Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Weekly Roundups, July 24-August 5, 2012 - BREAKING Levi Johnston Wants To File For Full Custody Of His Son Tripp!

(This is a double-roundup - I’ve been too busy recently to do the roundup justice, which is too bad since there are such amazing things happening.  I’m rushing like mad to finish this and then will be off for a while on a break for a bit to recharge my batteries…)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let me summarize:  sleuth1 led the live-blogging and drinking game of yet another episode of Bristol’s boring and purposeless life; the comments were far more entertaining than the show itself.  Enjoy some beautiful snark as well as insightful comments.  In the end, a better title would be “Bristol Palin: Get a Life.”  (As I look back at this on 8/5, it seems like ancient history; maybe wishful thinking on my part.)

Ebbtide’s guest post takes a closer look at what really happened when Mitt Romney went to Utah to save the Olympics.   First, the choice of Romney was an insider deal that circumvented the process that had been established to try to restore credibility after rampant corruption was revealed.  Second, Romney’s capitalist cronies were brought on to help him, much to the dismay of the Huntsman family (BBT: perhaps this cool relationship was one of the reasons Romney opted to run for governor in Massachusetts later).  Ebbtide gives credit where due for his accomplishments in running a successful Olympics, but also follows the money, including $1.5 billion from taxpayers and the “post-game” money that changed hands, as well as exploring the huge Mormon influence over the “Mormon games.”  The post and links give an excellent view of what Romney accomplished and who paid the costs of his success.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mitt’s attempt to appear statesmanlike and to capitalize on his Olympics credentials was an epic fail.  The Brits were aghast at his inept “charm offensive,” which in the apt words of the Telegraph, was “utterly devoid of charm and mildly offensive.”  Zing!  The Prime Minister, Mayor of London and the Tories all weighed in with criticisms, agreeing that Romney is “Mitt the Twit,” a complete fool and lightweight.  At the same time, Michelle Obama was a wonderful goodwill ambassador, making friends for America among royalty, athletic stars, commoners and children, with her innate warmth, good manners and joie de vivre.  The contrast was striking, as the post gleefully shows.  Much more: highlights of the opening ceremonies including the Queen-James Bond skit and Mr Bean; NBC’s censorship of the beautiful dance honoring those who died in the London subway attacks; and some gems from the British media about Romney.  Bonus: photos from the baby shower for Sunny and Levi – a sweet, joyful and hopeful occasion and quite a contrast to the Bristol-Levi negativity.  Many thanks to the secret donor who sent a gift on Politicalgates’ behalf – that was very generous and thoughtful of you! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Patrick looks at Romney’s warmongering rhetoric in Israel, where he upped the ante in his references to Israel and its posture toward Iran.  In short, he would follow Israel’s lead in foreign policy in regards to Iran.  The concept of pre-emptive strikes are back on the table, which should not be surprising, given the fact that George W. Bush’s advisors are the same people who are advising Romney.  The post includes a very interesting article from Der Spiegel, highlighting Israel’s submarine-based nuclear capacity. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunnyjane covers it all in her usual witty way – the Romney gaffes in London, the Romney gaffes in Israel, the Romney gaffes in, well, wherever he opens his mouth…  She covers some of the other aliens that inhabit the Republican Party these days, including the latest from Scott Brown, Mike Huckabee, Karen Handel, John Boehner, as well as an excellent compendium of some glimmers of hope that took place this week as well.  Great summary, with lots of excellent links. 

Friday, August 03, 2012

I’m speechless!  In this post, Patrick reveals that he has been contacted by Wikileaks and given access to a treasure trove of emails from the national security firm known as Stratfor.  O.M.G.  Fasten your seat belts, because Politicalgates is going to be ramping up its investigative work!  (But when will P&K ever sleep?)  To whet our appetites, this post provides some interesting glimpses into the observations made by Stratfor analysts about Sarah Palin.  In sum, they found she was a nitwit and unfit to be President or VP.  We knew that, but it is very revealing to see that the analysts were so unsparingly critical of her, in real time during the 2008 election; they recognized her as a lightweight and a joke, but the media still attempted to present her to the public as a credible candidate.

Part 2 of Patrick’s posts on the Stratfor emails is so chock-full of fascinating comments that it is a must-read.  Go there now.  Quick highlights:  Romney was promised the VP slot in 08 and this seemed a lock as late as August 25th, four days before Palin’s presentation.  (BBT:  Wow, what was in those tax returns, Mitt?)  As a candidate, Romney excites no one, but he represents the “Corporate Republicans” and is the candidate that a predictive model would “spit out.”  (Hahaha!)  Referring to  Palin, there is this gem: “…Walmart night shift aisle stocker..but she can carry the white trash and redneck vote.”  OMG, let’s hear it for candor!  They recognize the tricky dynamic of the Romney corporatists, the Palin tea partiers and the Huckabee Christians.  (I guess Palin’s attempts to be both TP and Christian did not fool these guys.)  On Michele Bachmann being appointed to the House Intelligence Committee:   "I really hope she smartens up. But I fear she will say a bunch of dumb shit and leak things in odd ways."  Then there is THIS fascinating quote:  “The NY Tribe Money and the 12 who run the world want Petraeus to run.  Romney thinks he can win. Mormon, no way.”  While not missing the point about Romney, how about the admission that “the NY Tribe runs the world”?  So much stuff here.  Great work, Patrick.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunnyjane has put together a great birthday tribute to President Obama, with many charming photos taken throughout his life.  The last one is particularly cute - enjoy!

