Thursday, September 29, 2011

Suppose the “Extreme” Were to Become the “Norm”

Guest Post by Sunnyjane

We have all witnessed the radical positions put forth by the Republicans, who have embraced the far-right wing Tea Party and welcomed them with open arms into the GOP tent. But suppose their Dominionist ideologies become the standards by which we must all live?

An America as envisioned by the far-right wing GOP and Tea Party faithful is as frightening a prospect as a forced-to-watch television anthology of Sarah Palin’s speeches and Fox News analyses.

At this very moment, the GOP heartily supports an America where executions are cheered, letting people die because they have no medical insurance is applauded, and taking away a woman’s right to make choices for her own body is considered good Christian governing.

Think about an America where clergy and corporatists rule with the single mindedness of dictators, enriching their coffers, strengthening their powers, and mandating stifling restrictions on those who practice another religion, those who practice no religion, and those Christians who are deemed “not the right kind.”

We have discussed the on-going threat of the far-right’s determination to turn the United States into a Christian theocracy. It does not take a lot of imagination to predict the highly negative consequences to our way of life should such a horror come to pass.

Under a Theocratic Government, Imagine an America where…

Your drivers license has a space marked Religion_______________

On every form you fill out, you must put an X next to: Christian? YES___ NO___

There is a different tax structure for non-Christians, and it is NOT be favorable to the tax payer.

Only Christians are approved for loans.

Only Christians are allowed to serve on juries.

Crimes against non-Christians are justifiable.

All media is controlled by Dominionists.

Schools, from PK to college, accept applications only from Christians. Teaching all science is forbidden and only Creationism is taught.

Christian church membership, regular attendance, and tithing are mandatory; non-compliance is subject to a fine and/or imprisonment.

Non-Christians must attend Christian indoctrination classes.

Non-Christian literature is censored.

Conception control (erroneously referred to as “birth control”) is outlawed.

And these are just the FIRST restrictions that would be forced on American citizens.

The Only Solution

We must continue the battle to ensure that Separation of Church and State remains the foundation of our Constitution.

Otherwise, America will become a nation where liberty and justice for all is reduced to a quaint artifact under the heading, “The Failure of an Ill-Conceived American Experiment.”

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