnant Bristol Palin and attempted to match them to our new evidence. There are just as intense debates behind the scenes as there are on the blog --- we all have our own viewpoints but work hard to present information to readers that most, if not all of us, can agree is useful and adds to the discussion rather than complicates it. The general agreement in this case is that the photo shoot took place sometime after the RNC convention. I personally believe that it took place in October 2008. Nonetheless, we certainly do not think that our version of events is the final word and welcome additional insights from our readers and the valued contributions of other bloggers.

However, I also came to the conclusion when thinking about how to present proof for our view regarding the timing of the photo shoot that the storyline surrounding this issue has become more and more complicated with the many theories regarding Bristol’s pregnancy with Tripp and Sarah Palin’s with Trig. With so many theories abounding the result has been an influx of ideas which have led to constantly shifting scenarios and unnecessary complications which make deduction difficult. For instance some think that Bristol gave birth to Tripp as early as July 2008, or later than his released birth date of 27th December, 2008, or that Bristol wasn’t pregnant with Tripp at all. Some have also considered that Tripp, not Trig, was the baby born in April 2008 and that Trig was later adopted into the Palin family. Only a few seem to accept that Tripp was born on the 27th December. I am on the side of the few. I am also sure that there are many theories that I have not included (there are so many and some new ones, each more and more complicated than the previous). Regardless, we must all realise by now that if we continue to try to piece together what it is that we think that we know without any facts that we can attest to then we will continue to fail. It has now become clear to me that we need to take the investigation back to a more simplistic basis. If we stand any chance in resolving the questions that we have regarding the births of Trig and Tripp then we need to stop chasing endless shadows and hints of shadows. Endlessly going round and round in circles.

In the next week or so I will post several simple examinations of information including photos that we can date which should hopefully help readers reach some conclusions regarding Tripp’s date of birth. In one of the posts I will explain why it is that we cannot always believe what we are told and why we have to be more discerning regarding the sources of some information. One thing I can say is that there is a lot of malevolent joy behind some of this misinformation. A lot. There is a lot of ugly out there.

I will not pretend that I have all the answers --- I don’t, but it is my hope that my upcoming three posts will clear the air so we can move the investigation forward rather than constantly chasing our tails.

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