Thursday, August 30, 2012

Open Post - GOP Convention Day Three. Romney and Guest Speaker

By Kathleen

It's almost over. John McCain has made his toxic warmongering rant. Ron Paul delegates have loudly stormed out of the convention because they are annoyed at a policy decision which stripped them of representatives.

Fox cancelled Sarah Palin's convention coverage and she complained on Facebook that she had been robbed of the opportunity to thank John McCain for everything. 

Many inches of column space have been devoted as to the identity of the mystery GOP speaker. The Daily Mail has revealed that Republican sources have indicated that the mystery speaker is none other than Clint Eastwood. Geoffrey Dunn in an article describes why it is that Eastwood is such an enthusiastic Romney supporter. Go on Clint make my day. Anyone but Sarah certainly gets my vote. 

Before he introduces the GOP Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio is set to lecture the country in which direction it should go. "Should America become more like the rest of the world or should the world become more like America". (And some people still want to know why Patrick and I as European citizens are involved with and concerned about American politics.) This guy really thinks that dreams that are impossible everywhere else are still possible only in America.........I guess that believing that dreams can come true certainly explains Rubio's view that Romney is the perfect role model who just makes everything better where-ever he goes. 

I think that Mitt Romney's speech tonight will certainly be an attempt at rescuing his character from that of someone who is regarded as untrustworthy, hypocritical and somewhat out of touch. Mitt's up against President Obama who isn't perfect but is much more transparent and believable than he can ever be. 

Finally if you haven't read it be sure to set time aside to read Matt Taibbi's ultimate expose of Mitt Romney and his associations to Bain Capitol. Taibbi sets out to show that Romney built his fortune on greed, debt creation and the misfortune of others. 

Democracy Now interviewed Matt Taibbi in which he points out that Romney is a hypocrite because his entire campaign is built on the idea that he is against debt when his entire fortune was built through the creation of debt. Taibbi wonders why journalists have not questioned Romney about the obvious contradictions:


One of our readers sent us the following hilarious cartoons - many thanks!

More cartoons, on special request, found on "The Obama Diary":


UDPATE (by Patrick):

Some of the most vicious and also most creative photoshoppers can be found at the "Something Awful" forums - their members used to annoy Sarah Palin a lot with "Trig" photoshops, and it is no surprise that they now started to create photoshops about Clint Eastwood and his chair (please note that new photoshops will be added constantly at "Something Awful"). Some of these photoshops are "too awful" to show them here - you need to visit "Something Awful" yourself in order to see them in their full g(l)ory. Here are some of the milder examples:

Here is the last one for this post:

Our amazing AzureGhost created a picture at our special request - Paul Ryan has been exposed as a complete liar in respect to his recent claim that he run "a sub-3.00 marathon." He therefore proudly earned his "4 Palins" and also earned the right to receive a very special composition!

Link to the picture:

OK, I "did a Romney/Ryan" and told a lie. Yes, there will be another great picture! AzureGhost provided us with another creation on special request, because it was more than obvious who was really sitting in the chair - a snarling Sarah Palin!

Link to the picture:

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