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An exclusive look at the leaked Stratfor-emails, part 2 - Bad news for Mitt Romney: "Romney has been disastrous", "Romney thinks he can win. Mormon, no way" - REVEALED: Mitt Romney was still "No 1" on John McCain's VP-shortlist on August 25, 2008 - PLUS: Brutal remarks about Michelle Bachmann and again, about Sarah Palin: "Can carry the white trash and redneck vote"

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By Patrick

As explained in our first post, which was picked up today by Wikileaks and by Andrew Sullivan, we were granted exclusive access by Wikileaks to the complete pile of several million Stratfor emails, which were obtained by Wikileaks, who have created a new, sophisticated and "bullet-proof" database for these emails. For the "official releases" from these emails by Wikileaks, see here. For information about Stratfor, see here.

The content of the emails is newsworthy. They offer fascinating insights into the inner workings of the USA, the only global superpower, a country which has to deal with cynical politicians, arrogant billionaires, bought elections, imperial ambitions and a corporate mainstream media which leaves the population in the dark about what is really going on beneath the surface. At Politicalgates, it is our aim to educate ourselves. The Stratfor emails are very helpful in contributing to this goal.

The last post mainly dealt with comments about Sarah Palin. During my latest troll through the emails, I actually found a new, smashing quote about Sarah Palin which I will present below. However, I would like to focus in this new post on Mitt Romney, the man who wants to beat Barack Obama.

The Stratfor emails contain no good news for Mitt Romney. In short, the people at Stratfor think that he is unelectable - and some sort of joke, apparently.

Also, if you like conspiracies, the Stratfor emails surely fuel the fire in this respect!

In the last post, I blacked out all the names of the senders and recipients of the emails. However, I now decided that this went a bit too far, as it is actually important if the CEO George Friedman and the Vice-President Fred Burton themselves leave comments. Therefore I now left their names visible. However, all the other participants still won't be identified.

It is probably the best idea to publish the messages in chronological order.

First, a surprising revelation, which also raises serious questions for the current presidential race between Romney and Obama: On August 25, 2008, Mitt Romney was "still number 1 on the list" for John McCain's VP, according to Fred Burton!

However, only a few days later, on August 29, 2008, Sarah Palin was announced as his VP! What happened during these days?

Characteristically, the response from Fred Burton's colleague shows the whole contempt that the Stratfor-analysts had for Mitt Romney:

"Eewwwww, romney...grosssss"


So, what happened? Let's search for clues. A quote by Fred Burton about a conversation with a source from the McCain-team from October 2010 gives an indication:

"He also mentioned Romney has been disastrous. Said he could not go into it now, but think about the Michigan pull out."

Although I cannot completely decipher this quote right now, I guess Fred Burton was speaking about the Republican Primary in Michigan 2008, in which Romney got 39 percent of the votes.


Let's look at an email exchange from July 2007. The source that Fred Burton was talking to in this instance was a "GOP billionaire fundraiser." The message from this source is also not very encouraging for Mitt Romney:

"Source does not believe a Mormon can get elected."

Let's now take a look at a conversation from December 2009. Fred Burton now has another source - a "millionaire Jewish fundraiser for the RNC." Here we find some pretty, pretty interesting information:

Spoke to a millionaire Jewish fundraiser for the RNC today --

1) The RNC believes Obama will cause the Dems to loose 20 Congressional
seats and 3 to 4 Senate seats in 2010.

2) Jewish support for Obama has nose dived from over 80% to 50% and
shrinking. Concerted effort underway to keep those numbers falling.

3) RNC believes Dodd will loose his seat.

4) McCain was described as a two-faced bastard (plus a phoney and
asshole). Romney was promised the VP nod ny Rick Davis and McCain, than
Sarah Pallin was picked. McCain also refused to meet with many big money
Jewish backers leading the RNC to opine that he was part of the set-up to
get Obama into the office.

5) RNC is waiting for the 2010 Gov races and believes their next candidate
for POTUS will be one of them, i.e., a new Republican Governor.

6) Gates is going to resign to go back to Texas A&M.

7) Obama's strategy is to get through as much as he can during the first
two years, than concede everything the last two in an effort to get
relected, however, many of the big money Dem feels he has been a disaster
and won't support his next go around.

