Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why I am Here…. To Make Sure Sarah Palin and Others Like Her Never Represent Me.

Guest Post By Dusty

A few Saturdays ago I read a great comment by Avasmom ….I can thank Sarah Palin for one thing, that is the fact that she made me care again - care enough to make sure that no one like her ever represents me.

That comment in my opinion represents everyone who reads and who posts comments here. Making sure no one like her ever represents all of us is a common thread that brings all of us together.

There are many reasons why Sarah and others like her will never represent me or others like me but the main reason for me is quite simple. Maturity! Yep that is it just one simple little word maturity. I prefer to only support and vote for an individual who has actually matured enough to recognize that we have all been young, dumb and single at one time but have learned from the past and moved on.

Recently Sarah was in the headlines for something stupid and shallow and yet again the media protected and defended their cash cow.

My first thought on hearing Sarah had a one night stand with Glenn Rice before marrying Todd was so what?

Name me one person who hasn’t done something in their past that they wish would never see the light of day again. Remember first thoughts are often a lot like first impressions- not completely accurate. I’ll admit I was curious so I let my fingers do the tapping and to my complete shock and dismay I found the focus was not on her ethics or sheer hypocrisy it was the fact that she is white and he is black. If a person didn’t know better they would think they were hearing popping sounds all over the world that day as her followers heads were figuratively exploding due to their imagined horror of their Queen of Mean actually sleeping with, oh dear me can I really say it out loud, a black guy. It didn’t matter that Glenn Rice is an attractive athlete nope the only thing important was that he is black.

To borrow Sarah’s phrase UnFlippinBelievable! My second, third and fourth thoughts were Come on people, seriously in 2011 that is the only part that bothered you? First off for those unenlightened folks who follow, who report and also who back Sarah you all missed the point once again. No one should care or even make it a point to mention the color thing. Warning: Stop reading here if you are easily offended. A penis is a penis is a penis- doesn’t matter that color it is it is still just a penis. It is that simple folks. Be it green, yellow, black or white or even purple (you might want to call a doctor if it really is purple) it is still just a penis. What this country does not need is yet another race war or increased racial tensions again just because little white Sarah Palin when she was still young, stupid and single slept with a black guy, then freaked out about it while continuing to keep in contact with him up until she married Todd her supposed childhood sweetheart.

Next up is the reported cocaine use. Again who really cares it is in the past. However, here we go again with the Palins nothing can ever be so simple can it? Apparently she was for drug use before she was against it? Then Sarah has a meltdown over baby oil. Seriously Sarah, this one is almost too funny for words, baby oil freaks you out, but you are totally okay with pre-marital sex, cheating on your spouse, cheating on your taxes and fanning the flames of hate, but baby oil freaks you out? Oh dear, where to start, Louie? Sarah, baby oil has many more uses other than the one single use that totally freaks you out. However, there are people in this world who actually enjoy having sex and making love that is what mature people do Sarah. I guess Johnson & Johnson can’t wait for President (oh gag me) Palin to outlaw Baby Oil just think of the prices they can get for it on the black market.

As I was writing this this Kilob wrote this fantastic comment:

For more than three years residents of the US have been force fed a daily diet of Sarah Palin and her often reported perfect world. When the layers are pealed back we see well-constructed defenses of denial after denial even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Sarah Palins rosy world is riddled with thorny make believe dreams and outright fabrications. Top named media outlets to this day continue to take this woman at her word and extend a benefit of the doubt mentality. We as bloggers not only have a right to report the truth, we have a duty! Those reporting negatively about the Palin tell all manuscript need to ask themselves this question. What do the people speaking out about Palin have to gain? Absolutely nothing.

Now Sarah Palin is an X-rated late night television joke. Not very presidential is it? Anyone remember any other credible politician whose every statement must be vetted for the truth? Even if she said the sky is blue I am willing to bet anyone who truly understands her will look up to verify the sky is actually blue.

This was and still is the perfect time for the media to finally throw off their blinders and report on the total and complete hypocrisy that is Sarah Palin. It is time to report that what she claims to be the truth does not match her actions or her real beliefs. It is time for the media to say goodbye to the easy money that is Sarah Palin and start digging for the truth and earn back their readers/viewers trust. The first step would have been for the Today Show to have reported factually on the statement that came from the Palins. You know the one where the supposed mama grizzly should have issued a statement in her own words (gawd knows we wouldn’t have understood it anyway) using calm, adult language but instead she did what she does best when confronted with the truth she retreated and then sent Todd in for the attack.

Joe McGinnis says it best in the article for

Todd Palin’s transformation from a hard-drinking, womanizing, cocaine-binging good ol’ boy to an emasculated but vindictive presence today. “Clearly, being reduced to the role of Chihuahua carried around in a rich lady’s purse is proving stressful for Todd.”

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