Friday, October 14, 2011

Outstanding extended radio interview with Joe McGinniss on the Ron and Don Show Seattle reached 500,000 people on Tuesday

Guest post by JulaUSA

Woo hoo !!

There was an excellent full 20 minute radio interview with Joe McGinniss on the largest Seattle talk radio show from Tuesday afternoon ! This is the most comprehensive one that I have heard to date where he could hit all his main points without being interrupted or scorned. The Ron and Don show has an afternoon drive time audience of 500,000 people and Seattle is the 12th largest media market in the country.

They had Jeanne Devon on the show for a brief interview right after Blind Allegiance came out, but this was much longer and more in depth and more informative.

They referred to Joe several times as a longtime, very well respected author and “veteran reporter” who has visited the state and written other books on Alaska. Sometimes radio hosts will kid around to try to liven things up, but they just let Joe have his say. And they clearly established his credibility.

They did not interrupt him and the first big point Joe was able to make was a very clear explanation about Sarah’s scary Dominionist beliefs. He also covered her vindictiveness, her faux hockey mom image, her racism, her neglect of the kids and using them as props, the lack of media and McCain vetting, the SarahPAC “scam” & general grifting and how the book may well have played a role in her not running for POTUS. The one host even got in at the very end of the interview about the previous neighbors being drug addicts and that Joe was a step up.

They also touched on Babygate…….Joe specifically mentions Chapter 19 to lead people right to it and puts enough teasers out there to raise the “open question” for the audience to investigate. He was very respectful and called her Sarah throughout the interview.

He came across very well and the hosts did a great job. They also allowed Joe to clear up the anonymous source issue and the moving next door controversy.

We need to spread this link far and wide and drive traffic to their site to listen to the podcast and voice support for more of these informative interviews. Joe has other interview links on his site, but this is an especially good one.

More audio at

Between Joe’s book, Fred’s upcoming babygate book and the Beyonce controversy about a fake baby belly, the timing is good to push this. If Beyonce could fake a pregnancy, then the idea that Sarah did as well suddenly might not seem so completely impossible after all…….


It has been a busy week at work and P and I still have work to do for the new post which should clear up some questions about Tripp's date of birth -- please be patient. Thanks.

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