Friday, August 24, 2012

The Revolution Will Be Televised

By Kathleen

Heydon Prowse tricked his way past security at Tony Blair’s London home  Photo: BBC

There is plenty in the world of politics to feel angry about at the moment. Rightly so. However a good release from the tension caused by such anger can be found in comedy. In particular good satirical political comedy. 

Last night I struck gold. A new political comedy series is causing waves in the United Kingdom. It is bold and brave and BBC 3's The Revolution Will Be Televised is bound to upset quite a few people.

There is a market for the truth at the moment and this series looks like it will fill that spot. The featured comedians Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein have turned the spotlight on money stealing bankers, confused celebrities and hypocritical politicians and I promise that you will laugh as you watch them do so. 

Yes, The Revolution Will Be Televised is British. Yes, the series deals specifically with British issues. But the analogies are just the same. Britain like the USA has more than her fair share of super rich tax avoiders, corrupt politicians and money grabbing bankers so we share your pain, America. 

Sit down. Relax for a while. And most importantly please don't forget to smile.


Bonus video:

A clip from the HBO-series "The Newsroom" with a controversial message:



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