Monday, August 13, 2012

New revealing clip about Paul Ryan: Dodging questions from protesters during the 2011 Labor Day parade in his hometown Janesville, being booed by his fellow citizens - Watch the disinterested and contemptuous congressman in action: "Do you want candy?"

By Patrick

We already know what the presumptive GOP-nominee for Vice-President Paul Ryan did on September 6, 2011, because we reported about it in our previous post. On September 6, 2011, Paul Ryan gave a "pay-per-view" speech at the Whitnell Park Rotary Club in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

During the speech, Paul Ryan was heckled by about 20 protesters who bought tickets for this event, and Ryan in return made tasteless jokes for example about a 71-year-old pensioner who was quickly removed from the room after shouting at Paul Ryan - and then brutally wrestled to the ground by policemen and arrested. A video of this incident went viral yesterday, and this clip is a real eye opener for anyone who wants to know more about Paul Ryan. "I hope he is taking his blood pressure medication", Ryan joked after 71-year old Tom Nielsen shouted that he had paid for 50 years into the so called "entitlement programs." Nielsen was removed from the room and then brutally arrested by the police outside.

At the end of the post, I have included a new clip from the protest at Whitnell Park Rotary Club, which I today found on youtube.

However, let's first deal with the following question: What did Paul Ryan do one day earlier, on September 5, 2011? Well, it was Labor Day, so he surely enjoyed the parade at his home town Janesville, a town which is so deeply connected with the Ryan-family that is has been dubbed "Ryanville" by journalists. Correct?

Well, this is almost what happened. Yes, Paul Ryan did walk with the Labor Day parade, and he even brought supporters with him, who were wearing their very own green "Ryan" t-shirts. But the reaction of his fellow-citizens in Janesville was very different than one might expect. They confronted him, booed him, protested against him - during the parade. Ryan's reaction was very similar to the way he reacted one day later at the Rotary Club: Disinterested, bored, even contemptuous. "Do you want a candy?", he asks a young man who is clearly distraught and confronts him in a serious manner. No answers from Paul Ryan. He was not interested and dodged all the questions.

The expression on his face showed it all: These people really do get on his nerves. I guess that it is much more fun to speak at some protected Koch-sucking "America for Prosperity" and lecture the believers than to mingle with the ordinary citizens, who have real questions, and want real answers.

Paul Ryan is supposed to be the next Vice-President of the USA? He is a joke, even at home.

Watch this eye-opening clip from September 5, 2011:

(h/t to Kathleen's friend who posted it on facebook)

Finally, as promised, here is the new clip about the protests at Whitnell Park Rotary Club, one day later, on September 6, 2011. For more clips, see our previous post.

I guess it sucks to be Paul Ryan sometimes. But the US-voters should make sure that Paul Ryan has no chance to console himself with being the Vice-President of the most powerful nation on earth.

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