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"LA heckler" Stephen Hanks sues Bristol Palin, highlighting a lie by Bristol Palin which Politicalgates revealed in January 2012 - and which the media chose to ignore

By Patrick 

The path of the Palin-family is littered with victims who fall prey to their vindictiveness. This unfortunate fact is not often reported by the media, whose members still love to dwell in the many myths that the Palin-family created about themselves - especially the myth about "hockey mom" Sarah and her "happy" family.

These myths are lies. The media developed their own narrative whenever the Palins appeared in the news. One of these narratives is the assertion that Bristol Palin is a single mom who deserves our pity, and that Levi Johnston in contrast is a deadbeat dad. The Palin-propaganda worked pretty well in this respect, but the truth is far, far more complex. For example, the details we got to know over the years from sources in Alaska about Bristol Palin's "life as a teenager" showed a girl living a dysfunctional life within an even more dysfunctional family. That's not something which you will find in Bristol Palin's autobiography or in mainstream publications. The Palins re-write their own stories, and they do it pretty successfully.

Over the years, we had numerous contacts with people in Alaska who know the Palin-family incredibly well - including people who were actually very, very close to the Palins. These contacts resulted in scoops like this one, which I published at Palingates in July 2010. After I hit the publish button of this post, I was actually quite nervous, because I knew very well how "close to the bone" the information was which I had published there. But later I realized that I shouldn't have worried: The information we published did not "fit in the picture", and I could not present hard proof, so it was a given right from the beginning that our story would be ignored.

But what is even more disturbing, even when confronted with hard proof, the media is now used to turning a blind eye as far as the Palins are concerned. Bristol Palin for example had no hesitation to lie in court during the David Kernell trial about the existence of a landline in their house in Wasilla, in order to make her "suffering" even more dramatic, as I reported at Palingates. Nobody chose to follow up. Another example, well known to our readers, but hardly known to anyone else, due to the fact that the mainstream remained silent: Sarah Palin and her team of enforcers in the Alaska Governor's office had no hesitation to bully and threaten the Anchorage Daily News repeatedly in order to cover up Sarah Palin's faked pregnancy with Trig. As so often, only Andrew Sullivan was interested in reporting this important story, which is extremely well documented.

The mainstream stubbornly defends the pre-conceived ideas which the Palins quite successfully manage to create about themselves. A faked pregnancy, threats, lies, distortions and vicious propaganda do not fit into the picture. Anybody who gets in their way is a target, but that is not newsworthy. After all, Sarah Palin is still a "Republican super star", is she not. The sad stories of Palin-victims like Mike Wooten, Walt Monegan or John Bitney are therefore virtually forgotten.

In January 2012, we published another story, presenting hard facts, which was ignored because it apparently did not fit into the picture: That Bristol Palin blatantly lied when she explained to "In Touch" magazine that the encounter with heckler Stephen Hanks was the reason why she returned to Alaska. We revealed that Bristol Palin bought her new fancy $ 400,000 house in Alaska two months before she met Stephen Hanks in a bar in Los Angeles. But Bristol herself claimed in "In Touch" that only the encounter with Stephen Hanks prompted her to leave Los Angeles - an obvious lie in order to inflict as much damage on Stephen Hanks as possible:

When I published the story, I basically already knew that hardly anyone would be interested in reporting it - despite the fact that we unearthed extensive documentation and published hard proof for all our claims. It just did not fit the picture - again. Could Bristol Palin really be a liar? The media absolutely  refuses to believe this notion. It would also completely destroy their narrative.

Therefore I was very happy to see that Stephen Hanks, another victim of Palin-rage, actually chose to defend himself with a lawsuit (which rarely happens after people have been left behind as "collateral Palin-damage"). Yes, he is a victim, because despite the fact that he started the argument with Bristol and was abusive, he was just an ordinary citizen in a bar who did not deserve to be featured against his will in Bristol's reality show and have his livelihood threatened as a result. But past events prove that the Palins want only one thing when somebody else crosses them: Destruction - with lies and dirty tricks as standard procedure.

I will be forever thankful to Stephen Hanks that he had the courage to point out in the lawsuit the fact which we had exclusively reported in January 2012 - that Bristol's new house in Alaska was bought long before Stephen Hanks met Bristol Palin, and that Bristol's claim that the encounter with Hanks was the reason for her to leave Los Angeles was a typical "dirty trick" in order to inflict as much damage on a person who dared to cross the Palin-family.

From the filed by Stephen Hanks:

You can read and download the complete lawsuit against Bristol Palin and her television company here:


Stephen Hanks, who apologized for his behaviour shortly after the incident, is a brave man.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the lawsuit will be. But one thing is already certain: Bristol Palin has been caught in a nasty lie - and thanks to Stephen Hanks (and no thanks to a previously silent media), the world finally gets to know about it. If you want something done, do it yourself, especially if the media is sleeping deep and fast.

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