Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dusty's Corner -- Herman Cain and Lethal Remedies.

By Dusty

Hi! Welcome to Dusty's Corner. Pull up a comfy seat, grab your favorite beverage, smoke em if you got em and don't worry if you are still in your jammies as that is what makes life interesting and fun. Thank you everyone for all your great comments and the warm welcome as a new contributor here at PoliticalGates.

Wow it appears Michele Bachmann will sign any pledge placed in front of her if said pledge will deliver more money or attention. Last week Bachmann signed a pledge to build a $100 million fence between the US and Mexico. Wonder where she thinks she is going to get the money to pay for this fence since she signed the no new taxes pledge. Think she will take it from the farm subsidies pot of gold? Yeah me neither.

You also just gotta love Michele’s wonderful Christian values you know the ones: faith, charity, hope and love for just those who match her skin tone and tax bracket. Michele, hair up does not mean we will take you any more seriously than we do now. Yes, yes I know Sarah got a total pass and we are still paying dearly for it today but damn girl for the last time you are NOT Sarah.

Seriously though do NOT repeat the above look. It is hard enough to take you seriously when you say stupid stuff like“And one thing I would say is, when you take the 9-9-9 plan and you turn it upside down, I think the devil is in the details.” The only good thing about that totally insipid statement is it brought my focus back to your actual words. Michele, when you make statements like that while trying out a whole new ‘look’ (which failed btw) it just makes me change the channel or even worse (for you anyway) blog about it. Dusty Helpful Hint: Add a little splash of color. Not just the flag pin dear.

Next up in the Stupid Things Republican Candidates Say News of the Week is Herman Cain. Herman (Herb) Cain has stated he is open to lethal remedies (what is it with the radical right wing and their 2nd amendment remedies anyway- penis envy or courage envy?) for those trying to cross the border from Mexico to the US. That statement has got to make you wonder just what the hell does Mexico thinks of the United States now. Didn’t these two freaking clowns learn anything when East and West Germany had a wall between them and lethal remedies were used? Update: Oopsie now Herb said he was just kidding. Yeah right Herman.

Did I also mention ole Herb finally admitted he doesn’t have a clue what his 9 9 9 plan actually entails other than it is quite the catchy talking point with no substance. I am pretty sure even a first grader can grasp the fact that the US does not currently have a National Sales Tax and the addition of a 9% Sales Tax on ALL good and services equals a Tax INCREASE on everyone. Ummm Herb- aren’t you forgetting something? You signed the no new tax increase pledge too. Grover is not happy with you Herman.

Irony like Karma can be a bitch sometimes but other times it is just so sweet. BOTH Republican Candidates Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich 2012 Presidential Campaigns are $1 Million in DEBT. Yes you read that right $1 Million dollars in debt right now. The same two guys who are running on the Less Government, Less Federal Spending and Balance the Budget platform are both in debt and are still spending money they don’t have. Yep that sure gives me more confidence to vote for either one. NOT!

A second irony moment this week is Congress is working on yet another anti-abortion bill that makes triple sure that no federal funds are used to fund abortions but this one adds yet another twist. If an insurance company offers a plan that covers abortions and you pay for that insurance plan out of your own pocket guess what you are paying for an empty plan. Because this new bill will force you to pay for all expenses related to that abortion out of pocket. Yes you read that right- if you want or need an abortion the insurance policy that you pay for out of your own pocket will not be allow to pay for any expenses related to the abortion. I sure wish someone in the media would ask those who sponsor and vote for this bill how this is less government and why is the government allowed to regulate a women’s health care needs but not the EPA.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has expanded worldwide and finally news outlets were unable to ignore it any longer. Good Job to all those who went out on the streets and also those who occupied the web. To those 1% who hung the signs up in your offices on Wall Street and those in politics and the media who discount what 99% of the nation has been saying we are getting stronger and our voices will be heard. Our voices were heard in 2008 when we voted for hope and change. You didn’t listen when poll after poll showed that the majority of Americans wanted the ObamaCares aka the American Health Care Plan and you still didn’t listen when the majority said they do not want it repealed if anything the MAJORITY still want a national health care plan for everyone including you! To those who can afford it you can have your own gold standard plan you know the plan the same plan you have now while your fellow Americans are dying with no health care coverage. Keep trying to repress our voices and in 2012 we will vote again for Hope and Change not for Fear and Hate like some of those who voted in 2010.

What would a visit to Dusty's Corner be without Sarah Palin. Yes the less popular and the finally fading North Star of the Hate Sarah Palin. Finally a special moment was caught and will live on forever on the internet.

Meet the real Sarah Palin!

Does it strike anyone else as odd that here she sits in a roomful of MEN and she is sitting there looking both scared and insecure. What happen Sarah? Your famous tongue action didn't work? I guess South Korea guys have more self control than your other male followers?

Did it finally occur to you that no matter how much weigh you lose, no matter how much make up you wear, no matter how many wigs and fake glasses you wear, no matter how big the boobies, no matter how high the bumpit (did yours fail to clear airport security?) no matter how fake the accent, or how short the hemline AND how high the heels there are people out there in this world who just aren't that into you? Sarah it's not what is on the outside that really matters it is what is in the inside. Darlin, you just don't have what Americans are looking for in a leader.

David Frum had this to say about Sarah Palin "In the end, she exploited, abused, or embarrassed almost everyone who had believed in her. Most embarrassing of all: she was never even a very good con artist. Everything that was false and petty and unqualified in her was visible within the first minutes of encountering her." I sure wish I could ask David if "everything that was false and petty and unqualified in her was visible within the first minutes of encountering her" why the hell did you and John McCain continue to support and defend her after those first minutes?

So Buh-Bye Sarah, we'll turn the lights out for ya and please don't let the door hit your padded ass on the way out okay? I can also report with almost 100% certainty you will not be missed as Anita Perry has stepped up to fill your ill-fitting shoes and will soon be the next Queen of victimhood, blaming others and just generally making shit up as she goes along. But enough about Anita we talk about her next time. It's time to say Nighty Night Sarah I can't say it has been all that enjoyable but I did want to thank you for my friends at PoliticalGates. If it weren't for you we all wouldn't have met and that Sarah would have been a real shame.

Thank you HonestyInGov and Annes_123 for the great pictures.


UPDATE by Kathleen:

Thank you Dusty and once again welcome to Politicalgates.

I received that last snippet of information that I need for my post this morning. Look for it to be put up sometime in the next few days after I have recovered from my terrible cold.

Update 2- Added due to popular demand

So Sarah, How's all that bunchy padding workin' out for ya?

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