Some Comments and Links:

Annes_123:  I could see their "family" sitting around shrieking in glee saying "Haw Haw!  We sure made it guys!  We degrade the President of the United States, have convinced people to not trust the Government, throw our support behind the racists and gay haters, I'm a sex pot, Toad loves hookers, Piper and Willow are delinquents, Track has disowned the family, Trig isn't even my child, Tripp curses, Bristol has had plastic surgery from head to toe... and they still love us!  We are seen as the perfect All American God Loving Christian Family!!  Good job everybody!  High Five!"

Onejrkitty.dobietracker:  Male reporters, in particular, will no longer feel  so reticent about going after a woman now that the public is becoming aware of just how far Palin carries her ugliness and her revenge; just how TOTALLY UNPRINCIPLED a person she really is.

Cheeriogirl:  BWA HAHAHAHAHA  Bristol says shes an independent woman- and Gino LAUGHS at her! [Later] So now it's HIS fault SHE kicked him out of the car?  She's as WHACKED as her mother!  Maybe even more so!

KatieAnnieOakley (after scene where Gino is booted from car):  She enjoys wielding, using and abusing power over others... gee, where have I seen that before...

Psalm023:  Ugh.  No mention of Bristol's 'charity'?   Since that first episode, she really doesn't give a stuffed bear about it. 

Trlan:  Bristol, you treated your son much worse than you imagined Gino was treating you.  You are such an irresponsible, immature girl.  Not only are you creating such instability by "throwing" a man out of your car and out of your sons life, simply because you were annoyed.  What a terrible example you are setting for your very impressionable son (you can't just dispose of people when they don't behave the way you want!)It took you all of ten minutes to convince me you shouldn't be on t.v. - I feel bad for your son...Grow up and realize you are not all that - focus on your son, not your irrational neediness!

Jane:  … Obama's grandfather fought in WWII, and both Barack and Michelle have Irish roots. Isn't that Anglo-Saxon enough for Romney?  Romney's grandfather was a Mexican-born bigamist 5-times over, and his great-grandfather renounced his US citizenship in order to dodge felony charges for being a bigamist: he fled to Mexico, where he lived on a polygamous commune with 12 wives. Romney may well regret talking about his ethnic roots and "greater ancestral purity" when these things become widely exposed.

Maelewis:  Last night we watched him beg his mother not to throw his “daddy” out of the car into the middle of nowhere. We watched him beg while holding onto his “daddy” for dear life and we watched while his “daddy” was pried from his hands and kicked out of his car as his mother drove away 
and left his “daddy” alone there. Who the hell does that! Then we watched while his mother so callously told him that she would find him a new better daddy! And we watched him scream that he didn’t want a new daddy. Who the hell does that!!!  OK, I understand fights, but did you do it while your son was begging you not to and holding on to his “daddy” for dear life. Then proceed to tell your son that you would find him a new better daddy? Two adults by themselves is one thing, but if your child was doing what Tripp was doing would you do the same thing?  (BBT: 
even more unforgivable, given that Tripp has a real daddy and he’s not Gino…I hope this scene is shown in court during the custody case.)

Zane1:  I love it the media in the UK is not putting up with this stupid shit.  Yahoo.......the emperor has no clothes & they are calling him out on it.

Kevin:  For people who talk about the importance of sovereignty, Republicans sure love the idea of another country (Israel) controlling our foreign policy.

IWanttheTruth had a very interesting longer comment about Ann Romney’s interest in dressage, including her purchase of 12 dressage horses since 1999; here is the end:   Asked if she was ever unhappy with Mr. Ebeling’s instruction, Mrs. Romney said in a deposition in the lawsuit, “I think that is not a fair question because we all get upset at certain times with anybody that is — you know, especially a German.”

Cheeriogirl:   Anyone see the problem here?  How would Mr. Eberling know that, given that he is a professional horse rider for hire, who has NO experience as an equine therapist?  Are we to believe he led Ann Romney's recovery, having NO specialized medical training and /or knowledge regarding multiple sclerosis?