8) The lack of big money Dem Jewish support forced the White House to cut
back on their holiday party from 300 under Bush to less than 100.

9) Netanyahu will be used by the RNC next go around to muster big money

John McCain is a "two-faced bastard?" Romney "was promised the VP nod by Rick Davis and McCain?"

Again, the urgent question:

If Mitt Romney was promised the VP nod by John MCain and if Romney was still "No 1" on August 25, 2008, why was he rejected in the end, and the unknown Sarah Palin chosen instead?

This question needs to be answered ASAP. My belief is that McCain discovered something so shocking about Mitt Romney in the last minute that they were unable to keep their promise. But what was it?

Another important quote in the following email from December 2009:

"Netanyahu will be used by the RNC next go around to must big money Jews."

Yes, that's EXACTLY what we witnessed just recently. Right on the mark. Getting the "big money Jews" on board, that's what really counts.


Next, a quote from November 2009:

Fred Burton: "Romney can't make it. Mormons are viewed as Voo Doo."

I think Fred knows what he is talking about. Does the rest of the GOP know it as well?


Now comes my favourite quote of all times by Fred Burton!

This is a kick-ass quote, but mainly in regard to Sarah Palin. I only discovered this quote now, otherwise I would have already included it in the last post:

"Romney and Pallin want the job, but neither are winnable (Mormon and

Walmart night shift aisle stocker..but she can carry the white trash and
redneck vote.)"

LOL! Sarah Palin "can carry the white trash and redneck vote!" Thank you, Fred Burton!

Also, Romney, you already lost, according to the experts.


I would now like to present an "essay-like" email message by Stratfor CEO George Friedman, who explains his view on US elections. Particularly interesting for us is a quote by Friedman about Mitt Romney:

Looking at this model, it seems that Romney is the candidate the model
spits out. Then you have a Northern Liberal running against a Northern
Moderate. Very strange math leaving the sunbelt in the lurch and
opening the door for a third party challenge unless Romney can nail it
down fast and early. If the primaries gives us a weakened Romney and an
angry Tea Party, Obama wins.

So, in this model, the key is to watch Romney and see if he moves out
fast and secures the south. If he does, we may be looking at a repeat
of 1980, when a flukey democrat gets demolished by a corporate

Yes, Romney "is the candidate the model spits out." What somehow explains how "Mitt the Twit" could win the Republican primaries. But careful, Mitt: You have to "move out fast and secure the south." I guess Fred Burton would have his doubts whether Mitt Romney achieved that goal. Also, apart from the south, there is also the north, west and east. Right now, Mitt Romney has a long way ahead when it comes to conquering the USA. Also:

"If the primaries gives us a weakened Romney and an angry Tea Party, Obama wins."

I guess that's what is just happening. The Obama-fans can rest easy.


More from Fred Burton: According to a "very good Tecas GOP source", Mitt Romney is "not getting a lot of people excited." 

I very much doubt that has changed!


Now comes a huge nugget for "conspiracy theorists." As you all know, I have mentioned many times that I am not a fan of "conspiracies", despite being a "Trig Truther" since 2008. But Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy is a simple fact, and not a conspiracy, and was also an open secret in Alaska in 2008.

However, the following message by Fred Burton even gave me second thoughts!

The money quote:
The NY Tribe Money and the 12 who run the world want Petraeus to run.

Romney thinks he can win. Mormon, no way.
Excuse me? OK, Romney cannot win, we got that already. But what about "the NY Tribe Money and the 12 who run the world?" Any ideas who Fred Burton is talking about?


Finally, as a bonus, so to speak, a fascinating quote about Michelle Bachmann. The Stratfor-people are discussing the fact that Michelle will become a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

One of the Stratfor-analysts is not convinced:

"I really hope she smartens up. But I fear she will say a bunch of dumb shit and leak things in odd ways."

Well, she already might have done just that.


That's all for today, friends! I wish you all a wonderful weekend!



I would like to add this wonderful comment by our reader "HopeForAmerica" to the post:

"So I guess McCain picked the winner of the "loosers" and went with Sarah. Then they got a two-fer--a loser and the loosest one of them all. ;)"

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