Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dusty's Corner -- Mitt Romney aka Town Crier

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You believe the latest that has come out of Mitt Romney’s mouth? He actually has the poor manners to question President Obama’s motives for ordering the withdrawal of the remaining troops in Iraq by the end of 2011. Just my opinion but I am leaning towards the belief that the republicans (spelled with a little r on purpose when they grow up they can have their R back) have crossed the line between political rhetoric and have sunk down into the gutter and are now just being plain old hate and mean. Seriously why isn’t the MSM even attempting to provide fair coverage? Does anyone remember this level of meanness towards the last president, you know who I am talking about twig… twerp… shrub… oh yeah that’s it Bush? Other than being the lead in for every late night talk show I don’t remember this level of meanness and rhetoric do you?

Amazing isn’t that the majority of Americans have been demanding that our troops be brought back home and when it is finally happening the republican presidential hopefuls have all turned tail and are backtracking their little asses off. Wouldn’t you think a guy with millions and an Ivy League education would have at least the basic proper manners learned or at least memorized by now? Totally not impressed with the Mitt-ster. Makes you wonder what he says when the cameras are off doesn’t it. Think he is huddled up in the corner of the closet rocking back and forth sucking on his thumb crying for his mommy cause he knows he is in way over his head but he has no graceful way of dropping out?

FYI to all gop (yep they’ll get their capital letters back when they grow up too, I promise) presidential candidates I will take President Obama’s leadership style over anything you promoted so far. American’s actually prefer calm, cool, intelligent, rational and forward thinking styles of leadership over shoot first and ask questions later leadership style. The only thing working in your favor is it appears quite a few Americans are also into instant gratification rather than taking time to understand what is really going on. But don’t get to comfortable we are working on it. Just look at the Occupy Wall Street movement that is kicking ass all around the world. Do your remember world wide support of your lame Tea Party movement? Yeah Me Neither.

On to the next Stupid Things Republican Candidates Say News of the Week from the latest Palin Impersonator Herman Cain. Seriously I don’t think this guy has the stamina or a clue how to proceed next. It appears that his goal is to become the next greatest flip-flopper ever. He even wants to beat the Mitt-ster at this too. Sometimes it makes you wonder has he been studying films of his idols Palin, Bachmann and Sharron Angle. Herman honestly thinks he can say one thing at this press conference, change to something else at the next press conference and then when asked to clarify he still can’t get it right. My advice to Herman is if he really wants to succeed and prove once and for all that he is in it to win it not just to rack in millions for his next slush fund he needs to take a stand for a sane group of Americans.

Herman, The correct answer when asked for your stance on abortion, woman’s health concerns and Planned Parenthood should be this: “The government has no business trying to regulate a woman’s uterus and should be supportive of its citizen’s right to make their own medical decisions. It is time to take politics out of the woman’s uterus and leave it right where it belongs in the hands of the woman.”

It is time to take the Anti-Choice Movement out of pockets of politicians and put it back under the rock it crawled out under. Until the government regulates a male’s penis and the choices men make with said penis, it is time to get the hell out of a woman’s uterus and back to the job at hand, no pun intended.

If you’d like to read my very first post at Politicususa.

Just in to the Whacked Out News Department Michele Bachmann is fading fast and rightfully so. After spending her PAC money to buy the straw poll in Iowa which in turn allowed the MSM to falsely tout her as the next great hope. Then Michele was traveling the country uttering one faux paux after another (who doesn’t know that Libya is part of Africa-raise your hand, not you Michele) and finally changing her outer image at the last two debates in the hopes of fooling us all over once again. Sorry Michele, we’ve already survived the “Is Hair up or down my brand?” BS thanks to John McCain and his overwhelming need to feel important. Just to clarify last week when I said add a splash of color I didn’t mean gold buttons darlin’. I meant a real splash of color- colored scarf, pretty earrings or even a pretty colorful little pin on your white jacket.

Read that again I said “pretty” not “palin-gaudy” okay? Oh snap, why am I talking to you? Marcus, seriously dude what is up with latest outfits, have you been watching Sgt. Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Band again? If yes Stop IT! Stop it Now! Come on you can do better I know you can. Hair down, soft and loose, get some color in your skin, eat some healthy food and add a splash of color to those white jackets. Please Marcus it is hard enough to listen when she keeps ranting and raving like a ill-informed, willfully ignorant, undereducated moron aka like a palin without being distracted by her outfit and hair. Love the nails btw- good job!

Last and certainly least like I said before a visit to Dusty’s Corner cannot be complete without Sarah Palin. Oh so sad Sarah Palin who arose from her she-cave long enough to tapped out yet another asinine tweet raving about US money going to Finland. When in fact the real news or truth that Sarah just couldn’t read herself or comprehend is this: (bold is mine) Henrik Fisker said the U.S. money has been spent on engineering and design work that stayed in the U.S., not on the 500 manufacturing jobs that went to a rural Finnish firm, Valmet Automotive. Yep folks you read that right the money stayed right here in the United States. You can read more here. Thanks Older_Wiser!

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Sarah for the last time you don’t have to go home but you do need to leave.

To close on a couple positive notes Blue sure is a pretty color isn't it?

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