Our MSM is confusing and conflating the TWO different stories- no doubt with the Romney's help. 
First, there is the story of Rafalca the dancing horse Olympian, with Mr. Eberling as his rider, and Ann as 1/3 owner.  
Then there is the story of Ann using equine therapy to help her body manage her MS symptoms, with OTHER horses.  This should NOT be confused with Ann riding her very own, very expensive elite show horse for therapy, because THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN!!! 

HopeforAmerica:  The point Patrick was trying to make in this post (clearly with these Palin e-mails) is as soon as Palin was picked she was a national joke, only the media noticed her popularity and glommed onto her. Of course the comedians loved her for another reason--Palin was the golden egg to everyone, she still is in some circles. Yet, behind closed doors I suspect most people were laughing at all her gaffes and they probably still do.

 BfromC found this clip of President Obama’s historic address to the British Parliament – long but worth it.  

Dymyre linked to Maureen Dowd in NYT on Mitt’s secrecy.  

Older_Wiser pointed out this politicususa article about Romney criticizing POTUS on foreign soil and this on  Mitt’s overseas campaigning andfundraising.  

HonestyinGov found that both AP and WaPo disputed Romney's claim that he had no involvement with Bain after February 1999 and pointed out this article on Daily Kos about the media’s failure to call outMitt’s lies.  

Ebbtide linked to this, which details all the rebates under the ACA.  

Sunnyjane pointed out this video of Mitt’sflip-flops on funding for the Olympics and whether he is a Washington insider or outsider. 

cheeriogirl linked to this graphic from Jennifer Granholm on the bills the GOP has introduced.  

bluerinse found this at Gawker.

sleuth1 pointed out this excellent tweet:  @Crutnacker Mitt Romney is so devoted to the Olympics he's taken a torch to his own campaign. #Romneyshambles   and this:  @brx0  Next up: Driving around London with the queen's corgis on the roof. #RomneyShambles

dizlz found this one:  65 year-old w/ #AngloSaxonHeritage, no business experience since 1999, seeks position, possibly as Leader of the Free World

Linda1961 directed us to this post on politicususa, eliciting comparisons of Cheney, Romney and Palin.  

Paradigmshift, mmboucher and cheeriogirl all commented on the report by CNN’s Dana Bash of another source corroborating Senator Reid’s statement that Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years.  

KAO gets the Last Word(s): 
Mitt Romney:  "Ask me anything..."  
Reporter:  "Ok.  Mr. Romney, when you were at Bain..."
Mitt Romney: "Excuse me - didn't you get the memo regarding conditions for this interview? No questions about when I was - or was not - at Bain. Or Sankaty. Or Absolute Investments. Or any other Bain associated business. Nothing about DDi Corp; AmPad; KB Toys; and so on."
"Nothing about the Olympic Games, especially the funding; nothing about my lobbying efforts.  "Nothing about my single term as Governor of Massachusetts; nothing about missing hard drives... nothing about why I didn't run for a second term for Governor of the State Of Massachusetts. Nothing about RomneyCare."
"Other than that - we're good to go.  Oh, wait a minute. Nothing about my religion (even though all everyone could talk about in 2008 was Rev. Wright and whether Mr. Obama was a Muslim or not).  That, my friend, is all OFF LIMITS."
"Oops, one last thing: we aren't going to talk about my tax returns, either. You people have enough, thank you!  And, no questions about my homes, my tax shelters in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Luxembourg or anywhere else."
Reporter:  "Mr. Romney - if all that is off-limits - what exactly may I ask you about?"
Mitt Romney: "I'd like to talk about how Mr. Obama is the most secretive President in the history of this country...!"
Reporter:  (slaps forehead, muffles sound of sobbing...)


Levi Johnston leaving the Alaska courthouse with copies of the custody case files. He hopes to file for custody ASAP. Copy of photo from TMZ.

According to TMZ Levi Johnston  has also been watching "Life's a Tripp" and having observed "Tripp cursing, running wild, talking back to and having no respect for his elders"  "believes that Bristol Palin is a TERRIBLE PARENT". The article goes on to state that "he has had enough" and is so "disgusted" that he "plans to file for full custody of Tripp ". 

A little birdie tells me that Levi's new attorney is super sharp and has an excellent reputation as one of the best family law attorneys in Alaska. He certainly will not be impressed by any attempts at manipulation coming from the Palin side. 

It's good to know that Levi is prepared to throw himself into doing whatever he can to "make sure that Tripp is raised the right way" because I have been told that he really loves and misses his son. 

Levi, you have many supporters here at Politicalgates, at other blogs and across the USA who are prepared to stand by you and do whatever they can to support both you and Tripp. Many of us have recognised the fact that Bristol appears to be alienating Tripp from his father by denying Tripp the opportunity to spend time with him. The last time that they were together was in January this year. 

If Bristol really wants Tripp to have a father figure in his life, someone he can really call "daddy" then she could start by setting up reasonable access to Tripp with Levi while she full-fills her upcoming commitment to Dancing With The Stars. I'll not hold my breath for too long.........

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