Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Roundup, September 24-October 2, 2011. We Are The 99 Percent

by Blueberry T

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Live-Blogging With Levi’s Ghost Writers

Oops, gotta go back to last Saturday for just a moment. Did you miss the live-blogging session with Levi Johnston’s ghost writers, Lois and James Cowan? I did too, but it sounds like folks had some fun in this extended live chat. Catch up on the inside story about Levi and his book at the link above.

Tuesday, September 26, 2011

Palin’s Lawyers Make Another Empty Threat

Patrick applies his legal expertise in evaluating the letter from Sarah Palin’s attorneys to Crown Publishing, claiming that false statements were knowingly made in The Rogue. To support their threatening letter, they cite exactly zero instances in the book of false statements. The letter is as devoid of facts as Sarah Palin’s brain, accomplishes nothing and is a publicity stunt. (That is what Sarah Palin™ is all about.)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Palin: Master Manipulator

Sarah Palin repeatedly uses textbook manipulative techniques to deflect criticism. These include denial, projecting blame, shaming (especially the media), playing the victim and portraying herself as the noble warrior against evil–and these techniques work, over and over again (Lucy:CharlieBrown=Sarah:Media). Nomad revisits Palin’s threatening reactions to claims that Track is not Todd’s biological son and Trig is not Sarah’s biological son, and points out the obvious: if these claims are so heinous and untrue, she could disprove them in a nanosecond. But she doesn’t (in fact, she can’t). Instead, the rumors persist and grow while she shouts, threatens, flails, struts and frets her hour upon the stage. Pure histrionics. Now the Palins are applying the same MO to try to discredit Joe McGinniss, “rel[ying] on the outrage and bluster, the swell of support from her fans…” He sums Sarah up neatly: “self-interest, self-aggrandizement and self-preservation. Nothing else really matters.”

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Extremism – the New Normal?

Sunnyjane’s guest post gave many of us nightmares, but she’s right; we need to take seriously the threat of Dominionism to the democratic way of life that many in this country take for granted. And not just take this seriously, but act to stop this assault on the separation of church and state. Extremism already is the new normal in the GOP, with leaders like Bachmann, Perry and Palin all embracing theocracy and other outré ideas. Sunnyjane illustrates some of the details of what daily life under such an extremist regime would entail, and the picture is not pretty. It reminded me of the Third Reich and countries governed by Sharia law. The only solution: join the fight to preserve the separation between church and state. Don’t take this for granted; it is under assault.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Look at The Rogue, and The Long Palin Tease Continues

Illustration by AzureGhost

One of our readers reviews The Rogue, finding it an excellent addition to the Palin library that will “knock your socks off.” Palin’s reign of terror in Alaska affects a large cast of characters, sowing fear and discord, which Joe felt first-hand from the moment he moved into the house on Lake Lucille. A key theme is the way in which Palin has disturbed and distorted the Alaska that Joe came to know while writing his wonderful book Going to Extremes. Kathleen also posts about Palin’s seemingly endless tease about whether she is going to run or not, her current flavor of the week platitude about “crony capitalism,” and her transparent and fraudulent attempt to portray herself as the one who can save America from these evil crony capitalists that have taken over politics.

Saturday, October 2, 2011

Palin Criticizes Fox News for “Misinformation” While Spreading Same

For those who enjoy seeing conservative infighting, this was a fun week! Sarah Palin took heat from several quarters, including Eric Erickson of RedState, SE Cupp on CNN (Glenn Beck mouthpiece) and, deliciously, her own employer, Fox News, which had several comments this week criticizing Palin. Juan Williams called her “nasty” for saying that “Herb” Cain was the “flavor of the week.” Palin denied saying it – but as Lawrence O’Donnell proved, this was another blatant Palin lie. She said it. Palin also attacked Megyn Kelly for saying that Palin was way down in the polls (which she is, but Palin never lets facts get in the way of a good attack). Wasn’t she the one who two weeks ago said polls/poles were for strippers and skiers? I guess that’s only the ones that are unfavorable to her (=almost all).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bloomberg Bombshell: Koch Industries Scandal

This is huge: Patrick received an advance copy of Bloomberg Market’s explosive report on Koch Industries machinations to conduct petrochemical business with Iran, in apparent violation of US law. Koch used a subsidiary, Koch-Glitch, to hide the sales of petrochemical technology to Iran. Koch took elaborate steps to shield its US-based operations and fired a compliance officer who discovered the transactions. Koch also paid bribes in six countries to gain business in Africa, India and the Middle East, and has numerous convictions for illegal activity in the U.S. and Canada. Patrick also connects the dots regarding Koch’s use of front groups to advance its political agenda, drawing upon the work of German propagandist Willi Münzenberg. He includes a brilliant video by Taki Oldham, who examines the Koch Brothers funding of the Tea Party, use of these front groups and other propaganda and manipulative tactics to achieve its political aims. Fantastic post! Watch the videos. Update 2 is priceless! READ THE ARTICLE IN BLOOMBERG.

Some Comments and Links (just a few this week; got way behind and couldn’t catch up!):

Ennealogic: My fellow Americans at C4P and O4P, I tried and tried for the last couple of years to warn you about investing yourselves in Sarah Palin. I truly do feel bad for you now, even though you didn't listen to me... you could have saved yourselves a lot of heartache, not to mention a lot of money. Well, good luck in the future, and for the future, spend a little less time cloistered with people who never challenge your way of looking at things. Find a website that doesn't ban or delete anyone who doesn't agree with you. Rejoin the rest of America. After all, we are all in this one boat together. We'll forgive you for being so silly.

ProChoiceGrandma found this: I saw a twitpic that had a sign that read: "Religion is like a penis...It's fine to have one. It's fine to be proud of it. But please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around. And PLEASE don't try to shove it down my children's throats."

[Later, re Koch Bros., PCG asks:] Americans for Whose Prosperity?

Cheeriogirl: LOVE this tweet! LOLGOP Pete Nicely by skippybkroo

NEWSFLASH: Sarah Palin to be dropped from next season of Real Housewives of Fox News.

Geoffrey Dunn’s review of Joe’s book.

Juicyfruityy linked to Jason Easley on politicususa, identifying the four Democratic Senators who refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy.

1). Sen. Bob Casey
2). Sen. Mary Landrieu
3). Sen. Kay Hagan
4). Sen. Joe Manchin

Contact links are in the politicususa post.

alwaysthink found this: CBS reports that Dems are requesting an investigation of Clarence Thomas.

Phil Munger posted this on Progressive Alaska, on the Koch Bros. story and implications for Alaska.

MANY blogs linked to politicalgates this week for Patrick's post on the Bloomberg story -- congratulations, Patrick and Kathleen, for your great work on that story!



The best populist message ever!



Please add your own message and let's beat the Kochs before they get a chance to organise any further.



Our reader JCos just made an almost unbelievable discovery:

"Life imitating art?

In 2001, a band called The Bristols released an album, on the Damaged Goods label, which included (among others) songs entitled, "You're a Moody Guy", "Baby I Got News for You", "Another Boy", "Who Does She Think She Is", "Little Baby", "Gonna Cry" and "I'll Be Gone".

Well, did somebody take some drugs back then and got a glimpse into the future? ;-)

The evidence (link):

Band - The Bristols

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