Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A virtual brainstorming session: Put on your thinking caps.

By Leadfoot_LA

The post on the Immoral Minority this morning led to some fantastic sleuthing and a stunning find by PoliticalGates contributor KatieAnnieOakley,who asked a very astute question. Is this the same baby?:

(Thanks to Sunshine 1970 for the photo comparison!)

The photo of the baby on the airplane with Willow was first released because David Kernell hacked Sarah’s email. Is that why she and Bristol got so mad to the point that they both committed perjury to make sure he got put in jail? (They said there was no land line in the house,which we saw in "Sarah Palin’s Alaska," and that Bristol was all alone in the woods, when in reality the secret service was there with her, protecting her.)
This revelation led to some other good questions. Unfortunately,I don’t have answers, but I thought we could ponder them all together in the comments section:

  1. Which baby is older? Could they be the same age?

(To me, Trig looks like Levi and Tripp looks like Bristol in this picture.)

2. Why have we stopped seeing Trig? When was his last public appearance? Is it because his brother has surpassed him in size? Because he looks too much like his father?

3. How pregnant was Bristol on this trip to the Philadelphia Zoo around July 10, 2008? If Tripp were really born Dec. 27, she would be only 17 weeks pregnant here. She looks 8 months pregnant to me:

This photo was taken December 10, 2008, TENDAYS before Bristol’s reported due date. Does she look 9 months pregnant here? Is it me, or does she look bigger in the zoo picture?:

4. Just prior to the zoo trip, Bristol was staying in Texas. Why? (In hiding?)

5. Do the Palins purposely put props in photos tomake us deceive ourselves as to the age of the babies? In this photo, Tripp looks huge. Why is there a bottle sitting next to him? Baby lotion?

Inthis photo, he looks 3 years old. Why the pacifier?

These babies look the same size (look attheir heads), but they purposely pulled the blanket up to show Tripp’s feet,while they draped it down to make Trig look longer:

6. Who is this baby? If it is Tripp (which we have been told thatit is), why is Levi wearing the thumb ring he says he lost long before Tripp was born?

How could this photo have been taken on April 18, 2008?:

AND THIS one have been taken on May 5, 2008?:

In three weeks, Levi dyed and cut his hair, gained weight, lost his tan, got a tattoo and had that tattoo all healed up?(And for the love of God, why do we have multiple photos of Sarah Palin’s daughter’s teenage boyfriend who she had “met only a few times” snuggling up toher newborn, premature baby with Down’s syndrome and a hole in his heart?

7. Whose baby arm is in this photo? If Levi and Bristol broke up shortly after Tripp’s “birth” in January, certainly it can’t be Trig, right? Because Levi would never have been around Trig anymore. But it could be Trig ifTripp were born earlier. Whoever it is, is probably is NOT "a relative's" baby, as Mercede said, unless it was the same mystery wealthy relative who generously "bought her a brand new car.":

Which reminds me – why DID Levi and Bristol break up 9 days after the birth? Because the charade was finally over and they could move on? Remember when Sarah said on January 5th that those kids have been busy "parenting their butts off" -- for a week? Or for 5-6 months?

9. Why did Levi drop out of school in mid-March2008? (Confirmed in his book.) He says it is so he can help support his pregnant girlfriend. This means that Bristol would have to have been impregnated no later than mid-February,possibly earlier. Bristol says she didn't tell Levi she was pregnant until May. Sarah also says it was May. So why drop out in to earn money for his baby in March?

10. This photo was taken around October 23, 2007(that is when it first appeared in the ADN). Is Bristol pregnant here, and if so, with which baby?

Those who follow the comments section know that I have theorized for a long time that Tripp was born much earlierthan reported. In my opinion, Bristol was NOT pregnant December 10, 2008 when seen at church. Why she would take the chance of being seen out in public, I don't know. But you can see the guilt on her face when she sees the cameras. She panics and runs inside.

I also think the only reason Sarah would fake the Trig pregnancy is to hide the fact that her teenage daughter got pregnant TWICE before age 18. Without Tripp, faking the Trig pregnancy isn’t necessary. She had to have known Bristol was pregnant with Tripp before she announced she was pregnant on March 5.
It explains some other loose ends:
  • Why the weird silence around the time of Tripp's "birth" and announcement by a distant relative?
  • Why did Tripp look so huge when first seen in the mid-February Greta interview?
  • Why did Sarah freak out and build that monstrous fence when Joe moved in next door? She obviously had something in that house that was critical to hide!
  • Why was Levi working on the slope around the time Bristol was “due?”
  • Why did Sarah keep begging to adopt Tripp?
  • Was Bristol padded at the RNC to make her look LESS pregnant? Why else would they pad the bust so ridiculously? (Again –The reason for making her less pregnant would be to convince McCain that Sarah hadn't known about Bristol's pregnancy when he first approached her for the VPslot, and to avoid having to announce the birth during the campaign.)
Alternatively -- it is even possible that Bristol only has been pregnant once (don’t laugh). But that her one pregnancy was with Tripp. Sarah begs to adopt him. Bristol and Levi say no way. Sarah announces she is pregnant. Bristol FLIPS OUT. Bristol holds her ground and says, "Sorry mom, you're going to have to get yourself out of this, Tripp is mine and I'm keeping him. Sarah had already announced she was pregnant, so the only thing she could possibly do was adopt a DS baby, then make Bristol very publicly fake a pregnancy with Tripp to explain why there were 2 babies. Therefore, Tripp and Trig are the same age (ish), but are not twins.

And I will leave you with one final thought. Today, we received proof that Tank Jones is willing to be a double agent against his most valuable client, Levi Johnston. Is he also acting as a double agent for Sarah, keeping Levi in line?

I’m not sure what to make of all this yet. But with the many great minds of PoliticalGates readers – maybe we can figure it out! Go!


Update by Kathleen

I would also like to present two photos and add another thought to the mix:

I think that the blue sweater baby is in fact the same child presented as Trig at the RNC convention on the 3rd September. Together with the ET photo these photos may perhaps prove that Trig and Tripp are indeed related. Either as brothers or half brothers.

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